Persona 4 – 03 Review

Okay, so you may notice how I avert calling the main-character by his name, here’s why: He’s clumsy, lazy and has only basic understanding-capabilites. If you ask me that sounds like a description for a monkey rather than a human! Perhaps I will call him by his name when he levels up a bit…

Episode Reviewed by M0rg0th and Saranufogus

This week the Midnight Channel is once again the centre of attention for all the fun-seeking teenagers in the boring little town of… wherever the story plays. And surprisingly as if last episode’s death wasn’t bad luck enough this time it’s even someone who actually had a fair share of screentime! But before the main-chara, Yousuke and Chie can help Yukiko, it’s time for Chie’s ‘Me&Me’-session so that she can man up enough for her own Persona. And once again we’re taught the valuable lesson that being evil is NOT bad… but not knowing that you are is!

A few years ago Yukiko is sitting in the rain holding a puppy as Chie appears trying to cheer her up since Yukiko is heartbroken over the decision of her parents to abandon this little nice dog. But Chie announces to take care of the dog so that he won’t end up alone again. But what Yukiko doesn’t realize is that Chie didn’t just mean the dog with that.
Back in the present Chie storms into the classroom telling Yousuke and the main-dude that the girl in the last Midnight Channel was Yukiko. But as soon as Chie wanted to go again to search for her, she gets a message from her saying that she’s busy helping her family and can’t come to school. Asking themselves who then is that girl who supposedly dies this night the three go to the electronic-store and use their usual entrance-point to talk with Teddie. But he hasn’t seen anyone entering the world so they leave again confused what this all means. In the following night the Midnight Channel makes it clear that it is Yukiko who’s about to die. The next day after some complications with the police the three enter the TV-World in search of Yukiko but Chie’s Shadow is acting up once again tormenting its original by telling her what kind of douche she exactly is. But with the help of Yousuke and the main-dude she can overcome the shadow and can accept what a douche she is judging by the darkest corners of her soul. After that they go back but as Chie starts to pity herself the main-dude interjects by assuring her that she did the right thing by acquiring her Persona since the difficulty-level of the enemies increases exponentially after this point.

Old news, pal… That’s obviously why they have to rescue her and not the other way around.

M0rg0th’s Review:

I still feel like Persona 4 is flawed on a basic level. This series appears to be so faithful to its source-material that I get the better deal by playing the game while the anime doesn’t add anything to the experience of the story. If you want to know what Persona 4 is like you play the game while the anime is just a kind of summary without the gameplay elements (the interactive ones at least…).
This episode continued the mystery of the Midnight Channel and its predictions for the next murder-victim. Episode 02 also alluded to the fact that these victims all ended up in the TV-World and perhaps not because they wanted to spend their holidays there. The mystery-aspect doesn’t get deeper this episode and since I’m assuming there’s more to it than what I know right now, I didn’t really like the way the characters basically accepted what they know and based on that the story repeated itself more than it developed. The Midnight Channel shows the next victim, it’s Yukiko and so they try to rescue her. It doesn’t add anything to what I’ve learned from the first two episodes. But I guess this is better than the rushed development in episode one so it isn’t good that there’s no real development here but I think if that means the pacing is planning for the long-term perspective now, I’m okay with that.
When I say that the story repeats I mean of course Chie’s ‘Me&Me’ this week where we learn again that some of us shockingly aren’t the innocent angels we expect to be. It’s really simply what kind of trope is chosen here and how psychology is used as a camouflage for your usual drama of teenage-insecurity. It’s surely not the most subtle way of dealing with characterization but as a game-mechanic it’s a neat idea as you can link these ‘Me&Me’-sessions to battles. Exactly, it makes sense in a game. In an anime there should be a bit more subtlety and complexity added to that.

Yeah, because it must be a miracle in case that ever happens…

I can just say that the story’s totally fine – but it’s one made for a game. It has the straight-forward, linear structure a game must have because it’s bound by the game’s rules. For God’s sake, making the main-character a blank slate whose character comes into being through character-interaction which also makes his Persona’s stronger and gives him new options in choosing his Personas – that’s a goddamn game-mechanic! Actually I find the idea hilarious of taking over such a “XP-system” for an anime-adaptation. You just have to feel like watching someone play the game when the main-chara’s attributes are raised each episode due to his achievements. Something like that happens in games – not in TV-series.
So it’s understandable that our low-level protagonist is still very bland and dull but I think, the rest of the cast is decent enough. They won’t win a charisma-award in my book but Chie, Yousuke and Kuma are solid characters so far. What surprised me was how well the series can handle actual humour. The best moment was when the dull main-guy punched Yousuke and said with a monotone “Ah, I’ve punched the wrong one.”. That was good. At other times the jokes are about how emotionless the dull main-guy is and at times like this I laugh, it’s funny – but I feel like I laugh about the series instead of with it. These sequences feel more like the series’ pointing at its own mistakes and says: “See how stupid that is?!”. Well, it is stupid – and as far as I remember Persona 4 isn’t a comedy-series. That’s why I think some of that humour is kinda mood-breaking because it goes into completely another direction than the psycho-horror of the shadows and the rest of the mystery-setting. I don’t know how it’s done in the game where the story has more time to build up and give the player a break before the mood changes again. But in this series it’s just inconsistent how the humour and horror jumps around like the ball in a squash-match.
One part of the story, though, I really hate and I think I would also hate it when I encounter it during the game: The Velvet Room sequence… Perhaps someone who has played the game can tell me that I’m hopefully wrong but as what I understand these sequences mean that the main-dude met at some point the guys from the Velvet Room. And they told him a whole bunch of VERY useful information – he just can’t remember anymore… except in some convenient moments so as to create a strange kind of plot-twist. And this whole thing seemingly happens to him every time he sleeps (?) so as to provide moments for exposition explaining why he’s awesome and the rest’s just a side-dish. I hate this kind of obvious plot-device. The only way to stop me from hating this is getting a reasonable explanation for this from the story. But until this happens, I simply hate it.

