Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 02 Impression

Gotta love those change of names due to copyright infringement reasons.
Playstation -> Playing States -> PS

Episode 02

Lol, this show is so full of rubbish but I like it. (^ ^)b

The episode follows the club as they try to use gaming as a way to to make friends and I have to say that this episode was more entertaining than the last.

The first half of the episode focuses on the group trying to play Monster Hunt to “connect” with other people through the net where as the second half of the episode regarding the dating sim game was to improve their ability to express themselves and become more sociable.


The episode had its fair share of funny jokes and some that fell a bit flat, in other words, it was a mix bag. The series seems like it will be going down the episodic route where each episode will follow a certain “plot/theme of the day” and I think that this format works for light comedy series such as this.

Although the show seem to want to sell itself as a lighthearted comedy, I found myself more drawn towards the characters’ entertaining personalities as oppose to the actual comedic lines/scenes (and this is not a bad thing). It was fun to watch the character’s randomness and the dynamics in the group despite the fact that most of these situations were pretty much cliches.

What I did not really like was the fact that Hasegawa’s character is a pushover without a backbone. I would have enjoyed it more if all three of them were nuts and had overbearing personalities since that would have made the show more ridiculous, and I love ridiculous comedies. My favourite personality out of the current group would have to be Yozora with her twisted view on things.

I was kind of disturbed during the whole dating-sim part of the episode where Sena and Yozora got so obsessed with the dating sim character, Yukiko. That sort of creeped me out. The stalker at the end of the episode was also curious and I can’t wait to see what happens next with it.

“Stalker alert!”
“Yes, we should shoot first and consider the consquences later”

Overall, this looks like it would be a fun and entertaining series to watch despite its simple comedy style with its hit and miss moments. The personalities are definitely the star of the show and the animation (apart from the character designs) is, nothing impressive to say the least. The story is looking like it would be what the first episode had suggested which is simply about this club of misfits trying to find ways to fit in and make friends (whilst failing to recognise the fact that they have already found friends amongst themselves). If the rest of the season proves to be similar to this episode, this show might make a good light-hearted Saturday afternoon series to watch.

Episode Rating: 7/10 – I was entertained and that is enough for me. I would suggest not to expect too much out of this series and just turn off your brain and watch it.


Am I the only one who felt disturbed by this scene at the end of the OP? I mean, it was an interesting concept but…


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  1. This studio is focusing a lot of fanservice! But I’m not complaining…:P


    • “This studio is focusing a lot of fanservice! But I’m not complaining…:P”

      I have chosen to ignore ’em all! =D
      What fanservice? Nope, no fan-service. None at all. =P

      Well, I think that it is inevitable for studios to add some element of fan-service into their shows unless they are certain that their shows would be a hit.


      • The previews for next week consists of nothing but fan-service-y shots. 😛


      • “he previews for next week consists of nothing but fan-service-y shots. :P”

        Apparently someone is really happy and overjoyed. I know what my screen caps for next week’s impression is going to look like. It is going to be white or black since I would have to apply a Blood-C type filter on it to censor the images. =P


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