Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 11 Review

Episode 11 – Trouble x With The x Gamble

Sorry for the late review! My internet had been giving me issues all of yesterday and by the time things started working, it was pretty much time to sleep. =(

So this is the long awaited deciding episode for the 2011 series – featuring Killua’s battle.

This episode will decide whether Madhouse will do a good job of animating the violence and gore presented in the original Hunter x Hunter manga, or if they’ll seal their fate as a sanitized version of the original story.


Sad to say, the episode was a disappointing one with Killua’s scene being not as great as I had hoped it’d be, and with Leorio’s part being pretty much a drag to watch.


It amazes me how a character can go from Hero to Zero in a moment. Last week, Leorio had finally shown has a “cooler” side to his personality, whereas this week had pretty much brought him back to his original perverted, weak ways through his seemingly irrational decisions.

It really didn’t make any sense how his character would willingly allow himself to sacrifice 10 precious hours in order to cope a feel when in the previous episode he wasn’t willing to sit around and waste a single minute of his time for fear of failing the exam. He was the one who was busy ranting about how important their victory was and yet he had simply thrown away 10 hours over a perverted reason by picking the choice that was most likely the wrong one. It honestly baffles me that such a change in character personality is meant to be believable.

Then comes the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Leroute had said that she was betting on her victory.

Now, it is true that she did win in the end, but since the last episode was so focused on the technicality of the words, then couldn’t Leorio have claimed that the first draw was not considered a victory? Leroute hadn’t bet on Leorio not winning the game, but instead bet on herself winning it. So by that logic, a draw should be Leorio’s win shouldn’t it? Why bother with playing a round two? XP Oh well, the show had to turn out the way it did in order for Killua to get his moment, but it was bloody tiring to watch that scene drag out.

Which brings me to the other issue of that battle. The high amount of dialogue. This series has always had an issue with it’s execution of the dialogue heavy scenes. Most of those moments are simply filled with the characters standing around and talking whilst doing nothing much. It had gotten really boring to watch in this episode (just like in the others) as Leorio’s internal battle had came across as being sadlya over-the-top foolish.


Whilst I am glad that the show hadn’t resorted to nice fluffy flower petals in order to represent the blood, nor did they result to mere shadows to depict the slaughtering scene, the show did tried to cover up the gore and brutality of the scenes as much as they could. Literally.

Where did that cloth come from? =_=??

There wasn’t enough cloth missing (if any) from the prisoner’s shirt. I won’t bother asking how long a heart is able to beat outside of the body since that is not important. But I was sad that the show had decided to play up the uneasiness of the situation using sound effects instead of actual visuals. =/ The beating of the heart did make me uncomfortable, but covering it up and showing us so little blood was really a let down.

Then came the part where I had expected Killua to crush the heart into pieces. Instead of doing that, he had simply gently returned the heart to Jones. That scene was interesting for me as although it hadn’t have the blunt brutality of what I had expected to see, it did have this poetic aura surrounding the scene of him giving back the heart in such an innocent and playful manner after the guy is dead. I am honestly not sure which way was more effective in showing us Killua’s true personality. Hmmm….

And so the verdict on the animation execution of this series is that this is probably as far as Madhouse is willing to push the gore in the show – by being as indirect with the scenes as they can. I am not sure if I should be happy that the scenes are not censored with a white/black glow or if I should cry since this means that we won’t be getting a more “gorier” version of the series, even in the DVD release. (Have you guys seen the cover for the DVDs? They look quite terrible).

Another issue that I had was the way they had depicted Killua’s hand, his hand had appeared more like a morphing hand that grew nails rather than him strengthening the muscles in his hand in order to pull the heart out. =/

Another interesting thing about the scene was how the character designs for Killua changes when Killua had shown us the “darker” side of his character. The significant change in his eyes did well in making his character come across as being more sinister and evil. But my question is, how much change is too much? The amount of difference in Killua’s eyes was really pushing the line of making it believable that it was not a totally different character design altogether. Sure, the manga had done the “eye changing thing” as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that Killua looks really different in that scene.


