Mirai Nikki – 05 Review

Not funny? I’m sorry. =P

Episode 05 – Voice Memo

This was another solid episode for Mirai Nikki.

I can still remember how uninterested I had felt when I had seen the first couple of episodes of Mirai Nikki, but for the last 3 weeks, each episode has been better than the last. I guess by rule of majority, this show is definitely one to watch this season.

I just realized how many naked characters there were in this episode.


Despite the lack of exploration about Yuno’s psychotic side (as compared to last episode), the shift in the character dynamics more than made up for in entertainment value. One can have too much of a good thing after all, so perhaps an episode that is focused on a different and “softer” side of Yuno was just what I had needed.

Although nothing about the characters was ever set in stone, this week had managed to shake things up with the evil nature of Tsubaki coming into the light. To add to that is the questionable notion of whether Minene and Kurusu are good or bad. Judging by Hirasaka’s exclamation of having saved Minene due to “righteousness” coupled with Minene questioning the agenda behind Kurusu’s actions, one can safely assume that that guy is bound to be bad news and Minene is going to turn into an unwilling-hero character. =P

I know that none of these character developments were surprisingly or out-of-the-blue since enough hints were dropped throughout the last few episodes about the characters’ questionable actions. However, I still enjoyed watching the way the dynamics in this game works and how this episode had played it out so nicely due to its well-timed pacing.

On the note of pacing, I really love the way the episode doesn’t have a dull moment in it. The pacing is just right with constant revelations coming to the front and the overall plot also moves forward in this episode with the death of 12th and 6th. At the rate the show is going, I am not too worried about the series being unable to wrap everything up in this episode.

One of the biggest things that is carrying this series for me, is the characters and their past. Every main player has an interesting personality with the exception of the Third (he pretty much died before being able to do much, so can’t blame him for it). I really liked how this series constantly leaves me disturbed and uncomfortable while watching it. The biggest selling point of this series for me is not the Battle Royal but the characters themselves. The way the 6th’s past had played out definitely made it uneasy for me to watch and although her character was killed off in this episode, and it might have been unnecessary to have spent time developing her past, I did appreciate the fact that her actions and her character was explained to us and that everything wasn’t merely written off as something of no importance. The flashback had provided a connection to the audience that made her death deliver a bigger impact on our minds. The whole concept of the seen world vs the unseen world was also another nice touch.

Yuno, the cold serial killer

Then we have the 12rh. I totally love his randomness and the way the different suspense-filled scenes were broken up with his light comical moments. I couldn’t help but laugh at the power ranger moment that he had. Although he had did quite abruptly, his death had added to Yuno’s character development by showing us that she is not a mere pyscho but has the brains to go with it too. =P Oh, and naturally, it had also showed us Yuno’s undying love for wimpy Yuki.

Now what sort of review would this be if I did not touch on our main lead Yuki?

There was a moment in the episode where I had went “Oh no…” because Yuki had decided to turn into the typical wimpy main lead by whining about being unable to save anyone. I know I know, Yuki’s wimpiness is nothing new. However, with that having been said, the fact is that although Yuki had always been a wimp, he was a character that had broken away from the generic mold by actually being totally self-centered and inconsiderate of others. Now before you start accusing me of anything, I have to say that I had panicked for only a moment. Why you ask? Because the rest of the episode had done nicely in showing us Yuki’s internal turmoil and the fact that he wasn’t a instant ‘zero to hero’ character. Yuki had his moments in the past that showed his “proactive side” when he had attacked Minene and the 3rd. However, this was the first time that he is putting his life at risk for someone other than himself. I think that this is the first time in the series where I actually love the constant internal monologue that shows us Yuki’s uncertainty and insecure nature, it definitely provides a different angle on things and an insight to the highly unnerving main character (which I enjoy teasing).

