Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 – 02 Impression

So tired…

Episode 02 – One Cannot Love and Be Wise

The episode once again focuses on the relationship of our main couple Takano and Onodera and I am loving this easy Saturday watch.

(Here is my 2nd try at an impression review, hopefully this time I would get it right. =P)


I always love those panicking deadline moments that the people in Emerald suffer from especially when Onodera gets tossed into the middle of the wrath of everyone. This always lightens up the mood and I honestly prefer this to the sentimental melo-dramatic atmosphere that took over in the later part of the episode.

I like how the animators purposely decide to make part of Takano’s spectacle frames invisible so we can see his eyes. Lol

This episode really went heavy on the Onodera’s internal monologue and honestly, he is one depressing person to listen to. I kinda wanna smack that boy over the head with one of his manuscripts and ask him to stop whining so much. I mean, I did enjoy the whole struggle he went through with the “should I wish him Happy Birthday?” decision (okay, so it is nothing life changing for any of us, but hey, it is a life changing decision for his boy) and it was nice to finally see him acknowledge Takano’s existence in his life, even if he kinda took it back last minute.

The best part of this episode for me has got to be when Takano screamed at Onodera. That was probably nothing out of the ordinary for this couple but it was funny to hear him call Onodera a moron, since we all know that Onodera is indeed a moron when it comes to the whole love thing. Hell, their whole predicament is like a small situation that has been blown out of proportions.

As for the super sentimental parts of this episode, I did feel touched and went “awww” but at the same time I sort of wanted to laugh at the show as well. I really do like this series but it is so ridiculous at times that I can’t help but enjoy laughing at it instead of along with it. =D

I wish I could be so blunt and ask for a present upfront. =P

Overall, it is once again another small progress made between the main couple and it is kinda pitiful (and sweet) to see Takano being so happy over the small and minute progress that he makes with Ritsu, who always seem to find a way to bring things back to square one.

Episode Rating: 7/10 – more of the same fun despite Onodera’s desperate need for a psychologist.

(phew, I think this can be considered an impression rather than a review, no?)


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  1. Totally agreed on the best part being Takano yelling at Ritsu. I mean, how long is this guy going to insist he’s going out with Yokozawa, anyway? It was about time Takano got seriously pissed about it. XD


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