Banana Phones and Pizza Box Laptops?

Okay, this is not Anime-related News, but I just wanted to share it with you guys anyway.

It seems like a research group at the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa-Oku Lab have been experimenting with the idea of “Invoked Computing” – a way to turn everyday objects into computer interfaces and communication devices.

“The group’s ubiquitous system won the grand prize at Laval Virtual 2011 in France, and was on display at the Digital Content Expo in Tokyo with two proof of concept prototypes. One involves turning a banana into a phone, and the other has a pizza box flipped open to reveal NOT ANCHOVIES, but a projected computer screen!

The group’s goal moving forward is to broaden the range of gestures and objects that the system is able to recognize and interact with, ultimately creating a ubiquitous augmented reality system which can learn and anticipate the intentions of the user in different situations. ” -Crunchyroll

Seems like an interesting idea. Naturally quality would probably end up being an issue. =D At this rate, it seems like I might actually live to see the age of mandatory brain chips so that we don’t even need physical objects. =D How cool would that be?

So my question to you is:

What object in your current house would you use as a telephone?

I am tempted to joke around and say a shoe but I might faint after using it for more than a minute so I would say I would like to use my stuff toy! That would be hilarious. =D

I think it would be way cooler if it could just project the sound beams into our heads so we don’t need a medium.



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  1. Having a chip inside my brain would make me really scared that someone would hack into it. Don’t want.

    As for the object, well, I don’t know, I think using a phone to call people is actually quite convenient.
    Since phones can do more and more things anyway I’m not too sure they can be called phones anymore ^^
    (I sound like an old lady XD)


    • “(I sound like an old lady XD)”

      LOL.. i use to feel that as long as I can call and sms, that is more than enough for a phone. But I am now addicted to my iPhone since I use it to surf the web whenever I am out of the house. Or to read manga on it. =_=” Boy, I really wonder what happened to those days of reading books on transportation. =P Anyway….

      “Having a chip inside my brain would make me really scared that someone would hack into it. ”

      Lol! Well, you have a valid point there. =D I think the whole brain surgery thing to put the chip in is probably my bigger fear. =P


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