The first episode left me doubtful whether I will ever learn to like this series but the past two episodes did some good work in winning me over again to follow this series. But some of the more basic problems I have with this show still remain and while I have to say that it’s a good story, as an anime-adaptation it fails. It’s just a very unimaginative copy of the game’s story produced with minimal effort. Whatever you may like about this series, you get more out of it by playing the game.

Episode-Rating: 6,5/10

Saranaufogus’ Review

Here is my late review of P4 ep 4. =P

By now we have probably resigned ourselves to the fact that this show is a animated version of a game play, it is not an adaptation of a game or the story, nope, it is the game…just animated… So I guess the questions comes down to, how does it actually feel watching such a show as someone who has not played the game?

My biggest gripe with this series is probably the way the characters are not given enough time to deal with the situations that they are thrust into. The episode did well in using the fact that we know already about Yukiko and is simply building upon that fact. As such, the plot did not appear as rushed this time around for me since some prior character development was done. Because of that, we are able to understand Chie’s fixation with Yukiko and her what Yukiko is really like (whom I am going to assume will play a major part in this series soon enough).

However, when I had said that the characters are not given enough time to deal with the situations, I was referring to things like how Chie accepted the Persona without any questions asked, she did not ask about what the Personas are meant to be used for or why she was even chosen etc. (things one would expect a normal person to ask). Then we also have the situation with how Yu attains his second Persona and is told that he is the “chosen one” (which I am expecting the series to explain what that means in the near future). Yu simply looks in awe and uses the Persona yet never questions what the whole Chosen One thing is about or worry about it. =/ I am hoping that the Velvet Room scene at the beginning of the episode are snippets of something that had happened before Yu’s arrival at the town and thus the reason behind’s Yu’s peculiar acceptance towards all theses things is due to this prior meeting/knowledge.

Speaking of the Velvet Room, I actually like the use of the scene to disclose small titbits of information. I am hoping that this will go on through out the rest of the series but at the same time, I am hoping that this does not turn into a Blood-C where the information is so little that we are constantly still baffled by what things are in the show. It would be nice if it was used as a “buffer” or sorts for the episode by letting us know information that would pertain to our understanding of what happens next as it is easy to still feel lost amongst all this plot development.

Moving on from that… I am also going to talk a bit about the whole idea of the Yu’s stats being shown in the mid-ep break. =P
I guess this is an example of the show wanting to bring the game to the front of our minds. However, as a stand alone item in an anime, it is a very odd thing to be shown stats on a main character, especially when personality of that said character is included. =P There is no explanation of why the main character would even have stats to begin with and the setting of this series is not set up in a game manner (e.g. their powers having a gauge etc) but takes itself as though it is reality in the Persona world. I am not sure if the stats are something that every human will end up having in this series or if there is a reason why Yu started off with a blank slate (maybe something to do with being the chosen one?). For now, this element is just another fan-service aspect that makes me feel that this show is very obviously targeted at the fans and I am starting to wonder if they are deliberately trying to ignore the rest of the population (or perhaps include us non-gamers in on the reason as to why Yu is the way he is through this). Personally, I am confused about what this element is meant to do.

I thought that this was actually kinda funny but I am wondering if this is him really taking a crack at a joke or his lack of a personality shining through thus acting as good comic timing?

Similar to last episode, Yu takes a back seat once again and we are left dealing with Chie’s issues. I actually quite like the fact that although Yu had cracked that joke and is showing some personality. However, his stats quite obviously shows us that he is yet to be up to par of being an entertaining main character. Hopefully the rest of the cast will driving the series whilst Yu slowly “grows” his personality. =P

What I did not like was the lack of progression with regards to the mystery and that the format of the episode played out similar to Yousuke’s one with Chie coming to the realization about herself (in a cliche manner) and accepting the Persona. However, I did like Chie’s story a lot more than Yousuke’s one so I was entertained watching it.

Half blue half hair… A smurf that hasn’t shave in a few days? I know! A new alien species! =D =P

The show still has the issues that it has had over the last few episodes – which is the terrible gradients (which will obviously never change and I am starting to sound like a broken record. I don’t care about the reason, just change it dammit, it’s getting on my nerves and it’s ugly T^T I keep thinking that even the little girl has a beard. It is kinda disturbing. hair growth everywhere).

The soundtrack still sticks out like a sore thumb (no longer because it is odd, since I think I am used to it) but more due to the overwhelming silence prior to any music being played, it is always so sudden and does not take the time to ease into the music. This is similar to how the show’s transition between scenes is choppy in manner and does not try to ease into the different scenes but simply cut from one to another.

I think the dog would have made a cuter guide than the bear. =P That dog looks so cute!

Overall, this episode’s plot is better than the last couple of episodes and the show is slowly building up. I am still not fully sold on how the show is going to play out and what the main focus is meant to be since it is split between the Personas and the actual alternate universe mystery/death at this stage. Hopefully things will become clearer soon and hopefully the series will learn to build on it’s atmosphere instead of rushing things.

