Kimi to Boku – 06 Impression

It’s the end of Shun as we know it. =P

Episode 06 – Glasses and Et Cetera

Awww, you didn’t think that I had forgotten this series did you? =)

I finally managed to find some down time to watch this episode and I must say that I quite liked what I had seen for a couple of reasons:

  1. Shun finally gets a haircut
  2. The moral of the story focus was done in a pleasant manner


I have spent the last few days “shopping online” (can it be considered shopping when I have yet to purchase a thing? =P) and have been hooked by the things on gmarket. Ever heard of it? It’s cheap and good! =) I highly recommend it! It might take a bit of effort to find things but it is worth the effort. If you need any help I am happy to help you navigate around gmarket. =P

Anyway… back to the show.

Shun gets a haircut! =) Can I get a hallelujah?

Shun looks so much better with a shorter hairstyle and helps with making him seem less like a girl. *muses* Now if only there were a way to get rid of his girly personality.

What had annoyed me about Shun in this episode was how much of a push over he really is. The guy needs to man up a tad. Perhaps a new haircut would call for a new approach towards life and a new personality? Then again, he was still the same back in the middle school flashback so I doubt that would be the case since that was the whole tagline of the episode.

What I had liked was the joke about Shun being called out to the back of the school for “different reasons”. LOL! That was a pretty funny joke because of how true it is. It is funny how Shun has turned into this ambiguous being that is raging with pheromones and can attract anything and everything. It kinda makes you want to admire the guy simply for his power pheromones doesn’t it? =P

Speaking of watermelons, I had tried a grilled watermelon with salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar a couple of days ago at a restaurant. It was an odd experience to eat a warm watermelon.

Another thing that I was really loving after the last episode was the idea of having “holiday” episodes. Sadly, summer had only span across 2 episodes which covered the start of summer (ep 5) and the end of summer (ep 6).

So this episode can be split into 2 parts: Shun’s Hair and Kaname’s Specs =P

Most of the episode was spent on the flashback and I had enjoyed most of it, but it did feel a tad dragged out towards the end of the flashback with Kaname hesitating going to Yuuki’s aid.

Naturally, the entertaining part of the episode was the thumb wrestling. Have you guys ever played it before? My thumb wrestling “matches” were definitely more towards the violent side of people jumping around and killing each other. =D I wonder if it is normal to have such violent matches come out of such a simple and almost lame game. (I refuse to think of it as being lame because I had played it XP)

As I had said, the moral of the story of this episode was nicely done and reiterated twice – once through Shun’s new look, and once more during the whole discussion about Kaname’s spectacles. The idea that changes on the outside does not fundamentally change anything on the inside, and that facade changes really is only skin deep is not a unique “phillosophy” and can be called a cliche saying. Although that may be a pretty standard “philosophy”, the execution in this episode was good and they had made the “message” in this episode fall into the background by not stating it bluntly and to our faces. This is one thing that I really like about this series, the simple and relaxed nature in some of the plot execution.

I also liked the fact that we were reminded of the fact that Shun had gotten a haircut in the last scene as I had actually forgotten that his haircut was in this episode due to the amount of time spent on Kaname’s glasses. =P

I love Kaname’s mom. They should make her a regular part of the show and give her more screen time.

Episode Rating: 7/10

Overall, this show is probably something that you can appreciate only if you can connect with the characters as they grow on you through the episodes. Without it, the show may come across as being more bland than soothing. After the last few episodes, it is quite clear that Chizuru’s appearance has definitely added to the dynamics of the show and made things more interesting to watch by giving it that spark that it had desperately needed prior to his appearance.


It’s time for our episode cat count!

I had counted 11 cats without the mid-ep break ones included. How many did you count?

Am I the only one who feel like the episodes with more cats in them seem to be not as entertaining as those with lesser cats? Are the cats becoming a curse for this series? =P


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  1. Sorry to get off topic, but I wanted to ask you how you created the CURRENTLY WATCHING and OTAKUNESS RECOMMENDS THESE tabs. I am starting a japanese gaming reviewing site and wanted to do something like that but I don’t know how :/ Does it come with the theme perhaps? or did you do something to make it like that?


    • Hi there GameStar,

      Well, I actually used some basic html code to do it. I had created the images and simply placed it in there using the img code and had linked it up. =) Hope this helps. If you want more help just pop me an email.


  2. Since someone else is talking about the site, I was wondering if you were looking for people to write :3


    • Haha, Hi! =)

      Well, we are currently not looking for people yet since M0rg0th and I are tweaking the way we blog right now. But if we do “recruit” new bloggers for the next season, we will definitely put a post about it up. ^^

      But feel free to talk about anything else on or off topic. (just as long as it is nothing too weird. 😉 )


      • oh oh oh!

        I sometimes lay on my bed and pretend I am a banana… is that weird? 😥


      • “I sometimes lay on my bed and pretend I am a banana… is that weird? :’(”


        Erm… how do you pretend you are a banana? By simply lying there? Wouldn’t that make you more like a log though? =P (Talk about odd conversations XD)


  3. ^ Awkwardest conversation ever xD ^

    Seriously that banana comment made my dad 😀


  4. The whole prep and execution of the haircut scene was incredible. First time I laughed out loud at KtB when one of the twins went ‘Oh’ – hopefully, it will not be the last time it is so LoL. Also, the token appearance of the young girl is becoming quite the annoyance – yes, yes she’s got a ‘crush’ on grrlie-boy, we got it. And I agree – Kaname’s mom should SO definitely be recurring. That voice – cannot place which character I’ve heard it on earlier – is just so concerned-mom-like.

    Kudos on the banana imitation – definitely level 3. I’m more the pumpkin-newbie.


    • “First time I laughed out loud at KtB when one of the twins went ‘Oh’ ”

      Awww…. Well, the show really doesn’t allow itself for much LOL moments I guess. More of a small smile here and there. That scene was quite funny. =D

      “And I agree – Kaname’s mom should SO definitely be recurring. That voice – cannot place which character I’ve heard it on earlier – is just so concerned-mom-like.”

      Well, this is her VA:

      Was her voice the one you thought you recognize?


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