Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 04 Review

Slow down… not all of us are as healthy as you

Episode 04 – Hope x and x Ambition

Stage one of the Hunter Exams has started and everyone’s running full blast ahead!

Short Episode Summary

The first part of the first Hunter Exam has started and it consist of simply running to keep up with Satotz, the Examiner. Taunting, revelations and new bonds are created along the way. Many of the examinees give up during the long track and when the group finally reaches the end of the tunnel, they are greeted by a person who claims that Satotz is actually one for the swamp creatures who are known for their deviousness and is trying to lure them to their deaths.

The situation is quickly resolved and the episode ends right when the next stage of the examination starts.


The episode follows Togashi’s manga faithfully and eradicates the whole part about the Rejuvenating Sap that Tompa tricked the gang into believing. Instead, the show follows the manga’s plot line of Kurapica simply asking Leorio of his true reasons behind wanting to be a Hunter whilst they run. The episode covers the second half of chapter 6 til half of chapter 8 of the manga, and episodes 6 to 8 of the ’99 series.

I liked how normal Gon and Kilua acted around all the exhausted bodies of the participants in that scene.

Although the scene with Kurapica and Leorio may have been true to the manga, I felt that whilst it had worked pretty well in the manga, it had not translated across into this series as well. The whole talking whilst running dialogue heavy scene made it quite boring to watch. However, with that being said, a person new to the series might not feel as bothered by it as someone who already knows the plot. I guess it ultimately comes down to one’s perspective. Kilua’s and Gon’s scene was once again dialogue heavy, but this time, it was slightly more interesting due to them avoiding the exhausted bodies of the examinees like nothing mattered. Perhaps it was because of this that this episode felt a tad bland and boring until we got to the end of the tunnel.

Personally, I prefer the sap execution (or some alternative execution instead of a direct copy of the manga) and would have rather a less over-dramatic speech (referring to Leorio and Kurapica) but this also has it’s merits as it sped things up by quite a bit.

Although, the sap scene in the ’99 series had established the dynamics in the relationship and kick start the bad-blood between Gon, Kurapica, Leorio and Kilua against Tompa, episode 3’s scene in the 2011 series about the juice as well as this episode’s rookie killing move executed on Nicolas, managed to portray Tompa’s true personality even if the whole bad relationship between the gang and Tompa have yet to be created. Also, we get to see the trio brothers’ true nature as well, which is something we were not shown so early on in the ’99 series.

I have to say that I am shocked that Nicolas had manage to run such a long distance before even giving up. I would have died after a couple of kilometers. (Yes, I am that unhealthily lazy =P) So kudos to Nicolas’ character for even managing that feat.

Another thing about that scene was that that was the first time (in my opinion) that we see such raw grossness in this 2011 remake. (I know I would not want to see that whilst having breakfast) That scene was definitely not “kiddy-fied” and had retained the same raw essence (sweat is raw, get it? raw essence. haha =_=” sorry for my sudden madness) that was in the manga. This really gives me hope that the previous flower scene with Hisoka was not due to the animators wanting to desaturate the scene but actually to show Hisoka’s magician like abilities, which means that perhaps things might soon change from childish to serious.

Another thing that I had liked about this episode was probably the scene of Gon and Kilua staying behind to look at Leorio. Leorio then picks himself up from the ground and runs full-speed ahead not giving up. For the first time in this show, Leorio does not come across as a weakling but someone who (although he may be weaker than the rest) has a lot of determination in achieving what he wants.

What I had always found funny was the scene with the monkey and the examiner. Instead of worrying about the weird manner in which the examiner hops at, shouldn’t they worry that the guy has no mouth yet is able to talk? =P I mean, the only thing that signals the sound is actually coming from him is the twitching of his mustache (which I find really funny as well).

What I really really really cannot accept and tolerate is the background soundtrack. It is so horrible. I am able to try to be objective and think of the ’99 series as being a separate entity and this is it’s own show but, that sound, wth. I would rather silence that weird bg music since they are in a tunnel afterall. It was so odd, I really could not stand it. Am I the only one who feels that way? It had this Tom and Jerry, Disney’s Fantasia feel to it when the music is meant to be the “dialogue” of the show. It was way over the top dramatic and too chirpy for my liking.

“True men run with their shirts off!
Btw, how is he pinning the number tag to his skin? o_O

Episode Rating: 7/10

Overall, I am starting to enjoy this series and have settled into the show’s style. Sure, it is totally different from the ’99 series, but I guess this version has it’s merits as well. At the very least, this show is a tribute to the manga in it’s execution. There are probably going to be some who won’t be able to accept the new style, but I think the show is still worth giving a shot since we all know that the material that it has to work with is decent. Worse come to worse, you would have the ’99 version to fall back upon. 😉


P.S: How cool was Kilua with the skateboard and Hisoka with his cards eh? =D


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  1. The anime follows the manga accordingly, reason: Togashi is supervising. That makes some things here canon now.

    Except for the bk music that I dont like too, like you I’m getting used to the voices.


