Persona 4: The Animation – 07 Review

Don’t blame me, blame the show. =P

Episode 7 – Suspicious Tropical Paradise

I had promised Pointman that I would review the anime as soon as I can, so instead of reviewing Mirai Nikki, I have chosen to review this episode instead. =)

So here episode 7’s review for you guys who are still waiting and willing to read it. =)

(Hopefully I would be able to get to Mirai Nikki’s review some time this week)


So this episode takes on a more light-hearted approach when dealing with the Persona of the week. Although the last couple of episode were pretty fluffy as well, this episode had made some progression with the gang growing bigger and a new Persona coming into the mix. I am still unsure about how the mystery is developing with this constant growth of the group and minimal development on the murders. It does make me question what the show’s main focus is meant to be.

This episode definitely had it “shits and giggles” moments with the perverted masochistic theme of Kanji’s persona. I know that he is meant to be a wuss on the inside but I am not sure how that translates into perversion for his persona. =P

There were a couple of things that I had liked about the episode and a few things that I disliked about the episode.

The things that I disliked about the episode were more towards the execution of the material than the actual content itself. Although I haven’t played the game and have no clue if the pacing was the same in the game as it was in the episode, the comedy timings were quite bad at the start of the episode. Things did start to pick up later on, but the characters were simply too comedic for no reason and it had felt somewhat random in nature. Jokes were throw left right and center without much development and the full “effect” of them had become diluted by the suddenness of the joke thrust upon us.

The upside?

Well, by the end of the episode I was definitely laughing along with the show as I had gotten used to the oddity of the situation and have accepted the quick nature of the comedy.

Being 7 episodes in, it is quite odd that new characters are still joining the gang. I am hoping that this would mark the end of the introduction of new members. Although this episode’s character introduction was rather peculiar, the structure was pretty much the same after the characters had entered the TV World. When you know what to expect, things can get a bit boring to watch.

What I did like in the episode as well was the way the real world was integrated with the TV world. I liked the little detective club investigation done in the real world and how that led to the resolution in the TV world. Although the information gathered was pretty much close to none (apart from the boy randomly telling a stranger like Yu about the past between him, Kanji and the soft toy). At the very least, I am happy that we got to see some application of the knowledge/discoveries.

Personally, it is still a tad annoying the Yu is the most boring character in the group. Thankfully he is starting to gain a personality… but I can’t wait for the day where he becomes a proper human being with emotions. =P Kanji’s character on the other hand was quite expected (minus the perversion). I kinda felt that he was a big misunderstood teddy bear ever since the first time we were shown the soft toy in the last episode. His animal soft-toy loving character kinda reminds me of Gwendal from Kyou Kara Maou. =P (Love that show)

My biggest problem with the show is probably the linear manner of the story. Everything was pretty much expected except for the jokes (which aren’t actually brilliant) and there isn’t any real surprise/twist that would leave me anticipating for more at this stage. =(

Overall, it was a pretty disturbing but entertaining episode. =D As weird as this sounds, I find myself pretty open and able to appreciate perverts in shows. =P I did like the consistency with the jokes, and the group dynamics really shone through the responses each of the characters had to the perverted Persona. I honestly felt that this episode had done a good job in actually showing us what all the characters are like through the simple use of the character reactions.

Episode Rating: Dare I say a 7? – It was rather entertaining to watch even if it was nothing unique 😉


Ra’s Question of the Day:

What is the most perverted and memorable anime character that you have ever seen?

For me, it has definitely gotta be Busou Renkin’s Papillon, I remember loving his character when I had seen the series years ago. I am sure that given enough time to think, I would be able to come up with other characters.

But for now, that was the first character that popped into my mind and he was quite the unique pervert. =D


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  1. Wow, you still watched this anime with linear story and expressionless protagonist. I kinda stopped at episode 3 and only followed it by reading reviews. 🙂
    I rarely watched anime with perverts in it, but I would pick Sunohara Youhei from Clannad.


    • “Wow, you still watched this anime with linear story and expressionless protagonist. I kinda stopped at episode 3 and only followed it by reading reviews. :-)”

      I know what you mean… although I am still watching it, I am hoping things would not turn out too be as linear soon… the story is really getting quite predictable due to it’s structure. =/


      • The problem with the anime is that they’re trying to stick at least 60 hours of gameplay into a 24 episodes series. The pace of some episodes were indeed quick due to this fact. In the game itself you got to feel more attached to the characters, your everyday life and the hobbies you would partake in. While your group did get larger, you would have gaps between the actual rescues so when you finally reached that point, it felt all the more rewarding. It’s only obvious they had to cut most gameplay parts out to leave the main plot.

