Mirai Nikki – 02 Review

“I can’t believe that someone actually likes me”
(oh you poor naive fool)

Episode 02

As someone who has not read the manga, I have to say that based off what I have seen the last two episodes, this series gives off the impression that it is having issues executing it’s content effectively.

Basic information in this episode:

  • Hiyama Sensei was killer No.3 (his hair should have been a dead giveaway anyway)
  • No. 9 is a girl called Minene who owns the Escape Diary and she uses bombs as weapons
  • No. 4 is a Police Chief that plans on aiding Yuki in his fight against the rest and he owns the Investigation Diary. He uses guns (like other police men) for his choice of weapon.
  • No. 9, Yuki and Yuno are now a team.

I love how expressive their eyes are. That was one of the biggest factor that contributed to the atmosphere building in this series.


For some odd reason, I have this feeling that the series could have been so much better since the plot seems interesting and has potential. However, everything came across less intense than what I had expected and a lot less… satisfying.

There were some good moments with the story that I had enjoyed like, the sadistic nature of Minene and people being killed all over the place like it was nothing. I also liked the way the different diaries never seem to overlap one another with the data that they have. Also, I did like the fact that the diaries reflect their owner’s way of living, but then it make me wonder… what is Minene’s escape diary suppose to reflect about her life?

The animation could have been a lot better with a more intense soundtrack to build up the atmosphere as the atmosphere of this series felt really lacking. The soundtrack was MIA or lacking at times when I had expected some ominous music to come on to elude to some impending destruction but instead we suffer at the hands of silence. (okay, so I am being dramatic right now. But hey, this show begs for drama, just take a look at Yuki)

My biggest issue with this episode/show is Yuki. I had said previously that I can’t take this guy seriously, and I am not kidding, I really can’t. I enjoyed his pain waaaaay too much, I actually wanted to laugh when he was scared shitless because it was too hilarious to see the look on his face with the gun pointed at him. He has the sort of personality that makes me want to go “ha! you deserve it!” and because I hate Yuki’s whiny egoisticentric behaviour, the format of the episode made it such that half the episode was painful as it was spent voicing Yuki’s internal monologue with himself. (I do not want to push my own personal prejudice against Yuki onto anyone else, so I shall have to omit my own personal feelings about him when I rate this episode.) What I can’t help but wonder is if the character is meant to be someone we dislike and hate. After all, the animators seem to be having fun making him look like a scared puppy.

I wish my school would have allowed us to toss our books out the window.
Btw, why are there still people in the floors that have been blasted to high heaven?

The typical plot progression of Yuki manning up and facing the facts with a girl to fight by his side has gotten really old due to the current trend in anime. Perhaps it is not the fault of the original manga (since I am not sure when the manga was created), but I kinda wish Yuki remained a wuss and coward and grovelled for his life since he is such a pathetic character anyway. I can argue that his pathetic nature is more realistic than all the other main characters who dug deep and found some “courage” to step up and be a man, but I can’t really be bothered. =P

because it is important to learn to enjoy life during a critical moment..
(wth. that was such a random kissing momnet)

Then comes Yuno, last episode showed her to have some psychotic tendencies but this episode made her come across as a love crazed fan that will do just about anything and I did not feel as creeped out by her as I was last episode. At least with the last episode, it looked like she had a deeper agenda. However, this episode does make her seem like she really is just doing it all for love. I am hoping this is not the case and that it is all a ruse for now.

What I did also like was the fact that through the use of the scenes in this episode, they had manage to re-explain the basic rules of the game and essentially integrate a “recap” into the actual on-going plot. This was a nice touch. The introduction of new characters this episode was also nice since it is starting to look like a team is being formed and I just love it when the group grows bigger and bigger. What I found surprising was that the fact that so many of the “mystery players” have been revealed in this episode so early on in the game. Perhaps by next week, everything would be revealed and it would simply become an all out brawl. =D (one can hope can’t they?)

This part sort of grossed me out. I can just image my eyes being poked. *shudders* Don’t you guys get any fancy ideas from this scene.

Overall, this episode made the show seem like a a series that would provide some second grade chills and cheap entertainment. As for whether it will turn out to be something more substantial in the near future… I am hoping that it does because this show is not really griping me at this moment despite its unique plot.

Episode Rating: 6/10 – I pray for the animators to spend time focusing on developing the atmosphere in the rest of the episodes.


I feel that the show is lacking in something despite the fact that the animation is actually not that bad and does a good job at conveying emotions. I just can’t put my finger on it. =/


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  1. Bar none, my favorite show this season.
    Passed the 2nd episode test (too many anime shows blow their wad with the first episode and fall back on conventional/cliched tropes by the second).
    Passed the multi-layed plot test (seeds in the first episode blossomed, so expect more)
    Upped the ante from serial killer and psycho stalker with terrorist bomber & criminal detective.