Since it is only episode 3 in a 2 season run show, I am assuming that we are still in the character development stage and plot building stage so I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Thus far, the plot line is no intriguing masterpiece. Perhaps by episode 7 the show would have eased into things, slowed things down and the anticipation levels would have been built up by an interesting plot then.

Episode rating – 6.5/10 – Still waiting to see if the plot would end up becoming more interesting since it is only mediocre right now.


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  1. I agree, the series is still basically flawed, but its picking up pretty well. I found it funny that the main character doesn’t actually have to go through a mental trial to gain his persona; he was so bland from the start that there was nothing for him to overcome, and he’s so blank throughout that he can wield multiple persona’s because he’s got no personality of his own to constrict him to just one manner of being.
    Last episode I said that Chie would no doubt get her own persona, but I didn’t expect it to happen right away, in that respect it is easy to see just how linearly this story is progressing at the moment, and while it lacks some depth, its early in the series and there’s plenty of time for it to develop. I still find it hard to like a series that essentially has no main character from an anime standpoint, but as long as they don’t give him any scenes alone it should work out fine.


    • and while it lacks some depth, its early in the series and there’s plenty of time for it to develop.

      It will get some depth surely but in the end it’s nothing more than what you would find in a game. Due to the fact that this adaptation copies the game so faithfully it gives itself restrictions that actually don’t exist for the anime. It’s a good idea from a gameplay-perspective to equip the characters with the means to fight first. And the way it’s done is like a learning-curve as the expectations concerning tactics/strategy in battle rise by raising the number of combatants. So, there’s a reason for the game to do it and you have to give the story credit for hiding that reason very well which is also the reason why it still kinda works in the anime-version. But in the game there was the restriction that forced the story to behave that way but that doesn’t exist in the anime-series.
      As far as adaptations go this is simply a flawed and unimaginative approach.


  2. tsubaki.seishuu

    The main character is already depicted as being a distant, but otherwise friendly, loner with a pessimistic outlook on life and him not being able to speak in the game makes it worst that’s why its so dull, i don’t really say we should accept it but, i don’t think they have plans to change it right away.

    OMG! i didn’t really think they will use the idea that the main character can change arcanas : / they just don’t leave out any single detail about the game do they? I don’t know what other arcana they’ll use since, jack frost was just emphasize on the game on him that can change other personas, well, good luck on them.

    about the velvet room, it was only in the start of the game where there’s something like that, he will call you sometimes but, on the game, you’ll only go there to change your arcanas, or combine personas : D he gives you quest too to have money, but if you don’t wanna visit igor, its fine too. & its not in the dream since there is some place where you can enter the velvet room, but in p4 its in a limo.

    comedic parts? well, honestly, there really are some comedic parts in the game, & that’s one thing I liked about it. though some of the comedies they throw in the animation is not in the game, particularly the ones the main character is saying since in the game he cannot speak.


    • Well, to me the characterization just seems bland and dull right now. And letting it depend on his “status” just makes it a hilarious misplaced game-thingy in an anime-adaptation. But I guess, as long as the story gets better because of it I can overlook it. I mean, there are series out there who have a bad start and get better. It’s only that in this case they obviously did it on purpose which makes it all the more distracting and strange.

      I bet they deliver the anime-DVDs together with the game-manual so that you can understand what happens…

      It’s a place… and the main-chara goes there as if it’s McDonalds and Starbucks mixed together?! Well, I don’t know how the game justifies that part but I hope the anime does eventually… I hope it doesn’t end up being a “plothole” with an explanation saying ‘What, you didn’t play the game…?’.

      Yeah, I was kinda surprised how good the humour is occasionally. Well, I think it’s really good for the style of the series to have these moments.


      • Your assessment is pretty much spot-on, and I say this as a big fan of the game. So far its been an incredibly bland summary of the game’s first 4 hours of plot. Multiple plot points and character establishing scenes are clumsily glued together, and there doesn’t seem to be any attempt at explaining important things which someone with no first-hand experience with the game will be absolutely clueless about(the love triangle, the Velvet room) l. Also, talk about the terrible issues this anime has with “tone”! There is occasionally some good comedy in there, true, which is very faithful to the source material which had a great sense of humor. Unfortunately, they sandwich it in between dramatic, tense scenes here….which doesn’t work well at all.

        The art can be inconsistent as well.Even the game is nicer to look at than the anime! Character portraits or no, the artist/ art director from the original game is actually a very talented one(and they didn’t pull him back in for the anime). The environments seem way more well-defined in the game as well. comparison)

        So, yeah, its kind of bad and I would never recommend it over playing the game….but as fan-service, it fulfills its role well enough, all around a forgettable show made for the fans. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.


      • tsubaki.seishuu

        was it because of his status? hmm, i dunno, but i feel, they just set it out just like that : / because even in the game, there’s really not that much difference if you raise your stats, well sure there’s some people you can’t talk if you don’t rich a certain degree of status, and some certain changes but the main character’s reaction doesn’t really changed that much.. i’m still not sure, but yeah, that’s how i see it.
        and I agree with that one, as long as the show gets better i’ll not care either way.

        LOL. might as well they package it with the game itself.

        hmm, no, it was in a limo : / though honestly i forgot how to access it, i remember in p3 there was a portal leading to the elevator which was the velvet room =___= but i dunno why i forgot how on p4. but in the animation, they are like saying its in a dream right?

        well, atleast there’s still something a non-player though was interesting : )


  3. the Me&Me sure will stop after ep 4, because in the game they have to give you a full party as early as possible before have any other development, i’m sure you would be surprised how the series will change after ep 4, they will focus more about the mystery and school life.

