Chihayarufu – 04 Review

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Episode 04 – A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends

Sigh, I was expecting it (am referring to Wataya) but I had hoped that that wouldn’t have been the case.

This episode finally leaves the past behind and brings us back to the present and it’s the first time we get to see all 3 main characters on screen as young adults.

Short Summary

The show brings us back to the present with this episode. Chihaya is still on her quest to get the group back together and she makes a bet with Taichi – if she wins the upcoming tournament, he would have to join the Karuta club at their high school which she is trying to set up. Also, through winning this tournament, Chihaya will finally be a Class A player and would have fulfilled her promise to Wataya and be one step closer to having all 3 of them together playing Karuta once more.

After finally winning the tournament, Chihaya makes a call to Wataya’s home to share the news. Wataya picks up the phone and tells Chihaya never to talk about Karuta and to leave him be.


I knew that Wataya had quit Karuta and was going to end up becoming some emo character ever since we had heard what Chihaya had said in episode 1. However, I had held out hope that I was wrong about it.

We finally get to see a glimpse of Wataya all grown up (although we are not really shown his face), sadly, he is as gloomy at the atmosphere that surrounds him and all the joy was sucked out of the show the moment he appeared. I am assuming that Wataya has some deep dark secret that resulted him in quiting Karuta and when it finally gets revealed I am hopping I won’t be rolling my eyes at the reason. The whole segment had me reminded of Naruto. You know what I mean, what with Sasuke being all dark and gloomy (can’t tolerate his twisted attitude), and we have Naruto who will tries to reunite everyone. Although we have yet to see that actually happen in this series, I have a gut feeling that it is going to play out to be one a story along those lines. The upside to having Wataya appear back on screen is that we get to hear Hosoya Yoshimasa voice, he was the VA for Nezumi from BONES’ No.6 last season. =D

Grown up Taichi also gets a decent amount of screen time in this episode and I happy for that because we get to hear Miyano Mamoru. =D I just love his voice.

This show in general does not leave me to much to talk about as whatever I have to say would have already been covered within the first few episodes.

How is his eyebrows bushy? It doesn’t look bushy at all…

What did leave me annoyed was the animation. Although it still holds it’s charm, there were too many moments of still frames that made it feel like time was standing still. What I am glad for though, was that the Karuta scene was not as overplayed as I had expected it to be. I had thought that there would be this “mahou shoujo transformation” moment with Chihaya covered in a pink glow (similar to episode 2). =P

The background music, although a tad over-the-top, made the scenes feel more grand than what one would have expected. I guess since it is a game about poems, one has to do what they can to make things interesting for the viewer. I mean, what sort of brand promotion would they be able to accomplish if the viewer were asleep? =P Who would remember Godiva Chocolates if you had not seen the show because your eyes were closed? Oh wait, even with my eyes opened I only saw the word Godi since the rest were blocked by trees. =D That was a funny moment. I know that they did not have the permission to use the name but I thought that they would have done what most anime do and simply change it to Govida or Jodiva or some sort of obvious relation instead of blocking it out and having Taichi stutter the name. =P

I am glad that Chihaya has matured somewhat whilst still retaining her key personality attributes. As for Taichi, I think that boy should be smacked for dating someone whom he does not even really care too much about. I am hoping that the next episode will cover Arata’s current situation and why he was walking around his house in the dark like a vampire with such a gloomy attitude.

The episode was pretty entertaining overall and there were a few funny moments in it. Most of the episode was focused on the Karuta battle and I could not help but laugh at the fact that the show has evolved from Ninja Stars (as M0rg0th had referred to it in a previous review) to war cries being screamed out loud. I soon expect people to be throwing punches or to bleed out on the mats. One thing that I am confused about Karuta is whether the poems actually changed or if the only changing factor are the locations of the poems in each round.

Although I did have fun, I am no longer as sure if the series would be as good as I had thought it may have turned out to be.

Episode Rating: 7/10 – There have been quite a few good episodes this week and this episode does not leave that much of an impression on me, it is probably because the pacing is a tad slow.


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  1. The thing about Chihayafuru is that I just don’t see it bringing something new to the table. Karuta is not a very interesting side-element largely because the nature of the game is not very exciting. Also, the karuta games are so bland and the sequences are so shonen-esque. It’s just hard to believe someone uses a trump card (like in Yu-Gi-Oh or Duel Masters) in a memory-card game. And using the trump card, the Chihaya card, to win was just overkill for me.

    Apart from that, they need to really spice things up. Arata quitting karuta was something that could be seen from a mile away, so they need to mess around with the relationships to make it fresh. Otherwise, it’s just…meh.


    • “And using the trump card, the Chihaya card, to win was just overkill for me. ”

      I know what I mean, I really didn’t get the whole part. It felt stupid. It is at best merely a game of reaction and who has the quickest response when it comes to that card. =/ I really wished that they had done something different to it. (not in the whole pink glow way, just something…more?)

      “so they need to mess around with the relationships to make it fresh. Otherwise, it’s just…meh.”

      I am thinking that they should leave Arata out of the picture and perhaps focus on Chihaya building her Kurata club at school =/ Arata can come back into the picture at a later time since I honestly feel that whatever his reasons for quitting kurata are, it is going to result in something melodramatic.


  2. tsubaki.seishuu

    I’m wondering about the game too, since I am new to it I was thinking that the 100 poems are shuffled and they only get 50 to arrange it in any way that they can remember easily where its placed.

    I like taichi too : / but the girlfriend == i was expecting someone who is errr.. more pretty?

    and about sasuke ugh T.T someone who understands.


    • “I like taichi too : / but the girlfriend == i was expecting someone who is errr.. more pretty?”

      Hahaha, I thought that she was ugly too but didn’t want to be so mean. Then again, in that world where Taichi’s eyebrows are meant to be bushy when it is so not, one can never tell how beautiful the characters really are.

      “and about sasuke ugh T.T someone who understands.”



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