    I like the general wimpy-ness of the main lead, and I agree that the psycho stalker is neutralized as a besotted girlfriend. Yuri’s lack of reaction to Yuki’s confession that he liked another girl was confusing. But they are minor complaints of my official favorite show this season. 😀


  2. “But they are minor complaints of my official favorite show this season. :-D”

    Really? Your favourite out of all the shows out this season? (then again, there are too many mediocre shows this season…)

    Well, the show is not bad, it is simply just… lacking in something. I kind of expected it to have more depth and weight to the atmosphere. =/ But the plot is interesting intriguing so I am just going to wait to see how this plays out. For all I know, this series might turn out to be one of my favourites. But right now, I am not really loving it too much. =(

    “Yuri’s lack of reaction to Yuki’s confession that he liked another girl was confusing.”

    I am sure she is simply just going to go off and kill the girl secretly, then again, her phone might have told her that Yuki would stare at her in the classroom or think about her etc etc thus she would know it was her that Yuki was talking about?

    The weirdest part for me was still the kiss. it was as random as random could get.

    What other shows are you currently following? (including past seasons stuff)


  3. Ah, I’m still a novice wrt anime, having just started watching (catching up mostly) from a year ago so my opinions are heavily dependent on other forms of media (comic books, scifi novels, etc) and a religious veneration of Evangelion.

    My all-time favorite anime series, discounting the immortal NGE, are:
    Puella Magi Magicka Madoka
    Revolutionary Girl Utena

    I would include Tweeny Witches but I can’t finish the series due to several missing episodes online.

    Normally I watch 3-4 shows a season, now that I’m caught up with the major classics like Planetes and School Rumble. I would add PenguinDrum to the list but it’s only halfway completed.

    I went back to mangareader to see how much the opener deviated and was pleased with what I read. Mighty tempted to continue reading after the second episode but I’ll discipline myself. Ha!

    Rest of the season is full of mediocrities.


  4. Also I didn’t think the kiss was totally out of left field cuz Yuri already established an unhealthy obsession with Yuki, and the manga kinda explains this with her inner thoughts.

    But I am hoping that her obsession manifests itself sooner or later! 🙂


    • “Also I didn’t think the kiss was totally out of left field cuz Yuri already established an unhealthy obsession with Yuki, and the manga kinda explains this with her inner thoughts. ”

      Well, i know she is obsessed, it was more like the whole making out seemed odd. Tension is high and all but kissing just seems so unnatural. Then again, she is a psycho. lol.

      I am hoping her obsession does manifest and things become a lot more interesting. Would be nice to see psycho stalker Ringo no.2 (but a more freaky version).


  5. I’d have to say this is one of the better shows this season, but I think its pretty good in its own right. I think part of it is the fact that the cellphone time-machine is concept is still pretty fresh in my mind and was well received from Steins Gate. Yuki is for sure a punk, but by punk standards he could be muuch worse, the fact that he contemplated if he actually killed Hiyama in a conventional sense, and then goes on to try to kill Minene out of a survival instinct gives me hope that he’ll man up a bit, or at least stop whining so much.

    Yuno is for sure up to something, I don’t think that her feelings are a total front, but she’s smarter than she lets on; and then of course theres the psycho tendencies, I didn’t think she was going to just run through the exploding halls on a revenge trip so suddenly. I’m not gonna call it my favorite, but I think its a contender. By the quick pace, and you mentioned we basically already know half the diary owns, I think this could be a good suspense and action series by the end of it. Yuna’s more violent, and thankfully faster to show her feelings and not drag it out, but Ringo’s still crazier; I mean, who parties with an actor and doesn’t expect some drug use to be involved lol.


  6. “or at least stop whining so much. ”

    I think that being a whiny punk is not as much of an issue, what made it worse was the fact that he kept acting all high-and-mighty just because something goes right for him =_=” stupid boy is just asking to be killed.
    I find it hard to sympathize with him when I am one of the ones who want to hunt him down. =P

    “I didn’t think she was going to just run through the exploding halls on a revenge trip so suddenly. I’m not gonna call it my favorite, but I think its a contender”

    It was definitely one of the highlights of the week. Like you said, it is one of the more interesting scene of the week! (maybe we should have a post about interesting scenes for each week, I mean, this week (if we count over the past 7 days) has had some crazy stuff in it)

    “I mean, who parties with an actor and doesn’t expect some drug use to be involved lol.”

    Me. =D You are way too corrupted, and I don’t even want to know who corrupted you. =P


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