Kill Me Baby – First Impression

Episode 01 – Dogs and Ninjas Underneath the Cherry Blossoms

“Kill me baby!”
Is that meant to reflect what one is meant to think while watching the show?

Okay, so I might be over reacting with the whole “kill me” part, but for a gag/comedic story, it really wasn’t all that funny.


“Kill Me Baby follows the comedic life of a typical school girl Yasuna and her assassin classmate Sonya. Sonya’s attempt to fit in often fails when her natural assassin instincts kick in and Yasuna’s attempt to be more friendly with Sonya often gets her hurt or intimidated. Kill Me Baby’s cute sense of humor will keep you wanting more.” – My Anime List

This series is an adaptation of a 4-panel style manga (aka Yonkoma), but if you are expecting something like “Lucky Star” or “K-On!” you would be sadly disappointed.

From what I know, Yonkomas rarely have an on-going storyline and most of the time, the stories are short and would end within the 4 panels. From the looks of this first episode, this series reflects the style the manga. Every scene goes by in a quick manner, and whilst I am all for the quick and straight-to-the-point version of things, the humor had fallen flat on me. Heck, I had gotten more enjoyment out of the 3mins scene in “Recorder to Randoseru” than in any of the short stories in this episode.

That is a problem in my mind as the show is meant to be a gag-series and I had found it more lame than enjoyable. Although gag mangas are meant to be simple and easy to understand, they can still be funny and entertaining if done correctly. For instance, the on-running joke about Sonya’s automatic self-defense had gotten old quite quickly and to have to reuse that joke multiple times in one episode was tiring.

One of the biggest problems with this series was also how choppy the transition between the “segments” were. It was pretty obvious where one joke had ended and where the other one started. Instead of developing and adapting the story into being something with more of a flow to it, the show had felt like another of those “animated manga” instead of an animation with little adaptation to done to suit the medium. It would have made things better even if it was by simply slowing down the pace in order to develop the mood.

As for the vibe of the show, let it be known that everything about this series is cute. From the Chibi characters, to the voice actors, to the style of the jokes to the colour palette, everything screamed “C-U-T-E”. =P There is nothing wrong with a cute series, but I just thought that I needed to warn you. Oh, and when I say “cute”, I don’t mean butterflies and girly stuff, I just mean that the produces of the show had a very obvious idea of what they wanted the show to be like – adorable.

The animation is vibrant and simple, and although there is nothing complex about the art, it works for the show. The style of the animation forces the audience to focus on the actual content on the show and characters. The use of certain icons/imagery alongside some stock standard sound effects aids with lifting the impact of the content. And although the lack of background music and silence might feel odd to some, but I felt that it suited this type of show.

As for the characters, they do not really appeal to me. Sonya takes on the role of the typical stoic “no nonsense” character that is paired with her sidekick (Yasuna) who is “all nonsense” and bubbly. To join the pack is a wanna be ninja called Agiri who is constantly fooling around with her ninja equipment and moves. The best part of this episode for me has got to be the narrator, his comic timing is pretty good and his “explanatory” lines were the most humorous elements of this episode.

Overall, if you like gag series filled with cute chibi school girls, then you might want to give the show a try. The humor of the show is just not my cup of tea and the first 3 minutes of the show would give you a pretty good idea of what to expect out of the rest of the episode. I didn’t have any sort of expectations before watching this episode, but now that I’ve seen it, I am not sure if I would continue on with this series. It wasn’t terrible, but it was simply not that entertaining and not my cup of tea. It seems like this is another miss for J.C Staff if their aim was to target the series at an older crowd. But, it might be an entertaining watch for the younger ones.

Episode Rating: 5/10


Anyone loving this series? It would be interesting to know what you think about it as well.


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  1. Watch this anime?
    Yah I think ill pass…..


  2. I lay on my bed and pretend I am a banana

    Well, it’s supposed to be funny but ehh.. it wasn’t funny at all 😦 I just had a WTF look on my face while watching this…


  3. The way she broke her friend’s wrist everytime gets old so quickly.
    The way she overreacted on cockroaches,
    the way she’s afraid of dogs, ghosts,
    the way they see ghosts on her photograph,
    they are all old jokes we have seen countless times somewhere else….