I guess this brings me to the end of my rant. The pacing was slow and the dialogue was too much. I honestly wish that more time had been spent on Killua’s scene as I had always felt that that scene was way too short for my liking when compared to the others. While on the other side of things, I wish that Leorio’s scene was cut short as it had dragged out for much too long. Naturally, the execution of Killua’s battle wasn’t as great as expected, but for the fresh eyes on this franchise, I would think that the scene did relatively well in portraying the first moment of “real violence” shown in the show in such a brutal manner.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10 – 1999’s episode wins this week


What? No scene of Jones the Cutter ripping a piece of flesh off the police’s arm? Awww…

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Question of the Week

What do you guys think of the execution of Killiua’s scene? Is this where you leave the series behind or are you happy enough with the outcome to carry on with the show?

Although I am not happy with how things turned out, it could have turned out a lot worse. So for now, I am still happy to continue with following the series.


Blog Note: As for when the Mirai Nikki Review will be written… Hopefully I will be able to get that done tomorrow. =)
Until then, take care folks!


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  1. well for me im satisfied to this episode i think madhouse just thinking the kids who watch this anime…..


  2. meh. they could’ve made killua crush that heart even inside that cloth before giving it to Jones. they should do something about all this censorship because they might mess up on Hisoka’s fight in celestial tower. baaah. closer to the manga my foot.


  3. Even though Killua pulls out Johness’ heart without his shirt cloth in the 1999 series, it’s also bloodless. Johness’ shirt is stained black instead of red, and the heart itself doesn’t have any blood on it either.

    By the way, the heart keeps beating in all three versions outside of Johness’ body. They do that in real life too. It’s just that in the Madhouse version, Killua wraps it in Johness’ shirt cloth when he plucks it out (and he doesn’t squish it, but tortures Johness longer). I think that if I had been watching the series for the first time, the impact of that action wouldn’t have been lessened at all.


    • I think that if I had been watching the series for the first time, the impact of that action wouldn’t have been lessened at all.

      Yup, I was thinking the same thing as well. I think most of those watching the series for the first time were pretty shook up by that ahahaha!


  4. The episode was a bit drawn out during Leorio’s loss, but seeing how quick Killua’s fight was I can’t really blame the show for wanting to take its time. I knew Leorio was going to lose, I just didn’t expect him to actually feel up the girl before doing so; usually most anime’s make some attempt to block a pervy character from being pervy. I also did catch the thing with the first draw, I expected someone to say something about it, but I guess it was just a poor choice of words. The psychology explaining the choices was nice, but they probably went too far with it, and that’s why the show seemed to have bad pacing.

    Killua’s fight caught me off guard, I knew he was going to win in some awesome way, but I didn’t expect him to just rip the guy’s heart out. The Impact was there, even though the heart was for some reason covered in a bag. I also liked how he played around and handed it back the to guy after he died, it wasn’t hilarious, but it was worth an ironic chuckle. My favorite dialogue was probably right after that when Kurapica asked Killua to teach him the technique, and essentially nonchalantly says “what technique, I just ripped it out.”

    Overall I liked the episode for that one scene, but I would hope that there aren’t too many goofy rock-paper-scissors games anymore. I’ll deal with Leorio being pervy but I hope in the future he’s quicker about it lol


  5. This episode was alright. Leorio’s part was a bit draggy, although i expected it to be that draggy though since i already watched the past series. So i was just waiting for Killua’s scene. So let’s fast forward this rant and just talk about Killu’as scene hahaha. 😛

    It was cool to see a different approach to that scene. Although, like you I was also waiting for him to crush Jones’ heart into pieces when I saw that somehow the animators decided to cover up Jones’ heart with the cloth. Although, i yearned for that to happen, the approach madhouse did was a good touch. Killua giving back Jones’ heart after he pleaded for hiim to give it back until he was dead, i think has the same effect with Killua crushing Jones’ heart in the 99’s series. That gesture was soo ironic that it was good. Maybe it would’ve been better if the heart wasn’t covered with that darned cloth. Oh yeah i forgot this was supposed to be child-friendly. gahhhh.

