Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas our dearest readers! I hope that you guys are having an awesome holiday!

To spread some of the joy to those who are bored with nothing to do at home (such as I), here are some cool AMVs that I had found on the internet and wanted to share with you guys to celebrate the upcoming season of Winter Anime. =) Enjoy and take care!


M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

(P.S: I can’t wait to catch episode 2 of Extravagant Challenge!)


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  1. Merry Christmas to you guys as well!! ❤
    And Nostromo is really stunning, I just love his work.
    So if one of you is interested in his Blog where you could find more of his work, check this out:


  2. Merry christmas!
    I wish the blogging would be active once again starting next year.
    I really want to hear your opinion on Shakugan no Shana.
    Because I have a LOT of complains about it myself.
    ANd it wouldn’t hurt to see other people’s thought on it.
    You are claiming it on recruitment announcement,
    but I only saw 4 posts on this blog when it has 12 episodes already.


    • Lol. You can nag M0rg0th about it. lol… I think the guy is without internet for this 2 weeks and will only be back in the new year. I on the other hand am feeling sick =_=” stupid holidays. rawr… I have a couple of reviews written in drafts but I will try to get out a couple today. =)


  3. There are some awesome AMVs in that playlist, I believe 19 of them. Thanks for pointing these out. Merry belated Christmas


  4. I’m so excited. I can’t wait for January to come already! Also, really awesome AMVs. I really like the music used in them. 😀


  5. i know this is late but…
    Merry christmas!
    sorry, i have been busy with exam lately (i didn’t get any holiday cause christmas mean nothing in my country) so i didn’t come here much ^^
    btw, look like you have dropped Persona 4. it alright though, the show, for even a fan of the game like me, really gone downhill and i only rated it 6 in my anime list. if anything, just review it when it finished airing
    just finished MPD and read your review, i really love anime with heavy symbolism so the anime was really amazing to me, but as you mentioned, there are so much thing that seem unanswered or come out of nowhere, the thing bugged me the most that why momoka was so special, how did she get the diary and know the spell.
    also, just marathoned boku wa tomodachi, why did you drop it? it was pretty good to me 🙂


    • Hi! I plan on doing a review for it over this week… just need to find the time to write it.. =_= I still have mirai nikki to write and chihayafuru to get to today. =P

      But it is good to hear from you =D Merry Christmas!


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