        As for our protagonist it’s a shame they didn’t give him a trong personality. Again this is due to the fact that in the actual game it was the players choice on who he bonded with more, what activities he would partake in and some of the answers for the dialogue. All in all the anime is mostly for the fans of the game and probably trying to pull more people in into actually experiencing the Persona universe. Persona always focused itself more on the characters, human nature and psychology in combination with a supernatural representation of this. The overall plot is great …Persona 3 and 4 are one of my favorite games of all time, but I feel the anime doesn’t capture it well enough for first timers. T-T


  2. I loved this episode, my only problem were the jokes randomly thrown at us out of nowhere and feeling really forced, but they made me laugh a bit so I won’t say much more.
    Kanji’s awesome!

    As for your questions, I had to think quite a bit and in the end it’s not that easy. The first that came to mind is Usagi-san from Junjou Romantica (though that might be because I finished the anime yesterday)
    Daru is an amazing pervert too
    And Rumi from Fujoshi Rumi who managed to ask to a boy she just met “Can I see it?”
    How I wish they’d adapt this manga.

    Oh and I loved the Pretender too!


    • “The first that came to mind is Usagi-san from Junjou Romantica (though that might be because I finished the anime yesterday)”

      I never really thought that he was a pervert… then again, after you mentioned it, the guy is quite of a pervert. But he is adorable! =D And kinda sweet in a ridiculous sense.

      “Oh and I loved the Pretender too!”

      ^5 XD I am so sad they didn’t make another movie to wrap up the show… sigh…


      • I know, I’d marry him in a heartbeat if he asked. -____-
        Still, you don’t drag a boy in your room and do *that* kind of things to him without being called a pervert. Nope. Not a chance.

        I – I didn’t even know there was a movie.
        I don’t even think they broadcast the series through the end either. And I watched every day when coming back from school XD


  3. I am frustrated that many people are saying that this episode was funny. Most people seem to be ignoring the fact the this episode could be very offensive to gay people, and the boys’ behavior is frequently excused as “normal teenage” behavior when they were really overreacting like small children. Is it too much to ask anyone to act maturely, especially when this situation involves life and death? The manga’s take on this part was much more serious. There were almost no gay jokes, except what was already in the game. The manga version did not have the boys whine about going home, they just kept on going without complaining, the manga version captured the original game’s seriousness by showing a young dark-haired Kanji being bullied for sewing/girl he liked cried/the other girls called him sissy in elementary school/he beat up another boy with a bloodstained chair in middle school and then became a delinquent with bleached hair. The shadow in the manga was also very angry and serious at the end, while the anime one is stupidly happy the entire time. Kanji’s shadow’s cry for acceptance came off across as serious as in the original game/while the anime version had him running in a way that would be a homophobe’s nightmare (happily looking as if he wanted to kiss someone).


    • A direct insult to transexual people…
      I can see that from the main screenshot. 🙂


    • Well, I think that I didn’t really think about it as making fun of gays when I had seen it. The behaviours of the characters were pretty ridiculous and over-exaggerated, so much so that I felt it was too detached from reality to expect it to be something “real”.

      But I have to agree with you on the other versions of the show. It sounds like the other renditions would have made for a better and more “heavy”/”impactful” episode. =/


    • I was also a bit annoyed by the sudden comical scenes in this episode. It seemed to me like they tried a bit too hard there in the dungeon. The game took a more serious approach to it and while I udnerstand if they wanted to spice things up (having already added/altered some scenes in the anime in previous episodes), but why couldn’t they have taken the same approach as with Yukiko’s episode, showing a memory as a representation of Kanji’s inner conflict. As a fan of the game I would have accepted a filler episode if they wanted to make something light-hearted. Truth be told the pace of the anime is kind of fast in comparison to the satisfaction you would get from each character in the game – they could have elaborated more since they had the tools to do it.