    • That makes some things here canon now.

      Okay, I’ve heard that being said a few times now and I’m starting to wonder… What exactly does that mean? Do HxH-fans expect the manga from now on to also reference events that only happened in this new anime-series? Or does it simply make the new anime content acceptable to be taken into consideration for details of the setting?


      • I’m actually starting to appreciate the lighter mood in here because it’s actually a pretty good contrast to the ongoing manga. The bgm seriously needs to feature more somber less happy tracks though, Kurapika’s theme and the song played during Leorio’s background we’re very beautiful though.


      • It means certain things that are out of place could be foreshadowing or retcons requested to be added on his part.

        When Hisoka makes the arms disappear in the manga they’re just gone. No blood, no arms on the ground, nothing. They’re gone without us seeing how it happened. It’s why the supposed censorship was so weird, especially since we saw birds eating the dead body in this episode. In the new anime we actually see them disappear. It’s possible that this is a Nen ability he’s had and we just haven’t seen him use yet, but he’s had all along and did in fact use in this instance in the manga.

        The page in question if any one was curios. Prior to this we just hear a loud scream.

        Personally, I don’t think it matters. The anime is the anime, and the manga is the manga. What happens in the anime does not make anything canon for the manga, however with Togashi supervising its possible that things that occur originally in the anime could be small retcons recommended by him to help smooth things that happen later. For example in the manga Kurapika starts using black contact lenses during the Yorknew City arc, but in the new anime he’s always worn them. It makes more sense that Kurapika would hide his eyes from the start rather then later on.

        So who knows what other small retcons the anime will make along the way. I’m quite interested myself. So far the upsetting fact that Gon has yet to mention Kite, whose flashback has confirmed to just have been moved a bit, has been the only substantial change from the manga. Also the beast survived in this episode, which was not really a big deal. Hisoka kills it while it runs in the manga.


  2. I’m starting to think that i really should start reading the manga from the start. Well like you, i’m starting to get used to this version of the anime. I kind of got bored though with them running for the first half of the episode. Haha. 😛 But as for the other parts, i’m kinda cool with it. especially when Killua got off of that skateboard looking cool and awesome.

    I also liked the Nicolas-breaking-down-part for as you said the graphics used to show it was not very kiddie stuff so i guess it shows that this wouldn’t try to alleviate the not so kiddie friendly parts of the manga, which is a good thing. All in all, i am very excited to see the next episode. 😀


    • It might be a bit of a shock to read the manga (I know that I was shocked since I had not expected it to be so diff from what I had seen in the ’99 series) but definitely give it a try. It can only help. =)

      “All in all, i am very excited to see the next episode. :D”

      I know! I wanna see them actually showing their skills. =D


  3. I hate background music too -__- I just feel it off, i didn’t even realized the previous bm was so good, I mean I don’t want it to be the same but they could have done a better job, this bm music doesn’t go well with the mood, apart from that I really love the new anime in the old series I didn’t like wuen leorio was recued, it was his fight if he couldn’t passed it then that means he doesn’t have the capacity, but this chap follows the manga which a like it more! loving killua and hisoka again *-*


    • “it was his fight if he couldn’t passed it then that means he doesn’t have the capacity, but this chap follows the manga which a like it more! ”

      Yup, I was also not too happy about it but I did like the fact that in the ’99 scene we got more information out of their past than the snippet in this.

      “loving killua and hisoka again *-*”



  4. wow. the new hunter x hunter really follows the manga unlike the 1999 version which they made a little bit boring because of the unnecessary scenes that they put.


    • “wow. the new hunter x hunter really follows the manga unlike the 1999 version ”

      Yup, they sure did!

      “which they made a little bit boring because of the unnecessary scenes that they put.”

      Well, the ’99 had its good and bad moments and so does this version. =/ Some things are too undeveloped for my taste in the 2011 version, but at the same time, there were some things that were too slow in the ’99 version.

      What they need is a 2020 version that combines the best of both worlds. =P


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      boring is a harsh word : ) there’s actually pretty good parts in it, and having a different version is not really that bad.. i mean, you get to expect something entirely different than what you already know in the manga, which makes you practically excited. It’ll be bad if it was executed really bad, but the thing is, it was not, well, that is of course in my case.

      that’s my problem in reading a manga, It’s like I can’t watch the anime version anymore since i know already what will happen, there will be a slight changes, yes. but unlike how hxh was done long ago that they really did an entire different scenario to flesh out it’s scenes, isn’t that a really good idea? plus, it didn’t really affect how we see the anime isn’t it? Like how the sap part that was gone in the new series, the point was to let the viewers see Leorio & kurapica’s past, which wasn’t really off the track, but in the old version, it was made more nicer, since they did an effort in highlighting them.

      Actually I admire hunter x hunter’s ’99 version, if only some directors are like that : ) i can enjoy reading and watching at the same time, well, that is of course if they can make it even more better than the manga itself.

      but of course even if I said that, it’s also unfair for the writer himself, If I were to write a manga and the animation was somewhat different, it’ll really affect me. So yeah, but if my manga is loved, i’ll eventually accept it maybe, just like togashi did? or i dunno. haha.


