UN-GO – 10 Impression

Episode 10 – Rinroku Kaishou’s Funeral

Yaaawn, am so sleepy right now so I shall make this a short “review/impression”.

The episode was spent basically building up to a massive climax on the arc of Benttenou whilst constantly dropping hints behind the mystery of Shinjurou’s past with Inga.


As per usual, this episode is shrouded with heavy dialogue that may cause a sleepy person such as myself to be somewhat “stoned” whilst watching the episode (don’t take it literally), but because of how the episode had constantly manage to twist our perception of the situation, I was captivated by the process behind unraveling the truth.

What I had really appreciate about this episode was the way in which the direction of the mystery plot had constantly changed. One minute we are led to believe that perhaps Kaishou was innocent after all, while the next minute, we are made to doubt that perhaps Kaishou really was the killer after all. To say the least, the whole episode that definitely uninitialized the mystery in order to play up the part of portraying the ‘multiple truths in life’.

However, although I may have enjoyed watching the mystery in the episode with the truths behind the tiny clues having been brought to light, I really couldn’t stand Shijurou’s character.

Instead of coming across as an intelligent detective, he had came across as being pretty much human in the way his emotions constantly gets in the way of his deductive skills. There were moments where his brilliance had manage to shine through, but most of the time, I felt like his character was somewhat pig-headed and too prideful, and because of that, he is often led down the wrong path before finally getting back on track.

I know I said that I couldn’t stand his character, but I would like to clarify that the specific thing that had annoyed me was his personality and not his abilities. I actually found the human aspect in his ability to solve crimes to be a refreshing change and a nice break from all those other “genius-like” detectives out there in many other detective shows.

Seeing as to how the series is coming to an end, it is no shock that the show is also trying to entice us to watch the movie. The episode was filled with hints about the past between Inga and Shinjurou, all in an effort to pique our curiosity behind the connection between the both of them. What was interesting was the amount of knowledge Kazamori seemed to have about Inga and who she really is, this had me questioning if beings like Inga are actually known in some way or if Inga and Kazamori had simply formed a bond through their unnatural existence. The episode had also got me wondering what the connection between Inga and Benttenou really is all about. I refuse to believe (for obvious reasons) that Inga is merely acting out due to the lack of blood spilled during the process of obtaining the souls of people whilst she is together with Shinjurou. After all, her behaviour around Shinjurou pretty much proves just that.

Going back to how the show manages to tie in all the different elements of the series, it was nice to see The Novelist making a cameo appearance in the episode. However, although I enjoyed seeing him with his quirky mannerisms, it was odd that all it took for The Novelist to get his mouth “back” was for Kazamori to simply slit it open. =/ Where’s the blood and what the heck was binding his mouth in the first place if no blood is spilled when his mouth was slit?

The last quick thing I would like to touch on before I collapse on my bed and fall asleep is the fact that the animation during the “witness” moment was really odd. Was anyone else finding the lag in the voice-to-animation timing each time Kaishou had spoken to be quite suspicious? Why was there such a lag? I am sure it is not merely bad animation because that would be stupid and BONES is not a studio that would hand us inferior animation in their series.

Overall, the episode had me going around in circles – from thinking that Kaishou was innocent to going back to suspecting that perhaps Kaishou does in fact have Benttenou. This constant questioning of what might be the truth behind things does make for a good buildup for a short series such as this, especially when the this particular arc had managed to tie every other prior arc back into the series through showing us the importance of the previous cases in an overall context.

Oh, and how could one forget the fact that the biggest revelation of all was Kaishou’s shady actions being brought to light by Inga. The amount of revelations and layers in the mystery had definitely made me a happy person. I am always glad to see a series where everything is not as it seems…

Episode Rating: 8/10 – Everything is coming together nicely and I love it when a series tries to tie everything together. I am holding out hope for an awesome ending that hopefully wouldn’t end up disappointing us like the many final episodes of last season’s batch of anime.


(I know I have ignored the whole 9/11 reference in the episode, but I am too tired to go into that so feel free to talk about it all you want and explain what you might think that was all about. =P)

ra’s UN-GO Question of the Week:

Who do you think has Bettenou?

I honestly haven’t a clue at this stage, but I am leaning towards the more obvious choice of the reporter woman. (can’t remember her name)

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  1. The voice time lag in the video of Kaishou was deliberate, and explained last episode when they’re discussing how to broadcast his appearance.


  2. At first I thought Kashirou somehow controlled Bettenou because he sprung her free from prison, out from under the Novelist’s thumb, and had her disappear the Novelist’s mouth.

    But after last episode, I thought she went rogue! And this episode confirms she bit the hand that fed her twice. So nobody “has” Bettenou!


  3. I thought the lag in Kaishou’s video is due to live streaming?

    Mmm… I am leaning towards the Diet member/Mine to have Bettenou, but in that split second we saw someone behind her, I have a feeling it might be Hayami?
    Dunno, the person /looked/ like Hayami.

    Also, I think Inga’s not really lashing out because of the ‘no blood’ deal, I think he’s just getting agitated now over something and using that as an excuse. Kinda like throwing a tantrum, I think.

    All the dialogue confused me a little, but at least it was nice to know that Kaishou isn’t completely honest 🙂 I was hoping that would be the truth.

    Perhaps the Novelist’s mouth was shut by Bettenou and it would take someone with the ‘truth’ to cut it open? //shrugs
    I was a little confused there too.

    There were heaps of memorable moments in this episode. Kazamori’s impersonations of Mizuno are priceless!

    I cant believe UN-GO is coming to an end. I’m so glad I decided to pick this anime to watch 🙂


    • I lay on my bed and pretend I am a banana

      but didn’t you notice that the Novelist’s Mouth was shut by Inga? At least that is what I think happened…. and I don’t think it’s the diet member women, the shadow we saw was a man’s…. em… for some reason I keep thinking it’s that police guy that happened to show up when Inga was questioning the police women with the glasses (sorry not good with names.) Plus he keeps denying that anyone has Bettenou… and isn’t it always the police guy in those detective movies? xD


      • ahhh yes you are right, the Novelist was silenced by Inga, my bad ^_^”

        Well it’s hard to discern at the moment… will have to wait for next week!


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