      • Oh, good point. And such a memory sequence apparently has precedence in the manga version, will have to get around to reading that. I rather enjoyed the expanded material regarding Yukiko’s character during the episode with her shadow, seems like something that should have continued with each shadow thereafter starting with Kanji… Alas~


    • I agree, it was so over the top that it was kind of crosses the line twice territory for me, so I was able to laugh through the episode but not without a nagging discomfort throughout. It’s rather disheartening to see the main character portrayed so similarly to Yosuke, even if it’s only meant to be for laughs. Not to mention the extremely hostile reactions of the entire party to Shadow Kanji’s “creepiness”. Didn’t appreciate Yosuke’s insistence that Shadow Kanji wasn’t expressing deeply buried but genuine sentiments the way everyone else begrudgingly admits of their own shadow, but rather was just Kanji’s “emotions gone haywire” either. Yu telling Kanji that he thought his sewing the doll was cute at the end almost made up for everything… but then there was the preview for the next episode… (I thought you accepted me!, Not at night… -_-) I’m sure most people watching it didn’t give much thought to the massive amounts of unfortunate implications contained in this episode but it’s very sensitive territory for those who’ve actually struggled with issues regarding sexuality.


  4. Thank you for reviewing this 😀

    about kanji, he is not a pervert or gay, he just have some sexuality confusion because all the girl reject and make fun of him when he do “girly” thing (sew, make cute toy…), i think the anime will explain his story latter for a certain reason so i stop spoiling you his story here

    and i think you have watched a “troll sub” of some sort since i don’t remember the “don’t look at me, i’m naked” line

    as for your question, i think it’s Sakurai Tomoki from Sora no Otoshimono, he being drawed in chibi form with perverted eye most of the time in the anime

    yeah, i think they should have made shadow kanji more serious, his backstory and resolution scence just too short for people to understand him properly


  5. The next episode will be even more unfortunate, as in the preview: the main character is acting as homophobic as Yosuke towards Kanji (I thought you accepted me/Not at night). This situation will be played for laughs, and I fear that Kanji will be a chew toy. That is to say, he’ll be kicked out of his tent, kicked in the groin by Chie, and then he’ll be pushed into the river for nosebleeding at the girls. He will be abused! If the creators thought viewers are supposed to relate to a homophobe, then that will be pretty sad.


    • Well, I’m not here to engage in a debate or anything, but I just want to share my two cents about this ‘homophobic’ thing. In my opinion, neither Narukami nor Yosuke is homophobic in the least. I don’t see them avoiding or condemning Kanji, and I don’t see them looking down or belittling Kanji for being homosexual. What I see is the two of them being good senpai and friends to Kanji. They only seem to be scared of what Kanji might do to them, but they’re perfectly alright with Kanji liking other guys as long as it’s not them. In fact, they only seem to be worried about getting molested. It’s not homophobia at all.


      • Because it’s not homophobic to consider Kanji molesting them in their sleep to be a legitimate possibility because he’s gay…? Because all gays are lecherous, promiscuous, and can’t be trusted to not violate the sanctity of a heterosexual man’s anal virtue, am I right? After all, them gays are always going after and trying to convert straight guys. /sarcasm And Yosuke not homophobic? He only spends the majority of the game making snide insinuations about Kanji’s sexuality every chance he gets… which is one of the reason’s I could hardly stand his character.


  6. “Being 7 episodes in, it is quite odd that new characters are still joining the gang. I am hoping that this would mark the end of the introduction of new members.”

    I’m not sure if I should spoil you about this info, but I think it’s best to tell you beforehand that there will be two more characters joining the team and one of them will join ‘late’, so to speak. In the game, the character who joined ‘late’ barely had a month before the plot reached its climax.

    But I don’t think this would count as a spoiler because the opening of the anime shows all of the characters on the team, actually, so you know who you’re missing on the team right now 🙂


  7. This post is about the next episode, from a guy named solid snake:”I kind of expected, and in fact would have encouraged, Yosuke to be a homophobic jerk because, let’s face it, he’s a homophobic jerk. He’s a lovable character, but in the game the fact that he is a homophobic jerk is clearly portrayed as a character flaw. The reactions of other characters to Yosuke’s behavior throughout the game clearly establishes that Yosuke is a tad immature and he blurts out stupid things and he often receives a legitimate comeuppance for his bursts of douchebaggery.