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Overall, it was a good episode that shows us the shift in the dynamics of the characters between the “good vs bad” nature of things. Despite not being able to fangirl over Yuno’s psychotic breaks, I still enjoyed the episode and this was a surprisingly emotional episode to watch. The downside of the episode? When Yuki realises how much Yuno cares for him and decides to protect her. I can’t take that guy seriously and found that scene a hilarious to watch (for all the wrong reasons). =P


This was meant to be an impression but I kinda got long winded and chattered on. =_=”

I guess this answers the Happy End issue. =)

Question of the Day:

What do you think of how the 6th had turned out because of her past?
(I am interested in your take on her character =) )

I liked the bittersweet manner in which 6th had died – with the object that had lead to her lost of innocence playing a part in her death. I don’t really blame her for how twisted she had turned out since she felt like a person who was angry with the world and she has a relatively justifiable reason for feeling that way.


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  1. lol I love the part where sixth kisses Yuki to piss off Yuno then wonders why her dead end hasn’t be revoked yet. Yuno goes apeshit and would’ve killed her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABs0KwnQohc


    • “lol I love the part where sixth kisses Yuki to piss off Yuno then wonders why her dead end hasn’t be revoked yet.”

      Definitely agree with you on that part when Yuno went nuts, but I had expected something more drastic in her reaction. (Like a really creepy moment or something) But I guess Yuno was tired so I can’t blame her for not being at her peak performance level. =P


  2. I liked this episode, but it was disturbing to say the least, it beats Marawu on the ‘wtf’ factor this week for sure. I think I ended up wanting 12th’s character to the longer than he did even before we got to the plot twist with 6th. Her story was probably the hardest thing to watch, and more disturbing when you take into account there was none of that hypnotism involved, and then her trying to recreate that on Yuno as bait pushed the tension completely through the roof. Like Marawu, there was a very real possibility that it was going to happen.

    Aside from that, the dynamic shift was kinda nice, Yuno is still clearly insane, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a second motivation there. Yuki probably isn’t going to be calling her crazy anymore lol, but I don’t mind, I think they made her a likeable character this episode, even with the psycho-ness. Yay for the happy end resolution also, it was one question answered nicely.

    Its hard to hate 6th after that kind of past, but she was in the way and I think having her die wasn’t as sad for the character as having her entire cult use her. Even if she had lived and escaped like Minene, she would have be a depressing character for the rest of the series, it’s hard not to say that her issues come from her cult upbringing. I think it would have been more satisfying if she had gotten some sort of revenge on the people responsible, but I don’t think it would have been able to impact the story much more.

    Soo, just for fun I searched the manga for this chapter to see if anything had changed, specifically to see if Yuno was originally passed around the cult (she wasn’t) and I read through the next few chapters, a few random ones in the middle, and the ending. I still don’t have any real answers from skipping around like that but I did pick up on the fact that the series is going to need more than 12 episodes to not have a rushed ending. Each chapter was around 30ish pages and there were around 60 chapters. This episode just covered around chapter 9 or 10; from what I read in the middle section there is more in this series to look forward to and it seems as though it would really need more episodes to develop it properly. Hopefully I’m wrong on that, but I can see myself trying to find the point where it breaks off from the manga and then reading the rest of the manga from there, if it gets an original or rushed ending. I almost never read manga on purpose =P


    • “Each chapter was around 30ish pages and there were around 60 chapters. This episode just covered around chapter 9 or 10; ”

      That’s crap. I was hoping that everything would be wrapped up nicely since characters are dying left right and center but I guess I shouldn’t be surprise that it wouldn’t be such a straight forward series. =)

      “Its hard to hate 6th after that kind of past, but she was in the way and I think having her die wasn’t as sad for the character as having her entire cult use her. ”

      True, like you had said, it would be nice for her to get some revenge but I think this series is anything but nice. =P I definitely tries it’s best to move away from the whole “happily ever after, the end” sort of situation. I have a feeling that the happiest moment that this show will have would be something similar to the bittersweet moment of the 6th’s death. =/

      “Yuki probably isn’t going to be calling her crazy anymore lol, ”

      Hey, it’s Yuki. That boy clearly has issues.

