UN-GO – 03 Review

Episode 03

Finally, we have ourselves a story that will span across more than one episode.

The plot of this episode is probably the most intriguing one for me thus far and it doesn’t hurt that there is no rush in finishing this case within the time span of one episode.


I have a few random things to say first before I get into the reivew, Fumihiko sounds like a girl. He is a guy right? I was just a bit shocked at his voice. Rie makes a reappearance and I still don’t really like her, I am just wondering what her character is meant to do but shall dwell on that some other time.

I must admit that I had been really focused on the whole detective/mystery element of the series the last couple of weeks and have neglected to take note of the other interesting aspects of the show. After 3 weeks of watching this show, we are finally able to see that the show does not revolve around the mysteries but rather, the mysteries revolve around the post-war state of Japan and the way the system is like with a huge emphasis being placed on information.

We are shown the way the UN-GO society works through the murder cases and from looking at things from that perspective, I have come to really like the show a lot more.

The first episode had made clear the fact that Kaishou controls the truth and plays a big part in deciding what information gets released to the public and what doesn’t. The second episode showed us that even the information that is spread around the net is being monitored and controlled by the government. This episode breaks away from the episodic pattern but once again brings to light the Privacy Information Act and how active the government is at keeping a tight reign on what information is released to the public.

I really like the idea of the government controlling the people like puppets by feeding them only the information that they are allowed to know whilst also removing all information that is unwanted at the same time. It is similar to conditioning the people to act in a certain manner isn’t it? It is pretty much PR taken to the extreme and it makes me question how much of what we know in our current society is reflected in this series. I mean, most of our secondhand knowledge comes from what people wants us to know.

The whole situation over the information in this series seem to have been derived as a preventive measure against war and can be seen as a reaction to the war prior to the start of the series. However, there is no solid proof that this was not already the case before the war had taken place, all I can see from the series is that the war had made the government up their restraints on information.

Damn, Inga is really tall in quite a scary way.

I think that I have mentioned before that I had found Inga to be funny, and he is definitely my favorite character of this series. His character does not only bring comedy to his serie, but the comedy that he brings is through his unconventional behavior. The way he acts goes against “common courtesies” and it is because of this that I find it funny as it contrast with the whole idea of controlled and being “conditioned” to act a certain way or believe in certain things. I might be reaching with my outlook on what Inga’s character is, but this is merely how I feel about what his character brings to this show.

Back to Rie, the instant “bond” with Shinjurou was weird in episode one and it was even weirder in the episode when she had said that she would go against her father and be so obvious about it.

I, however, liked the fact that she finds ways around rules as oppose to actually breaking them. Perhaps this is the reason why she feels like fighting against her father who covers up the truth. But isn’t this funny? Bending the rules and hiding information is not really against the law, simply different approaches to doing things and getting what they want. Perhaps it is morally wrong to withhold information, but that comes down to the whole idea of Morals/Justice vs Balance/Peace and what sort of sacrifices are made in the process.

The whole paper bag on the head with an eye on it reminded me of ‘Tomodachi’ from 20th Century Boys. Was I the only one who felt that way?

Onto the actual mystery of the show, this episode was probably not as blatant with it’s clue dropping as the previous 2 episodes but it was still quite easy to guess that Kazamori was an Artificial Intelligence. Did you guess that too?

When I was watching the whole scene with Kazamori on fire, I was wondering why no one had bothered to go to his rescue and why he was not dropping and rolling on the floor to stop the flames from burning him. However, the revelation at the end of the show had answered my question and I had found that detail quite interesting because I had honestly thought it was a mistake on the script writers’ part and did not for a moment considered the fact that it was actually a clue.

Kazamori’s autopsy or the preliminary check on the body should have made known the fact that it was an AI and not a human who was in the explosion. Which begs this question: Was someone killed whilst masquerading as Kazamori or was this a big coverup and Kaishou had already known the truth from the beginning. If he had known the truth, then this makes the 3rd case in a row where he has withhold information. Then I can’t help by question the length of which Kaishou is willing to go to implement his Information Privacy Act as he goes one step further by accusing someone else of the deed in this episode and pushes the blame onto someone else (his tactics have been escalating with each episode).

Overall, this was a good episode that I had really enjoyed. This series is one of my favourites of the season and looking at the show from a different perspective is really making me love this show even more (I admit that this was the viewpoint that I should have seen the show from since the beginning, but I got hung up on the whole mystery/detective element). I can’t wait to see the next episode!

Episode Rating: 8/10


This review was longer than I thought it was going to be, am sorry if I ranted a tad. =)

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  1. I am beginning to adore this series, if for nothing else then their self declaration in the next-ep-preview (forgot what it’s called !) of what case stories to read up on. The OP and ED music are really good, hummable even – a which is a good thing to remind me to watch the week’s ep. UN-GO is beginning to take PenguinDrum’s place on my watch-list coz I have no idea what is going on that show anymore !


    • “UN-GO is beginning to take PenguinDrum’s place on my watch-list coz I have no idea what is going on that show anymore !”

      LOL. Oh no! Don’t give up on Penguindrum! I am sure everything will fall into place soon! =D Have yet to see this weeks episode of PD but this weeks ep of UN-GO was good. =)


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