“Gyo” Anime Trailer

It’s been awhile since I last posted something anime “news” related.

The trailer for the anime “Gyo” has been released and it is looking like a good fun OVA filled with madness. Perhaps it is the crazy sharks chasing after human, but the trailer reminds me of a drugged up version of JAWS.

“Based on a horror manga by influential genre talent Junji Ito (Tomie, Uzumaki), Gyo is tale of a young couple visiting the beaches of Okinawa in time to be victims of a land invasion by a plague of scurrying dead fish that attack people both bodily and with their smell.” -CR

This 70 minutes OVA is produced by ufotable, who recently brought us “Fate/Zero”, and is scheduled to be released on the 15th of February. The OVA will be directed by Takayuki Hirao who also directed the fifth movie of “Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners”.

For some reason, this short trailer had reminded me of the surrealistic and “adventurous” trailer of Paprika (directed by Satoshi Kon) but with a more chaos and less class. If you haven’t seen Paprika, I will be adding the trailer to the end of this post.

Although this trailer doesn’t have me jumping up and down in excitement for it’s release, I am anticipating watching this OVA when it does come out.



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  1. I think you’ll definitely enjoy the manga. Junji Ito is a horror manga genius and he’s a huge influence on Yoshihiro Togashi too. I’m a huge fan (owning volumes of his work and rereading them from time to time) and while I’m looking forward to this OVA, I highly doubt it can live up to the typical Junji Ito standard.


    • Lol… I know that this is meant to be a horror series but the trailer made it seem more like a comedy-horror sorta story.

      I might actually read the manga since you are saying that he is a horror manga genius. XD God know I don’t have enough things on my to-do list as it stands… *cough* XD heh


  2. Less class is right. Typical rape+gore+ho stuff.


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