    The reson why th Main-char is the chosen ones and be able enter the velvet room will be explained in some very last ep, since it is one of the mystery as well.

    and i posted the characterization of this anime 2 times already, but i guess i post it again here with the addition of chie

    n this, not only persona but characters also divided in 22 MaJor Arcana of the tarot card, each Arcana represent a personality and possible future.
    MC or Yuu represent The Fool Arcana: A person just start their journey, they are nothing yet but hold infinite potential and can become anything
    Yosuke represent The Magcian Arcana: action, initiative, self-confidence, manipulation and power but somewhat immature.
    Chie represent The Chariot Arcana, it mean someone always want to win, always want to be the best, victory and conquest

    Shadow here is also not some random big bad monter, They also represent A Major Arcana, but the reverse meaning, or the negative side of the card (note that the characters also represent the reverse meaning of Their Arcana before they face their shadow)

    Shadow Yosuke represents the reverse of not only Yosuke himself, but also the Magician Arcana. The reversed Magician represents one with power, but who is cruel and misuses that power. Shadow Yosuke has the power of insight into Yosuke’s motives, but uses that power to mock and humiliate him.

    As you can see Yosuke before face his shadow also misuses his power as the son of Junes owner

    Shadow Chie represents the reverse meaning of the chariot arcana even in the Appearance, appears as a yellow-clad dominatrix supported by three puppets not unlike Chie or Yukiko in school unifom. The puppets all struggle to hold her up in place, while the Shadow sits lavishly atop. Shadow Chie has long, black, moving hair which resembles that of Yukiko and represents her intense jealousy of her. It wields a long whip and wears a cone-shaped yellow mask over its face, which has a wicked smiley face drawn over it. The reversed Chariot symbolizes envy, addiction, and low self-confidence; and in relationships, an abusive and controlling nature. All of these qualities stem from her relationship with Yukiko: she is envious of Yukiko’s good looks, addicted to Yukiko’s dependence on her, and low self-opinion (saying, on Yukiko, “SHE’S the one ALL the guys drool over!”). While her relationship with Yukiko may not be physically abusive, Chie is still very emotionally domineering at the beginning; thus, the dominatrix theme brings physical form to emotional bondage.

    Not only big shadow, but the first three shadow also represents the reverse Meaning of their Arcana( you can tell what’s their arcana through their mask, in this case, they also represents The Magcian Arcana):the reversed Magician aloso means someone who is ruthless and extremly immature. This is the reason those shadow relentlessly followed the team even thought they ran away. and sill attack even when MC have summoned his persona that seem much more powerful than them.


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      erm, i dun think so, it might stop awhile from yukiko, but until all the main characters are showed i dun think the me&me section will stop. hmm, no, until the show ends i guess. coz even minor characters do have that me&me drama =w=

      hmmm, if I were the director, I would focus more on the story rather than elaborating how depth those personas are, i know the game is about personas too, but a simple explanation of how the thing work, would be enough. like why would they have that power? what was that? and not how they can combine it, and how many playable cards and etc they could access.

      also, because they are just throwing everything in the game, they are obliged to explain every little detail they show.

      I was even surprise about the change of arcanas, I mean, that was like unneeded already. You don’t really need to follow almost everything of the game, coz if It was, then with the crappy pacing and with all the flaws, if i was a person who hasn’t played the game, I would rather play the game than bothered myself watching this.


  4. Keyblademaster333

    If you have never seen a Friday the 13th movie, why would you watch one and complan that a man appears in your dreams and kills you? You need to understand what your reviewing and as someone who makes my own critques on a show, I know this show has flaws. I take it if you watched Tales of the Abyss the Anime, you’d say it failed because it follows the game when actually its really well done. Adapations have to follow the basic guide and Atlus loves their fanbase and they want them to be happy. Heres one thing to think about:Look at the episode, watch it, then do some research on the Arcana’s, not the game. The Arcana’s are the means by which all is revealed iconicly.


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      owh, can I just butt in as well? i’ve been really bored that I have plenty of time to waste.

      anyways, I know where your getting at..

      as a person who have actually played the game, i enjoyed seeing that the game i used to love is being turned into an animation, and that those people who doesn’t know it will be aware on just how great the game was.

      But as they stated, this show is too game-y. I don’t see the point of the animation if only the people who can get involve are the person’s who have actually played the game. I know the story already, and with how this thing goes, i can predict whats going to happen, and so in the end, I didn’t even enjoy it since, it was way to predictable.

      The animation have lost its purpose to let ‘outsiders’ enjoy the game too. It’s not their problem if they don’t get the story, It’s the director’s problem that he should make the show understandable. who would enjoy watching a show they still need to research about?

      I’m just saying they should be considerate too, if they don’t wanna be criticized in all the things they do, they just have to do a proper job of explaining everything, or if they have to do it in the end, then they should make sure that the viewers would have a positive outlook about the show so even if everything seems blank, they would not think twice to view it again.