    Although, it could have been better if we could also have a gist of what the examiner thought of that. Actually the whole tournamentish part could have been better if there was some snippets of the examiner’s reaction. It somehow gives us an insight of what an “expert” thinks of what the rookies’ actions. What? the examiner just saw one of his worst criminal get killed by a kid and there was no reaction. oh come on.

    Although i find that scene good the scene where in Killua was bragging that what he did was nothing and that he should see his parents do it was kinda off. I think the VA’s delivery lacked angst or something like that. I mean he was bragging that it was nothing and his delivery was some calm boy. Maybe the VA’s purpose was to portray that he was like telling some facts, maybe it was that. hahahaha.

    Anyways, nice review. And to answer your question, i already ranted about what i think about the scene as for the next question, i would’ve followed the series through and through even if i was not satisfied with that scene because i wanted to see the chimera arc and the current arc be adapted into an anime, so yeah. The reboot wasn’t so bad, although less censorship would be much appreciated. haha. It’s a show that you’ll have to get used to in order to like it especially if you saw the 99’s series.

    Oh and i was reading through the manga because of the links in your review and all this time i thought the part where in they were supposed to survive a great storm was part of the manga, was it just a filler? Because when i read the manga it was not there. saad. 😦


    • “What? the examiner just saw one of his worst criminal get killed by a kid and there was no reaction. oh come on.”

      in the manga was never said he was one of his worst criminals, and every time I watched this part in the 99 series I found it weird cause jones didn’t even use nen, to me that a pro blacklist hunter call him his best prey seemed a little off, as killua said jones was an amateur


      • Best doesn’t mean strongest. The translation might even be off as in he might mean Jones a “prize” among his hunts for being so notorious.


  6. I got kind of bored watching Leorio’s game but didn’t miss there was no mention of Kurapika’s gender as part of the guesses.

    Now I think most of us held our breaths seconds before Killua’s quick scene ripping Jones’ hart off. It was okay for me watching the heart inside that piece of cloth (for the children’s sake), but the next second had me saying ‘squeez it, just squeez it damn it!’ When Killua placed the heart on Jone’s lifeless hand I just puffed and told myself ‘it could’ve been worse’. I’m not so disappointed though, I think the effect was almost the same as if I were watching that scene for the first time? well… Killua would’ve raised to the top of my list due to his awesomeness, but for the others? I really liked 99′ version when even Lippo looked shocked (I loved LIppo’s agape expression back there XD) why did he say Gon was something but didn’t say anything about Killua? okay, it wasn’t on the manga but still, it seems for him only Gon was something, well maybe he’d say something next chapter.

    Me? of course I’ll keep on watching (the plot is amazing) and try not to wince when the Heaven’s Arena Arc would start (***coughKastrocough***)
    So not overall disappointed but it almost left a bad taste in the mouth imo. Bye


  7. Sounds to me this is just an idiot who hates on this show
    the fact that you’re comparing it shows your butthurt-ness 😀 and yes this version had more blood

    this show is running at 11 am on sunday, if you can’t get that into your head that is your problem. it’s still better than the rest of the shonens running right now…


  8. THIS IS SHIT !!!!!!! the old HxH is waaaaaay better than this !!!


  9. thanks for the review I’ve been waiting for this. So like everyone my take is 60/40 yeah I’m a little disappointed too on this episode although we cant blame them really. And youre right and many others who has stated that hxh 2011 is not really meant for the old fans its meant for the newbie since hxh is now reselling vol 1-18 crunch into 4 volumes, yep you got it right you can buy 4 volumes of manga till Greed Island … and DVD cover for 2011 doesnt look good either…

    so, is this really your nice review for hxh 2011?


