Kimi to Boku – 04 Impression

Kaname: ‘When will I get my episode?’

Episode 04

This episode finally focuses on the mysterious bespectacled character – Kaname. =D


The mood of the show has surprisingly picked up and is reaching a nice balance of being relaxing whilst entertaining at the same time. The comedy is not over-the-top but still humorous enough to keep a smile on your face (although there were couple of dull moments). I have to say that whilst I was merely smiling at most of the things, the scene with Kaname’s mother made me laugh out loud. =D It was quite an unexpected moment.

This show has placed a huge focus on sentimentality and it is no surprise that the same goes for this episode; with us learning more about Kaname’s past and his love for older/mature women. 😉 Although I am not a fan of flashbacks when it is overused or inappropriately used, this technique has become a signature style for this show and every week we are shown a snippet of the past revolving around the group. What I had liked about it is that it shows us the difference in the group dynamics before Tachibana entered and after he joins the group. I still have no idea what the point of the little girl is as she seems so random to me.

This episode is also the first time that we actually get to see the whole group together doing their thing and we are shown the way things work amongst them. The twins are starting to make their stereo-typical anime-twins behaviour more obvious and Tachibana is naturally the clown of the show. Because of the fact that previously most of the comedy revolved around the main characters, it was funny to see Kaname’s mother take part in it their jest of Kaname. =) (I liked how they made him so flustered and annoyed)

I was kinda shocked having seen the younger version of Kaname with such an unexpected “punk-like” attitude, but I actually quite liked the fact that he was acting his age (which is something that most shows tend to fail at doing – the children are either too immature or too mature to be believable).

I think that as of yet, the only character whom I do not really feel anything towards is Shun (little girl does not count as I fail to see her importance as of yet =P). Shun comes across too girly for my liking, it is not merely the fact that he looks the part but the fact that he actually acts the part as well, it feels so odd to watch that when I am so confused what that boy is meant to be. Also, the whole dating thing and making Shun a girl was a bit odd but hey, it was orchestrated by Tachibana, so no shock there. =P

Oh, and the music this episode was awesome! No english song! (just the guitar riffs) *dances in joy* To me that song was the thing that brought the show down, the song itself is nice but it is the English in it that I am unable to stand. =P

Overall, the Kimi to Boku is quickly growing to be my favourite mid-week series with it’s laid-back tones and light comedy. This episode proves that perhaps the series had merely gotten off to a rocky start but is now finally growing into its own with each episode being better than the last.

Episode Rating: 7/10 – a nice solid 7 for this episode =D

Oh how I long to be able to be as lazy as this cat…

Cat Count This Week:

We see the same cat 5 times before mid ep, and 2 different cats after that. (Am not sure if I am missing others because I think I merely counted the lonecat scenes.) How many did you count?
(P.S: I ain’t no mathematician so forgive my error with the counting if it is wrong. =P)



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  1. I got 7 cats too!

    I’m starting to revise my opinion on Kimi to Boku, that episode was quite entertaining. I even smiled.


  2. I counted three different cats (did not count multiple times for the same cat).


  3. Yay! So this tells us that we are all able to count! =D (Either that or we are all unable to count)

    I think that the whole cat counting thing makes the show that much more interactive and interesting. =P Am not sure if that is the point of the show though. (Anyone knows if this cat thing was part of the manga as well?)


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