    That’s kind of the point with Yosuke: he’s a decent human being who nonetheless is a bit of an ass. And while the Protag basically scores with every woman in the city because he’s a nice, compassionate guy who cares about his friends and acts respectfully, Yosuke deliberately contrasts with the Protag and shows just how and why the Protag just might be so ‘successful’ in his dating life and why he and not Yosuke is the leader of the Investigation Team. With men like Yosuke as ‘competition,’ all Protag has to do is not be a chauvinistic, homophobic douche with the maturity of a third grader!

    So, the way I thought Episode Seven should have gone was the way my game’s playthrough essentially went: Yosuke says stupid homophobic shit, the Main Character and the girls scold Yosuke for being so self-centered when Kanji’s life is at risk, the Protag acts like the supportive, all-around awesome person he is (and the awesome person that the game and the anime portray him as and that the other characters believe him to be; that is important), Kanji accepts his shadow, everyone wins!

    So it was exceptionally disappointing when the Protag decided to join the Homophobia Train. And not just with one or two “You feel mild trepidation entering this dungeon with the wacky sauna theme…” messages that the game gave. Merely feeling fear upon entering a dungeon with shadows trying to kill you, even if that fear is exacerbated somewhat by some irrational and brazenly idiotic “What if the shadows are gay and try to rape me?” thought is one thing, but it’s what the Protag actually says when he opens his mouth that differentiates the game’s Protagonist from the anime’s douche.

    Game Protag hesitates but he never once indicates that he’s willing to abandon the mission outright (and effectively allow Kanji to quite possibly die due to his non-intervention) because he’s afraid of gay people. And while I don’t have the script of Episode Seven in front of me, some of the lines from Protag’s mouth were just disgustingly homophobic. It wasn’t ‘snarky,’ it was homophobic. There is a difference.

    But that pales in comparison to Protag’s single worst line (said in Episode Eight, we’ll get there,) and it also pales in comparison to…

    * The Protag and Yosuke expressing willingness, at a moment’s notice, to attack and attempt to kill Kanji’s shadow just because Kanji’s Shadow makes them feel uncomfortable because Kanji’s Shadow is totally gay and hitting on them.

    Let’s get a few things straight:
    At this stage of the storyline, Protag and Yosuke have seen and fought other shadow versions of characters before. They know that shadow versions of characters are absolutely harmless in their original state and remain harmless until the person in question denies them, at which point the shadows transform into a violent version that does in fact start to destroy things.

    …So, Yosuke and Protag know that the shadow must be ‘defeated’ by Kanji accepting Shadow Kanji as himself. Given that the shadows have never been permanently ‘defeated’ by the cast by any other means, attacking the pre-transformation form of Kanji’s shadow is counter-productive at best and could well end up in an outcome of Kanji’s death at worst.

    Remember, the strategy employed by the P4 characters at this point of the game was to attempt to convince the affected character to accept their shadow before the denial happened, therefore avoiding a fight outright. I’m reasonably certain that at no point in the game did the P4 cast attack the pre-transformation version of a Shadow, particularly when this version of the shadow did nothing to merit their anger except be gay.

    And let’s not forget that the only fault or foible of pre-transformation Shadow Kanji was that he was too gay for Yosuke and Protag to apparently handle. Shadow Kanji did not constitute a physical threat to the Persona 4 cast at this juncture. He did not physically attack them. He did not threaten to hurt or kill them.

    …He just was gay.
    And being gay, in and of itself, was totally enough to send Yosuke and Protag into a primordial rage.

    But even if we could stop there, I might have been okay with the episode. I mean, sure, lots of (heterosexual, privileged) high school guys who are otherwise decent people have no idea whatsoever how to handle the thought that another guy might think they’re smexy. Back in high school, I was one of those guys myself! And maybe there’s a message here that the P4 Anime would attempt to convey, like perhaps the Protag who was a perfectly compassionate, likable dude in the game would be portrayed very differently, as a flawed boy with significant moral shortcomings, in the anime.

    But then…

    * Chie and Yukiko join in and attack a pre-transformation version of Shadow Kanji who represents no physical threat to them just because he’s gay.

    I guess Chie sort of attempted an excuse of “It’s not because he’s gay, it’s because I’m impulsive and really annoyed at his monologue and I want to freeze things!” But it was particularly surprising (and disappointing) to see Yukiko Amagi, who is basically presented as a sweet, likable girl who’s thoughtful and considerate and not excessively prone to initiate violence suddenly decide that she too has had enough of Shadow Kanji.

    …because Shadow Kanji is ‘acting gay.’