  10. I totally DISAGREE with you. I can feel so much NOSTALGIA in your reviews that it’s super annoying to read your rants.


  11. Truth is the author is really biased towards the 1999 version. I never saw it as a child because it didn’t air on TV in my country. I read the manga without watching that version, and when I saw that the anime was being remade, I immediately put it on my must-watch list. Up until this point, I haven’t been disappointed more than a couple of times, much less than the 1999 version I started watching just because the author was constantly saying it is superior. Honestly, the second episode of that version was already a filler. Gon and Leorio are so different from the manga, they almost look like different characters, the 1999 Gon is so serious, and Leorio is even more. So far, the only aspect that I found superior in the 1999 version is the music, I’ll admit it, is absolutely beautiful.


  12. You’re so right Orlando. The fact that the author is making a verdict by comparing it to the 1999 version just exhibits, in a shining way, her/his immaturity and credibility as a reviewer (in reality, more of a critic). I might as well consider him/her as the ARMOND WHITE of ANIME REVIEW, yeah that’s correct ARMOND THE EFFING WHITE.


  13. Just to give all due credit to the scene I’m gonna quote someone from another forum,

    “While I am resoundingly in favour of the old anime in virtually every conceivable regard, the heart removal scene in this episode–taken purely in isolation–is something I prefer in this new adaptation. There’s something subtle about it–and something very, very clever.

    The removal of music is sufficient to bestow the scene with some gravitas on its own, but it was having Killua wrap the heart up in the cloth and have the screen play perform simply to the sound of the heart beat that was so achingly clever; and it’s all down to what it does for the imagination.

    Hiding the heart from view is necessary for the time-slot–and I won’t pretend that what’s happened here is anything other than a response to that–but it’s how this anime takes that restriction and uses it to its advantage to evoke something sinister that I find staggering.

    After Killua does his work, when you hear the heart beat sound start up when the screen dashes to Joness’s profile, your imagination gets to work. You start to think: “Did Killua just…?” And then the screen turns to Killua, who doesn’t flagrantly show the thing off to reach an immediate climax; he lets the thing pump away, hidden so weakly from view, in blood-soaked bit of cloth. The sight of the heart itself couldn’t be more close–but you never get that catharsis…you never get that immediate shock–and this makes the scene that bit more disturbing. You never quite get to see the full extent of the horror.

    If Killua had revealed the heart from the outset, that would have necessarily been the climax to a crescendo of tension. There’s no way, I believe, that you can maintain a sense of unease when a pulsing human heart is in full view. The full extent of the deed would be in full view, and there would be nothing more to say about it: the shock is there, and that’s that. It is because Killua leaves it up to your imagination to imagine the gore oozing inside that bit of cloth that the sight is horrific. As a result of the cloth being blood-soaked–nothing more than a paltry curtain–the heart is never more than a thin veil away from a terrible sight: it’s achingly close. Having Killua go through the trouble of tying it up in a knot, suggesting continued tampering with a functioning human organ, makes the interference on his part feel disturbingly gratuitous. He doesn’t outright show Joness why he’s suddenly feeling cold, he lets the realisation slowly dawn upon him…but it’s never actually confirmed. We all know it, but we’re never quite get that closure. We’re still left in palpable anticipation. Killua invites your imagination to consider the worst–to consider just how ugly the thing looks, and continue to gather suspense for the impending sight of it. The disquieting crescendo can keep building–and that makes the scene very affecting.

