Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 14 Impression

Episode 14 – Hit x The x Target

I know that many of you had probably thought that I’ve dropped this series… Well, that is not exactly true.

Although I’ll continue to blog this series, this is not a high priority on my list and the reviews might get delayed as Sunday seems to be the day where most of the shows that I am blogging come out on. =) (Also, I am busy preparing for my 3 weeks vacation to Singapore. XD Am so excited =D)

So this episode goes straight into the next segment of the Hunter exam, and for those who have seen the ’99 series, you might be scratching your head wondering whatever happened to the ship arc.


This will probably be a quick post since I am in a rush. Busy busy busy… I apologise for this fact. I was tempted to not blog this at all, but I figured that it is probably better for me to write something than nothing at all. (Or do you disagree?)

As I had mentioned above, the ship arc that was in the ’99 series was not featured in this series. Although I knew that that part was originally a filler segment, I had actually enjoyed it a lot as that had given us the first opportunity to see everyone working together as a team. But oh well, even if I did enjoy it, it is there in the ’99 version for me to rewatch if I do miss it and want to reminisce. Since that part hadn’t actually done anything (apart from entertaining me in the ’99 series), I am actually quite happy that it was left out of this version and the story had progressed without any fillers to slow it down.

hmmm... *in a daze*

To be honest, this part of the exam is actually my least favorite part out of the whole series. Even though I know how crucial this segment is, there is just something about it that bores me. Perhaps it was the sudden lack of the Gon group being together that had done it for me, but whatever it is, it is just my personal preference.

This is probably the first time that we are shown this much information on the rest of the candidates in the exam as they battle out to hunt each other down, and we can definitely expect more of it in the future episodes. It is an opportunity for the remaining candidates to stand out and to make themselves known in this series, and this comes at the right time. Although I do love all the main characters, focusing on a fix set of characters whilst ignoring everyone else makes it feel like it wouldn’t have mattered if 1,000 or 100,000 people had joined the hunter exam if we were to never know much about any of the other candidates anyway.

What I do like about this part is how we are shown the way each player hunts their prey down – the different methods and different level of intelligence really makes for an interesting display. Some characters outwit others by laying traps within their attacks, some stalk and wait for the appropriate moment to attack and Gon, well, he kinda abuses/plays with animals. (Just kidding. But honestly, testing his skills out on animals should count as some form of animal cruelty. But then again, who am I to say anything? I am by no means a herbivore. =P)

The way Gon reacted had reacted in this scene had reminded me of how this is similar to the way people seek-out/enjoy things that brings them fear. (eg. Watching a horror movie despite knowing you are going to shit your pants. =P)

The character development in this segment is also one thing to look out for. Simply from observing Gon as his shakes in excitement/fear of hunting Hisoka, it solidifies the fact that Gon is by no means a normal kid and has a darker side to him. The fact that danger appeals to him shows how he is a similar type of person to Hisoka and Killua, only that he is a “coated in layers of chocolate and candy” version of them. Sweet and oh so tempting, but you know you gonna get type 2 diabetes from eating too much of that shit. =P (Okay, so my attempt at jokes are falling short as well and you are probably wondering why you’ve even bothered with reading this post)

To be honest, I haven’t too much to say about this episode without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen the show before.

Overall, if there was any impression (prior to this episode) in your mind that this was a typical mindless action shounen series that was all about beating one another up, I would say that this episode should help with changing that.

The depth of thought that each character does in order to prepare themselves for the hunt and the fact that things aren’t always that one dimensional proves that the plot of this show has more to offer than your generic “fighting the bad guys” shounen series. This exam actually sets up the stage to allow multiple things to come into play. For example, the true personalities of each character is tested (with the choice of being able to kill their prey) as well as the candidates’ ability to hunt and to protect.

With that said, I am looking forward to the next episode.

I shall end my crappy and short Impression/Review here and bid you lovely folks goodnight. =)



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  1. I’m glad that you’re continuing this. It’s always interesting to her your opinions, and I really hope you won’t drop this anime (and that you won’t stop writing these reviews)!


  2. Lol, I think that was an episode appropriate review, not much happened besides the set up for the hunting challenge and watching Gon train. I like training sequences so it probably didn’t bother me as much, but it did feel kind of slow, waiting for him to catch that bird. I also didn’t understand why the group didn’t stick together, since they were already telling each other who they didn’t have, but I’m sure I’m missing the big picture there.

    I thought it was just me, but I also noticed that last season, most things I found worth watching we all streaming over the weekends, leaving my week nights empty to catch up on a random, already completed series.


    • It had also felt slow for me, but I can understand the point behind it since everyone is kinda “stalking”/preparing to trap their prey.

      And yeap… most things were on the weekend. (Mawaru, UNGO etc etc.) But this season has Natsume on the weekday =D And I’m hoping for InuxBoku SS to be decent… hoping.


  3. I was wondering what you were doing, I hadn’t seen any posts from you for a while. I haven’t been following this show since the first episode (speaking as someone else who watched the ’99 series and didn’t read the manga, I kind of hated it). I’m surprised that they reached this part so quickly. I’m also surprised that the ship part was filler, it felt so natural to me when I first watched it. I am glad to hear the new show seems to be stepping up, if only a little.

    Also, have fun in Singapore! I envy you, all I have to look forward to is lots of snow and the start of the spring semester.


    • Haha, its summer here in Aussie so going to Singapore is just more summer for me. I would love to get a chance to see the snow. =_=

      Melbourne only seems to Hail and bash you with ice instead of snow. The oddity of nature I guess. =/


  4. hey did they include in the 99 gittarick showed face? I’m confused my video streaming isnt working for me right now…


  5. I’m looking forward to your return, Saranaufogus. The series is waaaay ahead the reviews and I’m curious to see your opinion about the new episodes.


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