Otakuness is Now Recruiting!

Calling all interested bloggers!

Otakuness is now recruiting new bloggers to help with the work load of the upcoming Season as M0rg0th and I are having trouble coping with the new series alongside the on-going series of this season.

We have received a few emails from people who were interested in helping out previously but haven’t been able to accept any as M0rg0th and I were trying to work out how to balance multiple bloggers.

As this is the first time we are going through the recruitment process, we have decided to do a trial season and hopefully you, our dear readers, will be patient as we go through this transition period. =)

What we are looking for:

  • Commitment – You have to be committed to the anime by reviewing each episode every week. It can get tiring and time consuming to review every week so you must be prepared to sacrifice your time.
  • Interesting – We may not be the best blog/reviewers around but we are looking for interesting bloggers who can provide some added-value to our dear readers of the blog (which includes you ;)).
  • Different – M0rg0th and I have already picked the anime that we plan on reviewing next season and we are looking for people who are interested in reviewing the anime that we won’t be covering.
    (If you are interested in reviewing old completed series, feel free to apply as well.)
  • English – Naturally, we would expect you to have a decent command of the English language but you need not write in perfect English (after all, neither M0rg0th nor I do either).

Things to include when applying:

  • Please state the anime that you are interested in blogging when emailing us of your interest in this recruitment.
  • It is always good for us to know if we would be able to get along with our fellow bloggers. As such, please let us know why you would like to join the team and how you see yourself being able to contributed to the blog. Don’t forget to include a short introduction too. 😉
  • Share with us your previous blogging experience (do not fret, if you don’t have any) or simply tell us what sort of reviewer you think you would be able to be.

As we are uncertain how many applications we would be accepting, we might not be able to accept everyone’s application but we hope that you would still continue to follow us on the blog even if things don’t work out.

If you are interested:

Please fill in the form below or email me at ra.otakuness[at]gmail.com if you are interested in this recruitment or have any questions.

As we would need time to prepare for the upcoming season, we would no longer accept applications past the 20th of December.

We look forward to hearing from you! =D


The Otakuness Team
(aka M0rg0th and Saranaufogus)


About Saranaufogus

An Anime fan who can't seem to keep her thoughts to herself. Find me on: Instagram | Twitter

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  1. If I didn’t start graduate school, I would volunteer my services!

    But then again if wishes were fishes…


  2. I’m a little confused by this need to recruit more bloggers if you don’t have particular shows you wanted covered but can’t do due to time constraints.


  3. Still need more bloggers? I’m Free to help whenever.


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