      “to recreate that on Yuno as bait pushed the tension completely through the roof. Like Marawu, there was a very real possibility that it was going to happen. ”

      And I do agree with you on that. There was definitely a moment where I thought Yuno was really going to get raped.I mean, it is not so much about the fact that it is possible it would happen in the show for me, but the fact that it is possible that Yuki would chicken out. =P heh


  3. Noooooo. As I remember correctly, that questionable happy end was still a prediction in Yuno’s diary. In the diary its says Yuki & Yuno will be bound together. It’ll be either they will do it or get married maybe?

    The thing is, the prediction just reverted back to what it initially stated.. : )

    I haven’t really finished the manga yet, but its near here where I stopped


    • Hmm, good point, I wonder what the happy end thing is meant to be.
      (I can’t read jap so I can only assume what is written about them coming together being the right translation)

      The date says 28/7, anyone know what day it was in that episode?
      (am too lazy to go back and read the date on the diary entries for that day)


  4. wow, i searched for the time when yuki was reading his diary in the encounter with twelve. It says May 5. Lol. maybe july 28 is when everything ended : D


    • “wow, i searched for the time when yuki was reading his diary in the encounter with twelve.”

      Awesome dedication! =D haha, So perhaps it is true that july 28th will be when things end…hmm…


      • tsubaki.seishuu

        not really : D i had the series downloaded.
        besides == it doesn’t feel good when your questions remain unanswered : )


      • “not really : D i had the series downloaded.”

        Well, you definitely put in more effort than me. I was willing to wait untilt he next episode to check it out. heh =P

        “besides == it doesn’t feel good when your questions remain unanswered : )”

        true true… 😉


  5. Honestly, I don’t really like the manga.
    The artwork quality is below average and there are logic fails here and there.
    The greatness of this anime is totally thanks to the producer.
    I can’t believe myself that I am really looking forward for it every week.

    What kind of logic failure, you ask?
    Wel, in the manga, Minene flipped her skirt, lots of smoke came out, and seconds later, she’s escaping with a motorbike. Where did the bike come from, under her skirt? And everybody lost sight of her, even though such as huge bombing case should draw in a lot of police force.
    I was like “what the fuck?!” and stopped reading there.


    • Anon. E. Mousse

      Her diary is the Escape diary, the diary that can tell her of the perfect escape route given any scenario. When you think about it, its not much of a stretch really.


  6. It’s not perfect. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be captured by the sacred eye.
    Also, it didn’t explain how she took out a motorbike in a matter of seconds,
    in a middle of school ground.

    The same goes Yukki’s diary. Is it really a future diary?
    It should have predicted that Yukki would open that corpse room rather than being shocked of it.


    • The theory behind the diary is that it follows the normal course of action as compared to the future. If I recall, the diary can records up to two weeks in advance, so if you think about it, the diary is a future diary in the strictest sense. One that works by giving you a list of future events, i.e. diary entries, and changing the future based on actions done with the knowledge of future events, i.e. overwriting the entries. Yukki would have not been curious enough to open the door had the diary not pointed out the door so blatantly.

      For the motorbike, I dunno. I’m willing to let it slide as grabbed it from somewhere close by or something.

      Here’s hoping the anime continues to be a good one till the end.


      • Yuki established earlier that his diary does not allow him to see his OWN future, he never talks about HIMSELF in his diary so he only gets information as noted about other people.


    • Minene and random vehicles out of nowhere is like a running gag in this show, don’t let it put you off too much.


      • Uhn, yeah.
        I said that I looking forward for this anime every week, no?
        It’s pretty enjoyable as long as we turn off some of our logic.
        The same as how i enjoyed Ben-To!

        Here’s another trivia:
        A so-called god of space & time should govern the whole universe? Right?
        Yet the future diary holders are all Japanese. LOL.


  7. Mirai Nikki is slated for 2-cours / 26 episodes. No need to worry about it being rushed! 🙂


    • “Mirai Nikki is slated for 2-cours / 26 episodes. No need to worry about it being rushed! :)”

      Really? I couldn’t find information on that when I did a search…. shall have to search again. =D Thanks for the info!


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