    • Well, i’ll defend the 99 version in being boring. It may be different from the manga but it gave the series a little spice. Like what they did with the sap part from the 99 series. It presented Kurapica and Leorio’s pasts in a different manner and gave it a little spice. It was very presented nicely, which was good, because despite them going off course from the manga, they did it in a way that the viewers will enjoy and well for me, it kinda made me more attached to the characters. 🙂 I actually prefer that sap part in comparison with just listening to their stories while they were running. It’s not just more visually appealing but also not boring.

      Well there were really some slow parts with the 99 series, but having a faster pace like in this one made me feel detached from the characters well, in my case that is. Because some of the character development came from that slower parts of the 99 series i believe. But i have to admit, the part where they showed Kurapica’s training of learning Nen was as boring as hell. -___-” That’s the only part of the series that i always skip whenever i re-watch the 99 series. Well i don’t know if that’s how it is in the manga but it really was boring. 😛


      • I feel like the original was typically TOO slow at times, though. Keep in mind that both series air weekly, so imagine going through the episodes of the 1999 series week-by-week instead of watching them in a marathon. It took over a month’s worth of episodes for the characters to even reach the Hunter Exam; it took the 1999 series two entire months to reach where this series already is at.


    • back then I didnt think it was boring because I watched it on tv and it was daily, so for me it was very interesting getting to know them more, but yeah if you see chaps weekly it’s really boring I mean it’s a week! I love 99s but I love this one too!! and think each one have its flaws and good points


  5. I’m liking the slight change in tone in this ep, its still seems very light-hearted, but the seen with the birds eating the corpse gives me hope (ironic) that there will be some tension and excitement coming up. I’ve said it before, but this is my first time being exposed to the material, so with respect to that I can’t say I take issue with the music or the voices, I actually like Leorio’s voice, because it reminds me of Wild Tiger, I should look that up to see if its the same guy, but I digress.
    Up until the run out of the tunnel ended, I found the episode slow, but still interesting enough with the way the conversations were mixed in to explain their back stories. Since I didn’t know to start with, that scene wasn’t lost on me, and therefore saved it from being a boring episode entirely for me personally. I would’ve liked to see more than a 60ish mile run happen, but you mentioned in the review that it covered more than one episode of the first anime, so I guess I can’t complain about the pacing now. Overall I like the series as a break from some of the other more tense series I keep up with, and while this does begin to cover some more mature topics (genocide, bullying, poverty, healthcare, etc.) the tone is still to light for it to have much of an impact beyond what it is at face value, at this point in the series.


    • “I would’ve liked to see more than a 60ish mile run happen, but you mentioned in the review that it covered more than one episode of the first anime, so I guess I can’t complain about the pacing now. ”

      Lol, well, I the entire run wasn’t the real issue for me, the whole lack of “creativity” made it boring. =P Not saying that it is a plot or script issue, those are fine, just merely visually boring. =/

      “Overall I like the series as a break from some of the other more tense series I keep up with”

      Like Mawaru? =P


      • lol, those penguins are the prime reasons for my tension for sure, but future diary is also getting up there, something about the crazy chick makes me think that that show is gonna be unpredictable, even though they can see the future on their cellphones.
        After those 2 I think the other series this season are more comprehensive and mentally taxing in that respect (fate/zero; Persona4), and then pure fun (boku wa tomodachi, ben-to). Hunter is a good balance, its kinda nice to have an episode end and then have it not linger around in your mind because it ended on such a cliffhanger, or the plot is just that intricate… Marawu and Future diary this week particularly…Marawu every week particularly lol


      • “something about the crazy chick makes me think that that show is gonna be unpredictable”

        I liked this week’s episode’s ending, made me see the show in a different light.

        “boku wa tomodachi, ben-to”

        Yup, those are good mindless entertainment. ^-^v

        “Marawu every week particularly lol”

        Is there even any doubt about that? =P


  6. The musics are so bad I cant even imagine them fitting the Chimera Ant’s arc with[spoiler] everyone dying.


  7. somebody like me who just starting to watch this anime and never watch the older version before; I find out that the anime is very straight forward…if compare to the anime that i currently watch, Naruto Shippuuden


    • “if compare to the anime that i currently watch, Naruto Shippuuden”

      Actually, to Naruto’s benefit, it started out pretty decently and then it got too famous for its own good and became a cash cow. =/ But like you said, Shuppuuden still suffers from that issue but no where near as back as the crazy filler period that Naruto had.


  8. yey, episode 4 tv ratings is higher it got 4.5% and #11 on top anime weekly in Japan. keep up the good work!!!


  9. where is the new Hunter X Hunter manga site?


  10. they ruined hunter x hunter with this new awful version .
    the old version is the only real and legal version for me.


  11. This website is great 484a777c092321e114d855490743d63b


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