    Shadow Chie was acting pretty sinister; why didn’t Yosuke and Protag beat the crap out of her when she talked her trash, before Chie’s denial and Shadow Chie’s transformation into Dominatrix Banana-Chick? Actually, that’s just the thing; Shadow Chie’s pre-transformation dialogue was arguably far more threatening and antagonistic than Shadow Kanji’s, because really, all Shadow Kanji does is flirt shamelessly and talk about how much he enjoys what constitutes his definition of a ‘good time.’

    The answer that the Anime posits to us is quite simple: Shadow Kanji was gay, and open about being gay, and willing to flirt openly and present his sexuality in a forthcoming manner around others, and that alone merited wanton violence against him. From everyone, male or female, ‘jerks’ and ‘compassionate heroes’ alike. The Protag is the chosen one, a symbol of tolerance, progression, heroism, the greatest hope the town of Inaba has, beloved by every woman, respected by man, and he totally wants you to know you better not flirt with him if you have a penis or he will fuck your shit. Chie and Yukiko weren’t even a position to feel personally threatened by Shadow Kanji’s idle flirtations and they still were so riled by Kanji’s **gayness** that physical violence was the preferred solution! Their only justification was one of brazen homophobia, unless you want to argue that they were ‘afraid’ they’d otherwise be subjected to something so torturous as ‘watching this guy talk about how much he enjoys hot saunas with other guys.’

    * Did I mention that all of this is occurring in the context of a moment when Kanji’s life is personally threatened? The kids don’t have the slightest clue of the intricate nature of the TV world they’re exploring; all they know is that they have a strict timetable to save Kanji in or he dies, and he needs to accept his Shadow or he’s at risk.
    …Oooh, I know! Let’s antagonize Kanji’s Shadow before it transforms and give Kanji more reasons to want to deny his affiliation with said Shadow because we literally care more about not having to listen to gay people flirt with us or our guy friends, than we value Kanji’s life!

    * Oh, it’s okay, because we all know that deep down inside Protag’s a really, truly nice guy who cares about Kanji and respects their friendship, he just likes to be ‘snarky’ (manifesting his snark in the form of wanton attacks in this particular instance, I suppose) to his buddies, right?

    Well, Episode Eight puts rest to any thought of that notion!
    Episode Eight takes place after the Protag and his buddies have presumably ‘accepted’ Kanji.
    …Only they’ve only accepted Kanji at day. At night, it’s another matter entirely!

    Protag’s line here is absolutely ludicrous to defend precisely because Yosuke acts far worse around women and the Protag does not call Yosuke out on it. Hell, in the very same episode, Yosuke brazenly advocates that Chie and Yukiko sleep in an integrated manner with he and Protag — he is advocating a sexually predatory outcome in a tent in the exact same manner that he and Protag accused Kanji of doing! And yet the Protag and the women will tolerate this, because it’s typical heterosexual male chauvinistic bullshittery.

    …And that’s probably actually the biggest problem about all of this. It isn’t just the homophobia, although the homophobia is very overt and very despicable and it very openly refutes the P4 game’s flawed yet positive approach of encouraging tolerance and diversity in friendships.

    …It’s that the characters respond so harshly to actions taken by ‘homosexual’ characters while tolerating and in fact encouraging the very same behavior from their heterosexual counterparts!
    Yosuke forcing Yukiko and Chie to wear swimsuits despite their discomfort at the notion is funny and typical guy hijinks, and Yosuke can be excused of that! Even Chie and Yukiko don’t aggressively call Yosuke out for being creepy. When Yosuke says “Hey Yukiko and Chie, why not sleep alongside us tonight?” The girls do not respond by badgering Yosuke for threatening to take their ‘chastity.

    So the message here is plain: Girls just have to tolerate this from heterosexual guys! Heterosexual guys can and will act like perverts who want to steal your sexual purity against your will and force you to dress up in scanty swimsuits, but you should just swallow your criticism and choose to remain his friend and accept the behavior as ‘typical.’ Even the Protag, by refusing to aggressively scold Yosuke when Yosuke acts legitimately creepy as fuck in drooling over Chie or Yukiko, is passively enabling Yosuke as his ‘friend’ to engage in this skeevy shit.