  4. I had high hopes for this show because Full Metal Panic is one of my all-time favourite series and they have a similar comedic premise. Alas, this show is a huge disappointment.


    • I love FMP, but I think that although FMP has awesome comedy, the reason why it’s so good is because it also has an on-going plot that is intriguing and the comedy plays off characters/premise that are already established/developed. Sadly, this show really doesn’t have anything going for it. =/


  5. I too was kind of disappointed by this show…I was hoping it would fill the void that Nichijou left, but sadly it didn’t. I was surprised by how much Sonya’s VA sounded like Ai Maeda (according to wiki, though, it’s Mutsumi Tamura).


  6. I love it.
    Offsets “Another” perfectly.
    Agiri rocks.


  7. K-ON! was nice and simple, K-ON!! was pure crap, lenghty emptiness and vomiting moe. Here, I laugh a lot more than with Lucky Star, though both of them should be watched with moderation. At least they don’t fed us those moeblob slice of life moments. And if you did bother to check the original you would notice that they did adapt the whole thing so it would flow omre naturally than a succession of 4koma.


  8. About this serie, I’ve first read the manga, and I found quite enjoyable. So I wanted to watch the anime, and the deception was there. First, the opening is… lame. I’ve no other word for that. Next, the voice play is flat, unconvincing. It was like hearing a bad dub, but in japanese. Being an otaku loving subs, it was the first time in my life I noticed something like that by myself, which gives you an idea of the show quality. Still, the animation is ok, very simple and in the manga’s style, which pleases me. But the voices are a bit off and flat. Also, as the author here said, it’s an animated manga, and it should have stayed as well. In a 4 panels, the dialogs can be short and simple. In an anime, it feel empty and with bad transitions. After 2 others episodes (which I already started to skip the opening, but enjoy the ending) I can start to adjust a bit my brain (lower my IQ) to be able to enjoy a bit the show, and there are funny moments. But I remember it was far more enjoyable in the manga. I guess I’ll still try to watch a bit more.
    By the way, I found also lucky star quite flat, except for the memorable lucky channel and the incredible store keeper. I guess it’s also from a 4 panels manga, which I should check. Still it was better than this, but not at the level of azumanga.


  9. The Helium scene is the most epic and funniest scene i watched ever.


  10. Have you watched the dub yet because my God, it’s terrible!


  11. I finished watching this today, and now I’m hunting around for reviews of it to see if anyone agrees with me. I really didn’t like Sonya in Kill Me Baby. The entire reason I watched it was because it’s so transparently “KAWAII DESU~”, with friendly, inoffensive light comedy. That’s what I wanted, and that’s kind of what I got, but I really feel like they overdid Sonya’s harshness. All the reviews I’ve seen seem to agree that the series reuses jokes far too often, but it was still funny in spite of that. However, the joke that Sonya will violently attack and bully Yasuna just felt mean a lot of the time. At one point, Yasuna thinks Sonya must be unhappy because of how frequently she breaks her wrist and strangles her, so she decides to bring her most cherished childhood toy to school and let Sonya play with it to cheer her up. Sonya’s response is to grab it and destroy it while Yasuna watches on helplessly and starts crying. That’s not funny; that’s horrible! Sonya is just a bully, and I’m meant to laugh at silly Yasuna for being bullied. When the entire series has clearly been created to pander to every single vacuous chibi stereotype, and consists of almost nothing else (two main characters really isn’t enough to keep things fresh, and the only other two characters in the entire series are both woefully underused), surely the creators of this series must have been aware that some of its audience would be watching for amiable, friendly cuteness. As one of those people, I really don’t agree with 80% of the jokes consisting of watching the likeable, innocent protagonist get beaten up and abused. Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh managed to get away with abusing their characters regularly, but that’s because there were other things in those series too. Kill Me Baby is just 13 (admittedly quite funny) episodes of watching an adorable child get her arm broken over and over again. Sorry for the lengthy, furious comment; I just really feel that somebody needs to point this out.

    And Agiri is nice to everyone, all the time, in addition to being the only interesting character in the entire series. I would definitely watch a spin-off with just Agiri.


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