Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 05 Impression

Episode 05 – Now SAGA is Locked On in Full Battle ヽ(`Д´)ノ

What a disappointing episode.

This was probably the weakest episode thus far, and I was honestly looking forward to seeing this episode and getting some laughs out of it. =(

Sadly, instead of laughter, my fears of this show have come true.


There is a new addition to the club this week – Kodaka’s sister, Kobato.

As the club gets bigger and bigger, the comedy is slowly becoming lesser and lesser.

The series is starting to turn into a normal harem series with small comical moments appearing every now and then, and I am really starting to feel quite sad. Everyone seems to be developing some sort of infatuation with Kodaka for no apparent reason and now they are even throwing the brother complex trope into the mix. Honestly, this show wants to have their hands in all the honey pots eh?

Although I had really liked Kobato’s character and her eccentric way of speaking due to her obsession with the vampires, I didn’t really felt like her character was a strong enough to justify her becoming a main character of the series.

This episode was also missing the comedy that I have come to love in the series and I feel like this is all to do with the large amount of main characters. Due to this increase of characters, the amount of time spent on each individual character is reduced and we are now only given a short snippet of the interaction between certain pairs whilst the others fall into the background.

Another reason as to why I didn’t enjoy this episode was because I really hate Maria. She annoys the hell out of me and I really can’t tolerate her character, especially her voice. =/

However, there were some positives and that is that this episode was similar to what we had seen in episode 2 with the whole gaming situation. Although there wasn’t as much comedy, the few comical moments that did happen mainly came out of Kodaka’s perdicament and the interaction between Sena and Yozora, which makes me wonder, why bother with the other characters as these three were enough to entertain us anyway? I mean, the other club members seem to be having trouble integrating themselves into the co-existing group of “friends”. I know that this is the first episode since the new character introductions in the last episode so I should give the show some time to focus on introducing the various characters into the club and cementing their place within the group dynamics. However, I am impatient and I really liked the show because of the comical moments that the writers seem to have difficulty managing due to the new dynamics.

The upside to the episode was Sena’s and Yozora’s outfits. Sena’s outfit was as good as having her naked. It barely covered anything. =P As for Yozora, I liked the fact that she actually enjoyed wearing that rose outfit, who would’ve thought eh? =D

Then we have Kodaka’s statement about the Warasubou. I loved how they had played out that cliche moment about not harming the Warasubou because they were simply being discriminated against, and then instantly it had turned into an all out brawl because everyone choose to ignore what he had said and act out of their own reasons. =D The best highlight of the show though was when Maria had fallen asleep. =P

I thought I was watching Ben-To when I had seen this scene. That series is haunting my mind. =P

Episode Rating: 6/10 – Disappointing but not terrible

Overall, I feel that unless the series starts to focus more on episodes with a couple of characters instead of having everyone around, the show might lose its charm for me. I had liked the randomness of the characters and their behaviours, but when they are in such a big group, you lose out on many of those moments. =(

-ra (Am so sleepy, sorry if I am even less coherent than usual)

Have you guys seen this site yet?

Take This Lollipop

Also, curious about how a Warasubou looks like in real life?

They are really quite ugly and scary =S

I am off to sleep for now! Until the new review/impression! =D


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  1. I’m going to actually disagree on this one, I didn’t think the episode was quite that bad lol. Some of the jokes were pretty quick though, and most of them did involve timing similar to the warasubou thing, so they might have gotten repetitive I agree. (btw those things look like the alien, from the alien movies). Some random bits that I found funny was the “LargeHard” logo on the gaming equipment, the whole wizard costume explanation; ‘being a virgin until 30 grants magical powers’, and I can’t be sure but it seemed as though they were poking at “The Sacred Blacksmith” anime with Sena’s explanation of what she thought that class’ powers are going to be.

    I’ll agree that yea, its gotten even more Haremy now that they brought the little vampire into the club, but I think aside from her and the mini nun, none of the other girls’ affections were highlighted. I thought they struck an decent balance, at least this episode, between highlighting their affections on the one hand, and then focusing on their own rivalries that have nothing to do with him. I’ll also agree those parts with Sena and Yozora, were the better ones, and that the new characters aren’t as interesting yet. The science girl was more of a convenient way to bring a new videogame into the mix, while the man?maid was just there taking up the screen. The mini nun did sort of move that part of the plot forward so that the vampire could have a reason to join, but overall you’re right that the those initial 3 members could carry the show.

    Those warasubou things really look like they wanna pop out of someone chest, seriously lol


    • The episode wasn’t bad, just that I did not enjoy it as much as usual. =D

      “(btw those things look like the alien, from the alien movies).”

      I know! And that also reminds me of the image that I had in my mind whenever the French Bulldog at my work place would cry. He sounds like an alien when he cries. I would put a sound clip of it if I can capture one on tape. It is quite weird.

      “The mini nun did sort of move that part of the plot forward so that the vampire could have a reason to join, but overall you’re right that the those initial 3 members could carry the show.”

      Haha, she is not really useless but I just don’t like her character. =P It is such a ridiculous character that really doesn’t make any sense. I would much rather see more of the scientist and her fetish =D

      “Those warasubou things really look like they wanna pop out of someone chest, seriously lol”

      They scare me. Now I know where does designers for those alien shows get their inspiration from. Talk about the ocean being a scary and unknown place.


  2. Solid points. You’re right – with the extra characters the show’s dynamic has lost its momentum and balance.

    So I watch this episode right before I go to sleep — which helps turn off the critical portion of my brain so I just relax and enjoy the dumb jokes.

    Chuckled a bunch of times, so this episode did its job.


    • “Chuckled a bunch of times, so this episode did its job.”

      Well, I guess I did chuckle too, so it sort of did it’s job. I was hoping for more ridiculous scene though, but the whole 30 year old virgin thing was pretty funny. =D


  3. As long as they give me my share of Kobato+Sena goodness I’ll be happy about it…:P


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