  5. My God man, you have no idea how angry I am. Your last two reviews were easily overlooked, as the anime was just starting and I could easily chalk them up to ignorance, but now it’s simply become irritating. Your style of reviews is meant to lead to an objective review, and yet somehow you manage to strongly show a very subjective point of view from start to finish.
    A lot of the issues you seem to have with the anime is a general lack of information. Like with certain animes, like Kino no Tabi or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, it’s hard to have full understanding of the anime without having watched the entire series. Pieces will fall into place, just much later than it would seem you would prefer.
    As for the consistent tie-ins to the game itself, I imagine this is simply a lose-lose situation for you or for followers of the game. If they did as you said, and strayed away from the game’s original plot, followers of the game would complain to their lack of faithfulness to the original plot, as some may say happened with Tales of Phantasia the animation. However, if they stay true to the game plot, it seems that the anime will fall short on creativity and fail to be seperated from the original game in any way. There is also really close to no way to compromise these two ideas. It either strays, or it doesn’t. And from ATLUS’ company history, they show a great caring for their fan-base, so therefore they obviously chose to stay close to the original game plot.
    It’s clear that as a reviewer, you do have a great deal of skill, but I feel that you should take another look at your style and try to be a little more objective in the future. I would love to see you get through the entire series and see for yourself the entire picture you have yet to see. But given your thoughts so far, I’m not sure I can see you getting to the end with such a close-minded opinion on so many elements of the show.


    • “My God man, you have no idea how angry I am. Your last two reviews were easily overlooked, as the anime was just starting and I could easily chalk them up to ignorance, but now it’s simply become irritating.”

      Erm, M0rg0th only reviewed episode 1 and this episode, I did the review for ep 1 and 2, have not done the review for this episode. Just thought to let you know. =)


      • Well then, it must have been both of your ignorance that made me and quite a few other people irritated.


      • Yukari Takeba, you are being very rude and subjective here , judge by your nickname, you must have been play the game. but reviewer here are people who never play the game, their review are much more objective than fans of the game. i also played the game and i think they really have a point here,and i love their review, if you don’t like it, please don’t even read and comment


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      define ignorance?

      If you were to watch an anime supposedly you don’t know and have not heard about, are you supposed to read the whole wikipedia or read the manga first before watching it to know if its worth watching or not?

      I know you like the game, and I did too… you have the right to be angry if some
      people thinks your favorite game is not liked by everybody, but its unfair too that your judging it knowing you already played and have finished the whole game.

      No one will be criticizing it if their given a fair share of decency out of the expectations they had, since everybody is talking about it.

      I know the game was great, but if the show itself doesn’t emit it’s “greatness”, i myself would be saying, they shouldn’t have done it in the first place. I mean, they’ll just ruin the image of just how good the game was.

      M0rg0th did said that he is willing to over look it since there’s some shows that is bad at first then just gets better in the long run.

      so yeah, there are no right or wrong opinions, they are just voicing out what they think, whether you agree or disagree, its what we call our own “point of view”.


  6. @Pointman: Please, do show me where in that comment I was being rude and subjective. I had friends of mine (who are quite objective people, I might add) go through that. I understand that this review is for people who haven’t played the game, but they’re still being very subjective, and if I had to say, they’re the one’s being rude. I wasn’t even going to read this in the first place because, judging by the reviews of the first two episodes, I would have made a long comment (which I did).

    @tsubaki.seishuu: Well, according to the dictionary, ignorance is the state or fact of being ignorant.
    If I was to watch an anime I didn’t know or had never heard about (which I have before), I would at least look up some details on it, but not even before I watched it. I would look them up when I got confused or if something wasn’t made clear. If that didn’t help, I could argue the point. But never until I’ve looked into it.
    Please, I advise you not to jump to conclusions when you’re talking to someone. Persona 4 could very well be my least favourite game for all you know – I never said it was. As well, you also jumped to the conclusion that I finished the game. I’m not saying I haven’t, but for all you know, I could have just finished Yukiko’s Castle.
    I’m not saying there are right or wrong opinions (yet another place where you jumped to conclusions) and actually, I’m doing exactly what you said: voicing out what I think. Because, that’s MY point of view.


    • Keyblademaster333

      You lack a top hat miss Yukari.


    • I would look them up when I got confused or if something wasn’t made clear. If that didn’t help, I could argue the point. But never until I’ve looked into it.

      Hmmm, well, I am a firm believer that a show should explain itself and be able to stand on it’s own. If not, then it is simply not good enough. This is just my opinion on what makes a good show.

      Can you imagine watching a show and then having to check out what everything means just to see if the show is good? Sure, if it was a word that I didn’t understand, an object that I did not know about or something that was common knowledge, I would check it up since that would be my fault. However, if it weren’t something everyone should know, I simply feel that it is not meant to be looked up and the show should explain it to us, sooner or later. Perhaps, everything will be explained later in the series, I am not discounting that fact at all. In my previous review, I am merely listing the things that we have yet to know and my own questions about it.
      I am not saying that the show should have given me the answers by now. That was simply just a list of things. As for the rest of the review, I can’t really say which part you are unhappy with so I can’t justify it for you.

      I understand that this review is for people who haven’t played the game, but they’re still being very subjective, and if I had to say, they’re the one’s being rude.

      Just wanted to clarify, when you had said rude, what were we rude towards or who are we rude towards? The game? The series?

      In my mind, to me, the subject of the review is the anime and not the game, since we have not played the game we can’t infer anything from it nor be prejudice in that manner. I can’t speak for M0rg0th but when I wrote the previous reviews I was seeing the show as being a normal show with no backstory, no games, no anything. Sure, that may be subjective since those other mediums do exist, but I wasn’t about to run out and play the game just to get a better understanding of the anime. If it were another show with some other medium, I still believe in judging a show on it’s own. It is a review on the anime and not the anime + extras. More insight is always good, but one can’t be god right? 😉

      At the end of the day, it is like what everyone is saying, we all have our own opinions and points of views. The view point that I come from is from someone who has not played the game and the review is catering to people who want to understand that viewpoint or for people who have not played the game as well. That is the side I have picked since it was always going to be either a review from a person with prior knowledge of the game, or a review without prior knowledge of the game. Half-assed things like knowing a few information here and there doesn’t fall under any category for me so I simply avoid it. =)

      Hope this helps you understand where I am coming from.