    …But when Kanji barely acts half as predatory as Yosuke and is just sitting silently in the middle of the guy’s tent, both Yosuke and Protag feel that their chastity is in serious danger! Not even because Kanji is gay and because Kanji, like Yosuke to the girls, has expressed a serious sexual interest in the Protag or Yosuke. The ‘real’ (non-Shadow) Kanji hasn’t flirted with Protag or Yosuke at all! They don’t even really definitively know whether Kanji is actually gay! And there’s far less evidence that Kanji is remotely interested in pursuing a relationship, and he’s certainly not forcing the Protag or Yosuke to waltz around in swimsuits for his personal enjoyment.

    …The anime says this: The mere possibility that your guy friend might be gay, even if he is utterly disinterested in you, is more threatening than a heterosexual guy’s overt and depraved sexual interest in women. There’s only reason why this could be: Because mere gayness in and of itself is a ‘threat!’

    * And the game sort of was imperfect too, but the crucial difference was, the game at least gave you incentives to roleplay the Protag as a decent human being who did not in fact support this worldview. Yosuke may have been condemned to his childish immaturity, but the Protag received rewards in the form of boosts to his social links with Chie and Yukiko by treating them respectfully during the swimsuit scene, and the Protag received rewards in the form of boosts to his social link with Kanji by treating Kanji compassionately, like a true friend, supporting Kanji’s presence in the tent, refuting privilege and refusing to indulge in homophobia. Even if you could choose to roleplay the Protag as a jerk, doing so felt out of character (how could the Protag acquire the sincere respect of Kanji and the women he interacts with regularly if he was a chauvinistic homophobe?)

    Choosing the ‘I-am-a-decent-human-being’ options subsequently flow naturally. Yukiko and Chie and Naoto and Kanji and Nanako and Dojima repeatedly reinforce the notion that Protag is a great guy; and more often than not, choosing the ‘snarky’ options results in penalties to your P4 gameplay experience in the form of stalling social links. An ideal playthrough requires you to consider your friends’ feelings and act respectfully and not be intolerant.

    But P4: The Anime is tying to have its cake and eat it, too; it’s simultaneously attempting to give you a snarky Protag who repeatedly chooses the “hysterical” (note that I don’t think they’re often very funny) dialogue options, yet also gives you a Protag who, by the Anime’s own admission, has above-average Stats in all fields of personal growth by Episode Eight and who’s Maxing social links with relative ease. The dynamic of P4 that once punished a homophobic, chauvinistic, asshole of a player is gone, and instead there’s a huge fundamental disconnect: The anime characters are still acting like Protag is the sweetest, coolest, most benevolent, likable, tolerant human being they know, utterly demanding their fealty and accruing their affections, but the Protag is increasingly acting just as big a jerk as Yosuke is.

    The plentiful evidence that the game provided you that the Protag was a decent person in watching his social links gradually accrue over extended periods of time and effort is gone; what’s left is a homophobic jokester who tolerates Yosuke’s chauvinism and who’s petty and insecure and yet still beloved. At this point, the Protag is in desperate need of the same kind of abuse given to Yosuke on a regular basis. But even when Yukiko and Chie dared toss the Protag into the river with Yosuke, it’s still heavily implied that they’re totally crushing on him, just as it’s still heavily implied that Kanji thinks the Protag is an incredible friend (except, well, not at night, lest his chastity be threatened) and just as Naoki can apparently be swayed from hating the Protag and Yosuke to totally being good bros in the course of a single goddamn conversation.

    …So it’s not just the homophobia that bothers me, although it’s bothersome enough. It’s that the homophobia is in plain contradiction of the halo the P4 anime team is still painting around the Protag, and that in painting that angelic halo around the Protag, the animators are saying this: The Protag is an ideal high school student; all you high school students watching the P4 Anime should want to be just like him, because he’s going to get all the girls and earn the respect of all the guys and he’s a role model. Oh, and by the way, he totally hates gay people, and you should, too. They make him feel awkward and uncomfortable and fearful for his chastity just in the mere act of being themselves. And, it is totally acceptable for heterosexual men to treat their gay friends with this degree of innate suspicion. (By the way, despite the fact that gay people can’t do this to you, it’s totally cool for you or your heterosexual friends to go even further then this when pursuing women. They just have to accept your inherent lustful state.)”


  8. I enjoy that you use the word “pervert” and “perversion” instead of “flamboyant” or “homosexual.” Because that’s what you really mean.

    Also, disappointed at the way the shadow was portrayed.


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