    But there is no climax. You get close to it, but you never quite see it. All the while, Killua just holds that pulsing bag in his hand–a symbol representing an impending horror. Worse than actually finding a zombie in Resident Evil, for example, is the knowledge that you’re about to find a zombie behind a door–and it’s that tension before you encounter something you’re not sure you’re prepared for that makes your stomach turn. Like getting a vaccination, it’s the wait that kills you; the process is brief and lacks impact. The effect is emulated here; having the heart wrapped in the bag represents that door or that wait–it’s the difference between the tension being released and the sickening sense of tension being maintained. The fact that Killua never crushes the heart leaves its horror in tact….because it’s still there. You can’t get that climax to release the tension. He places it back in Joness’s fingers and its relative horror never subsides, because that climax–the full reveal of the heart–is never satisfied. It’s still there, so close but so far away, the quietude of the scene only augmenting the unchanging sentiment of tension–a sense of tension that, even when the electronic counter changes to ‘3’, never goes away.

    For something born out of need to meet the demands of an early-morning time-slot, I think that’s absolutely genius.”

    It’s long, but it’s totally worth reading 😀
    I have to admit, I too was disappointed by not getting to see the heart being crushed, this scene was done well in the idea of a very creepy mood


  14. where is the review for next ep?


  15. The author probably gave up reviewing this. I’ve seen the next episode and started watching the 14th and I am pretty upset that episode 14 is already a filler episode. Are we going to have to put up with these ‘Letter x From x Gon’ episodes to recap every 13 episodes? I might be a little biased as well, but it does seem like the don’t know whether to rush the show as the first few episodes did or drag them out like the last episodes did. I mean, did we really need a full episode of them waiting in the room?

    To be fair, I didn’t like the fillers much in the original either though


    • Hi anonymous,

      I will still be blogging the series, but had simply missed out on reviewing ep 12 and ep 13 was a recap. =/

      I haven’t seen ep 14 out and thought that it wouldn’t be out until the 8th of Jan? Where did you get your episode from? I will have to go look for it.


      • Ok, I’m sorry, I think I meant episodes 12 and 13 instead of 13 and 14. 13 was the recap episode that I was griping about above.


  16. the whole killua holding the cloth-wrapped heart and giving it back does have impact. i did watch the ’99 series but that was about ten years ago. i only rewatched it after i watched the 2011 version. different, more sublte, but just as effective. the scene where hisoka kills the guy with the flying knives was also beautifully done, with the beheading shown only in shadows. one can create impact with subtlety, for sure.

    missed the scene in ’99 version where gon remained clueless about what leorio is going to do to prove that leroute is *not male* and tonpa crept behind and covered gon’s eyes, while at the same moment the tv monitors in the control room went blank and the observers were in a fritz for missing the best bits. that was funny.

    overall though, after watching all available 14 episodes of hunterxhunter 2011 and rewatching all of the 1999 version, i’d say the the 2011 has a more refined approach while trying to follow as closely to the manga. nonetheless i do appreciate the 1999 attempts to create more character development (a good example is probably gon’s little adventures in the whale island port, before boarding the ship). i know these are not exactlly canon, but somehow they add to the story and it’s just not the same without. plus, the 1999 OP has become so closely associated to HxH in my mind that no other song will do.


  17. to add for the record i’m disappointed madhouse does not include the extra exam of getting to the exam venue in the ship that’s been converted into a hotel while trying to evade the deadly tornadoes. that was another good bit of character develoment missed.


  18. @ tjan . . . you’re disappointed because of that? it’s a damn filler.
    I am disappointed that you’re so DUMB.


  19. i miss hunter sana bumalik na sila…… lahat ng anime jan lang talaga ako naadik…plsssss ibalik nio na nag hunter sanay na kasi akong tuwing umaga na napapanood ang hunter ehh….


  20. ako rin mis ko na ang hunter ,,maybe im just kind of ” O,A” pero talaga naman eh nakakainspire kasi sana bumalik na ang hunter katulad ng ibang anime ………para sa akin kung ako ang gagawa ng top ten best anime ilalagay ko sa top 1 ang hunter….. I<3 hunter sobra ….


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