      Woah, that was a long response. I may have ranted a bit. =P


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      I do think you’re acting a little rude, it doesn’t mean that you dislike how it was seen, you can already state the review as ‘irritating’. There is always the option of ignoring it, but you didn’t, so it’s a social norm to have an etiquette for you to not be called rude. There’s always a proper way how to clearly say what you want to say, not opening it up as to how mad/ irritated you are so far.

      “If I was to watch an anime I didn’t know or had never heard about (which I have before), I would at least look up some details on it, but not even before I watched it.”

      -It’s a given that before you watch something, you could’ve at least knew what it’s genre, or a little synopsis about the story. There are just some shows that even if you know its interesting, you wouldn’t feel its good when the mood is not set up right. I myself think that the 1st episode was not that good.

      “I would look them up when I got confused or if something wasn’t made clear. If that didn’t help, I could argue the point. But never until I’ve looked into it.”

      -I do that too if I happened to miss something, but if you need to look up every little question that comes to mind which is not so clear to you, then what’s the point of watching when I can just read the walkthrough of the game? as I said, it’s not the viewers problem, its theirs, they should’ve made it more clearer. They should have used their imagination, It’s no problem if they flipped the story a whole way round, as long as the important pieces are there and the original game is not affected, make it more interesting, coz no one would liked to be dragged a whole season just waiting for the whole bomb to explode in the last episode, just like what it happened to ‘blood c’. Even if its fan-base, it’s always good when you’re expecting something.

      and hmmm, aren’t you the one whose jumping into conclusions? it’s not like everything he was saying is all bad. he was just pointing out what he think was wrong, & i dunno what is wrong from being subjective, be furious if everything he was saying is wrong and with no proper basis at all, but i see some people agreeing into it, so it means, his not the only one thinking the same. If you’d like you can make your own blog about it : | I’ll be more than happy to read it.

      and for jumping into conclusions as you said, I might have said it wrong, but the point is, this is a blog, and the team is giving out their reviews. so yeah, as i said, whether you agree/ disagree, that’s their own share of thoughts, if it happens to bother you, say it moderately & If you have something to point out wrong then do share it. if it was the least of your favorite then why did you bother defending it? and if you haven’t finished the game, then let’s just all see how this animation would end up (if everybody is still up for it) well, that’s all there is to it.


      • tsubaki.seishuu

        oh crap, i feel i was a little bitc*y not using smileys or anything
        sorry, i’m just not that used using them, but i mean no harm….

        and I don’t intend to start a fight.
        i was just giving my own thoughts about it too.
        though i did say you were a little rude coz you asked where you were rude.

        anyways, at least you should know that I respect your opinion
        though, were clearly not on the same page. : )


    • Miss Yukari you are still missing a top hat.


  7. So saranaufogus, are you gonna review this? 🙂


  8. about why MC being the chosen one, i will be explained in some very last ep, he NOT some random guy being chosen for cliche reason like kindness or strength

    and others was not chosen at all, they just happened to be friends with the chosen one have to face the others self to gain a persona XD (remeber, persona is also shadow but tamed)


    • “(remeber, persona is also shadow but tamed)”

      Good point. But then the question is, do the characters themselves know that? =P

      I am just saying, these characters seem to accept things too easily =_=” Is it any better in the game or do they just take it as they are told as well?


      • they know that, because persona and it users are the same (remeber the line “thou art i and i am thou (you are me and i am you”) spoken by MC persona in the first ep?). persona just like a part of their body, their thought also persona thought though they does have will of their own when not controlled as seen in ep 2

        and it not any better in the game, they just take it as they are told as well XD


      • “and it not any better in the game, they just take it as they are told as well XD”

        i agree, Lol. I was playing not asking that questions myself XDDD

        i guess i was just too young back then, and i was just simply enjoying the game.


  9. @Yukari Takeba:
    Well, fancy that, someone who thinks I should rather play the game than watch the anime ^^ . And you know what? You’re right! That’s exactly the point I’m making! This anime doesn’t even concern itself with thinking about how to do an anime. This is still the “game” we’re looking at and not the anime-adaptation of a game. If someone would ask me whether one should watch this anime or play the game, I would always say ‘Play the game for god’s sake! People get angry if you watch the anime without having played the game!’.
    As for how you define “objective reviews”… Sorry, pal, this is a review-blog for animes and not for games. Like that it was decided by me and ra that the ‘OMG, I didn’t play the game! *panic* ‘-point-of-view is the one we choose here. Naturally we watch the series until the end and it’s our pleasure to tell you at the end of the series how our ‘close-minded’ reviewing-capabilities coped with the series 😉 .


    • As a friend who helped Yukari with her first message, please allow me to interject here (I am including Saranaofogus in this message as well):

      The intention here was not for you to play the game over watching the anime. Believe it or not, Persona 4 is just that, the fourth game in a series of games. Some elements are assumed that the person would know, such as the Arcana and their hidden meanings. A lot of elements are usually missed on a first play through of any anime or show. I know for a fact that an outsider looking in at Yu would obviously think he’s very bland, but there is a purpose to that based on his Arcana and his purpose in the story that’s not explained until way later. I also know that being told “it’s explained later” can eventually be a turn-off for shows, but it seems to be the style of show they’re aiming for here.

