Winter 2011/2012 Anime v2 and Trailers

Hi all! It’s been awhile since I last did a “news” type post.

It is partly due to the fact that there isn’t really any extremely exciting news out, the other part is the fact that the list of anime to review for Fall never seem to get any shorter. =P Everytime I think that I have some down time, another anime would pops up. Well, I am not really complaining about it since it is fun to write up the reviews. =) Okay, moving on from my rant…

Animucharts has released their second version of their infographic chart for the Winter 2011/2012 Anime.

There doesn’t seem like there is too many drastic changes made to it. So to spice things up,  I have decided to do a search and have added the trailers that are currently out to this post.


[Click image to enlarge]


[Click image to enlarge]

Here are some of the trailers that are currently out:

Happy Watching!

Berserk: Golden Age I – Egg of the Supreme King

Black Rock Shooter


Mouretsu Pirates

The quality of the video is crap but if you mute it you can enjoy some of the visuals =P

Rinne no Lagrange


Kill Me Baby!

Another PV that is not of proper quality. The animation of this series looks odd in it. =_=” Reminds me of a coloring book.

High School DxD

K-On! Movie

.hack // The Movie

I think the OVA that I am looking forward to the most has got to be the Major OVA. I just love that series. T^T Sadly that is meant to be the last anime for the Major series. I am hoping that wouldn’t be the case. =(

Well, I hope you enjoyed watching those trailesr. Hopefully this post would have made your life slightly easier by saving you the time you would have spent on searching for trailers.


Question of the Day

What is your most memorable Halloween experience?

If you don’t celebrate Halloween where you live, then the question is, what is the most memorable festive holiday experience?

Since I grew up in Singapore, a place that doesn’t really take to celebrating Halloween (until recently), the best experience was when I went with my cousin and brother to visit our neighbours. One neighbour didn’t have any sweets prepared so they ended up inviting us in for ice cream (yes kids, that is how you get murdered and abandoned in a forested area). That was hilarious but the best was when one guy gave us cash as he did not have any candy at home ^-^ (Hey, who cares if it is not the “tradition” to accept cash, we were kids and we were happy. Heh =P)


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  1. Nisemonogatari! X-D

    My most memorable Halloween experience is borderline incriminatory . 😀


  2. We … battled with the village delinquents for candies.
    We ended up civically sharing.

    I have kind of a very weak impression of the winter season right now. But I know I’ll still end up watching half of the shows anyway so …


    • “We … battled with the village delinquents for candies.”

      I remember you said you lived 1 hr away from a big grocery, and now you are fighting over candles. I suddenly feel like you are actually living some murderous woods somewhere out there. =P

      “We ended up civically sharing. ”

      And by sharing you mean you killed them and took the candles right? =D j/k

      “I have kind of a very weak impression of the winter season right now. But I know I’ll still end up watching half of the shows anyway so …

      Awwww… not even looking forward to Another? Its Horror if I am not wrong. =P I am still in search for a good Horror series to make up for the missing space left behind by Ghost Hunt. =P


  3. another anime when PV that anime release ???


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