Happy New Year!

A popular AMV to celebrate the new year!

Happy New Year World! =D

2011 has finally come to an end and this marks the start of a new season (and year) of anime. I just want to thank our dearest readers for having followed us through the last few months of reviews and we promise that the blog will be back in full swing in this new year. We apologise for the down time over this holiday period as M0rg0th and I had gotten caught up in the holiday cheer.
m(_ _)m

We hope that you will still continue to follow us in 2012 and please look forward to a bigger team.

So… following the cliche train of thought, what do you have planned for the new year? Any resolutions for this upcoming new year? 😉


M0rg0th and Saranaufogus


Here are some videos for you to catch:

Need some motivation? Check out this cool video. Although it is not anime related, it is pretty cool and illustrates the dedication I wish I had. =P

A party tune to kick start the night:

Something to groove to:

Don’t want to party? Just start on a romantic note instead. (This is a rather cute amv)

A little something to help you feel better with your stalking tendencies. =P

A simple amv with a nice song.

And if you are still at home doing nothing like me… =P

So that’s the end of the list of AMVs. =) I hope that it had kept you somewhat entertained. 😉



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