      The idea was for you to do a little research on the base of the story and intended audience, not on the plot. How the game was received, if manga were made, the release dates, things that would make you seem like you’ve actually done your homework on where the anime is coming from. I know I’ve watched anime adapted from a manga (Real Bout High School is a great example) that I’ve went WTF over for rushed plot, lack of development, and strange endings, but the manga was way different (which I looked up and read after having watched the show), and showed that when the anime was produced, it was meant to be a fan-service anime that didn’t really adhere to the original story (and clearly, it didn’t make much sense either). But that was AFTER I’d already watched it, and since then, I’ve made at least a minimal effort to learn a genre of show, it’s reception, and a little of it’s back story before I attempted to watch it, since I’d rather not waste time getting into an anime that is not intended to be directed at myself.

      As for consistency to the game plot, while yes, it is similar, they’ve actually made some changes and from my knowledge, it’s actually based more to the manga adaptation that was written and released in Japan. In game, the fights are a little different (minus user interaction) in how they operate. This part of it is actually something they explained out and made “new” from the game. What seems to be kept most from the game are elements such as the musical selection and the animation style they’re employing, which are things that are, in some reviewers’ cases, another make or break element.

      Overall, I personally find that this anime is, as you say, a shout-out to the people who have played the game. But it’s the first anime I’ve seen in a long time, that being based on a game, followed close enough that you could watch it independent of the game itself, and while you would get some of your facts wrong in terms of timeline events, you would still be able to identify the characters and their antics well enough to have a discussion with a player of the game and not feel like you’re missing something in the long run. I’m sure this is a difference of opinion here, as it would seem you prefer that watching the anime would make you want to play the game itself without feeling like you’re re-watching the anime.

      I believe that was the intent here. They want more fans for Persona, as the series is getting larger and larger, given that they intend to re-release the title that this anime is based on (with extended gameplay and a new addition to the storyline itself), and intend to release a fighting game based on Persona 3 / Persona 4. Having more fans would draw them into these product lines, in theory, as this particular anime finishes out. In other words, if you have the big picture here, which is its a marketing ploy, you see for yourself what type of anime you will be stepping into. I respect your decision to watch it without any knowledge of the game, but I’d have at least hoped you’d done your homework here.

      Honestly, animation style has never really bothered me (I’ve watched some of Le Petit Cossette, and that was seriously left-field), and the music is meant to be for the nostalgia factor. But I do agree to an extent. I would have loved to see maybe remixes rather than exact repeats of the original pieces. I guess I don’t notice the lack of music at moments (perhaps because I wasn’t listening for it), but I’m going to watch for it personally in the future. And actually one of your complaints was that Yu’s new persona was left field. Actually, they’ve hinted at it from first episode on. It was subtle, but obviously you missed it. ^___^;

      I believe I’ve rambled enough. I might have missed something, but my time is short so I’ll stop here for the moment. I rather enjoy analytical discussions so feel free to point out my wrongs/misguidance. I’d love to chat over the matter as a person who has played the game (but not yet finished it), and is watching the anime alongside you.


      • Some elements are assumed that the person would know, such as the Arcana and their hidden meanings. A lot of elements are usually missed on a first play through of any anime or show. I know for a fact that an outsider looking in at Yu would obviously think he’s very bland, but there is a purpose to that based on his Arcana and his purpose in the story that’s not explained until way later. I also know that being told “it’s explained later” can eventually be a turn-off for shows, but it seems to be the style of show they’re aiming for here.

        Yeah, but that’s a point-of-view one can only have when you know the complete story! I reviewed the series here only with the knowledge the series wants to give me at this point. And the review says then how I feel with that approach. Believe me I know the meaning of the “Major Arcana” as well as the next guy who knows something about Tarot. But right now it’s not clear to me whether this series takes that topic serious or if it’s just bogus vaguely relating to the Tarot-Card-meanings. It’s not clear at this point and so I give naturally only Episode-Ratings which can differ from my Series-Rating at the end because it is a different point-of-view when you know the whole story.

        But that was AFTER I’d already watched it, and since then, I’ve made at least a minimal effort to learn a genre of show, it’s reception, and a little of it’s back story before I attempted to watch it, since I’d rather not waste time getting into an anime that is not intended to be directed at myself.

        You’re talking about trivia and news-related information which I would only include in my review if they seem relevant to what I think of the episode. But you don’t really give a reason why I should add that information except for the reason of replacing ANN, Wikipedia and other websites like that.

        I’m sure this is a difference of opinion here, as it would seem you prefer that watching the anime would make you want to play the game itself without feeling like you’re re-watching the anime.

        It’s more like I don’t want to watch the anime feeling like someone’s replaying a game. I think an anime can do more story-wise than a game so when an anime follows a game-story too closely it doesn’t make use of the story’s full potential.

        I respect your decision to watch it without any knowledge of the game, but I’d have at least hoped you’d done your homework here.

        It’s still not very clear what you expect this review to do besides hearing how I’ve liked an episode and for what reasons. Do you want me to quote some wiki-page of the Persona-franchise constantly and show diagrams of how good the sales-numbers of the franchise are? Or should I make bear-puns for the gamers nostalgic amusement? You demand to see information here that don’t necessarily need to be here.

        And actually one of your complaints was that Yu’s new persona was left field. Actually, they’ve hinted at it from first episode on. It was subtle, but obviously you missed it.

        *sigh* So, what was the subtle hint? And don’t tell me it’s the fact that he has the Magician-Arcana-card or this “wild”-power-thingy… Because that isn’t a hint, that’s part of the game’s setting. My complain actually wasn’t how left-field the new persona was like you said but the way this revelation was delivered with the main-dude suddenly remembering this important bit of information. I simply don’t like this kind of “convenient remembering for the sake of drama”. And the Velvet-Room is a really vague plot-device in this series for someone who hasn’t played the game which made me question how much of deus-ex-machina-device it can become in the story when I don’t know how these interactions between the main-dude and Igor happen.


    • ^___^ I see I see. The whole it’s part of the bigger picture thing I keep mentioning is sorta based in the genre itself (which is a mystery/sci-fi/fantasy in my opinion). As a mystery, the aim is to introduce little pieces of information that you can delegate through later. However, something I find common with anime like this one is that they give you minimal hints to solve on your own, based on the meanings and histories of words that are chosen. For example, naming a character Cassandra can hint at the Greek legend of Troy, as a character who will know the truth of the matter and may never once be trusted. Heavy exposition explaining this isn’t always used, and it’s expected that the viewer will get curious about the word in use and research it themselves. Within the anime itself, use of the phrase “wildcard” for example, was a hint. By definition, a wildcard is a character to stand in place of all characters, or an undefined, unpredictable element. By Yu having Wildcard (which you’re correct in that it’s not even vaguely defined until this episode), it’s given some level of show definition here, where it suggests that Yu is the Wildcard himself. If their normal game plan isn’t working, he can act to change things around. As of this episode, the only example of it is changing Persona, which as you’ve pointed out, the delivery was off-key for you. I personally don’t mind that kind of delivery, but that’s all right. Again, difference of opinion. I’d argue more about the Velvet room and when interactions occur, but that would be unfair knowledge at the moment, since I’ve played the game up to a point, and based on the anime so far, they are not being very clear on it yet, as you’ve said. The point of that was that some anime actually go out of their way not to tell you, and force you to look at the words and definitions you are handed to see hidden symbolism and meanings that the show provides. Even character names can have this kind of insight (for example, Serena in Sailor Moon’s japanese name was Tsukino Usagi, which means “Bunny of the Moon”) which hints to later plot purpose or even a character’s ultimate fate.

      I’m sure it seems and sounds trivial, the information I’m mentioning for you to locate. But I’m not asking you to replace these pages. Using them as a backing for your comments or even supporting your arguments with other examples was more of what I was looking for. Right now I feel like I’m reading your reviews and you could answer yourself in some cases with a little bit of research. It’s not that I want you to look up everything, obviously, even just the manga-adaptation that is in print might have given you a little more insight. You don’t have to list them, but it certainly didn’t feel like you had even tried to get an idea of the type of audience, the genre, or even just history of it beyond it was based in a game. As for the bear puns, sure, one or two would be beary great, but they’d end up making you look silly I guess unless they were dripping in sarcasm bearing your current opinion of the show. ^___^

      Furthermore, we’re clearly at some level of odds here, as I believe the exact opposite. ^___^ I believe video games have the potential for a much greater storyline than that in which an anime can deliver. In the end, I’m a little upset when I find adaptations from manga-to-anime or even game-to-anime that don’t meet up to the standards of the original media in which they were delivered. Anime does have the potential to meet the other forms, but it’s easily capable of falling short of its predecessors. However, that’s only if it starts in the other two media. If it starts in anime form, it’s sort of a 50/50 whether or not followup deliveries in other platforms meet standard. I tend not to play games based on anime, as they are sorely lacking in plot for me. ^___^; Aside from that, I’m not sure I’d say we were watching a game, but that’s based in knowledge of how the gameplay works I guess. So trying to take that away, I can see where you’re coming from here. When I was a kid though, taking turns watching each other play RPGs was the thing to do, so it again, doesn’t bother me to see this type of delivery.


  10. @Mitsuru:
    So… you want to get an interpretation of the story from me? That’s what you want, it seems… Hmm, I think, that’s actually the kind of thing you’d rather find in an Essay-blog because first of all, you can’t talk about everything and then there’s the fact that to make a interpretation really count you’d distract from the bigger picture in an episodic review due to the amount of words it would take to do that properly. I could for example explain how the shadows could be based on Jungian psychology theories. But neither have I any proof that the writer of the series actually thought so far nor does the story seem deep enough to me to warrant making such a comparison.

    And just for the record: A Cassandra-character was originally a tragic character-type and became the archetype of the mumbo-jumbo oracle over time.


  11. While the fact the anime doesn’t explain enough is a fair criticism, if you have played the game you should know there IS a good story reason why the Main Character has a special persona and acess to the velvet room.

    Or did you get stuck in the middle of the game? Or did you get one of the bad endings, completely miss the SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH thing the game preaches, and call it done?


  12. Now There is a masterpiece, and it’s called persona 4 the animation.


  13. I immediately wasn’t all that excited for Persona 4, the animation, simply because I felt it would be pure fan service. It is, and that’s honestly all it is (at least so far). I loved the game, but it’s a game which I would sit and play for hours on end, a game whose creators didn’t have to worry about time constraints. An Anime consists of 20-something minute blocks which have to be able to stand alone, to a point, which is just on every level a bad idea for Persona.
    I love Persona 4 for many reasons, particularly its tone, but I also love the way Persona 4 took its time. Persona builds tension and has a good hold on the player. This Anime does not do that. Whether you played the game or not, I think this is just a bad Anime. It’s choppy. It doesn’t hold the attention because of that, because it jumps around like it does. It just feels all out rushed. I would have largely preferred an “adaptation”. Adaptation does not mean direct copy, adaptation means changing it to best fit whatever media you’re adapting it to. If a gamer whines about it not being exactly like the game, then that gamer is probably 14 years old. Learn to calm down and take it for what it is, and let your self, don’t force yourself to, enjoy.


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