Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – 02 Review

Dear Nyanko-sensei, I’m sad to say that there’s no beer nor squid in the forest. Love, ra. =D

Episode 02 (41) – The Eastern Forest

And so this episode follows the trend of two-episodes-only arc. I wonder if there will ever come a time where the series manages to stretch pass covering more than two episodes in an arc.

This was a nice and sweet ending to an exciting start and we were able to catch a glimpse of the typical Natsume heartwarming aftereffect glow towards the end of the episode.


I just love the way this series makes me feel after each episode. This warm and fuzzy feeling, that lingers even after the ending song is long gone, really makes me smile like an idiot. =) I know that I was uncertain about the choice of the ending theme song, but this episode had proved that it works and I like it.

This arc is no where near perfect, but I think that every each double-episode long arcs just seem better than the previous. The excitement through the first half of the show had me shaking in anticipation, and honestly, this is not what a series like Natsume is meant to be doing to me. What I should be like, is in a daze whilst lying in bed after the end of each episode, and definitely not excited. =P

Although I love how Matoba’s appearance always has a way of bringing excitement to the series, I honestly hate him. If it were me, I would have told him to shut the hell up since he had essentially invaded their home first. =_=” I can’t understand how people are able to say such two-faced things sometimes. (Sorry, I just had to rant after having seen that scene)

The ending was rather abrupt and somewhat anti-climatic, and although I wished that we would were given the chance to see Natsume depending on his own strength to protect himself, this episode proves that Natsume’s strength lies with his personality. Some ass kicking on Natsume’s part would have been a nice thing to see, but the confidence that Natsume has in the Yokai’s and in himself, was more than enough to make up for it. Instead of being worried about what others would think of him when they see him talking to himself, he is instead immersing himself in the company of Yokais whom he calls friends.

As I had said, the ending was sudden and this whole arc had really amounted to nothing much. Every time that I had thought something big is going to happen, I am instead left feeling like I’ve just been teased. I know I shouldn’t be surprised since this show is not about being flashy nor about accomplishing something big, but I can’t seem to help wanting more. There were also a few slightly “cliche”-feeling moments in this episode with Natsume having won over enemies etc., but I guess cliche is cliche because it works. 😉

One thing that I had noticed in this arc was the fact that this was the first time Natsume’s yokais had actively gone to his rescue and had sought to help him out without having been asked. Where last season was focused on Natsume’s treatment of the people and yokai surrounding him, this episode had touched on the yokai’s acceptance of Natsume into their circle and their views of him, and with the help of Matoba’s detective-like skills, Natsume is then left wondering where his place is meant to be in the world. I think that it would be safe to assume that the on-going focus of this season would be on Natsume finding his place in the world as he tries to coexist with both Yokais and Humans.

Rokka looks like a giant Counsin It from the Adam’s Family with Voldemort’s face. =_=

Another thing that I love about this series is the way the line between Yokai’s and humans are constantly left blurred due to how similar both of them are to one another. Both are susceptible to corruption and both possess a strong sense of survival and are merely going about ways to fulfill their needs. The only difference between them is their state of existence. It is always enjoyable to watch the both sides fight to deny the other’s existence.

Damn, I love it when the good people kick ass. =) It seems that the strength of a yokai is determined by their size in this series =P (unless you are a god of course 😉 ) Whatever the case, this strong peace-loving Natsume party always makes me smile when they gather together.

Overall, this was a sweet end to an unusually exciting arc of Natsume, where everyone (useless or not) have decided to come to Natsume’s rescue in order to protect him. =) It is hard to find yourself unable to appreciate the loveliness of this simple and heartwarming show, even those small comedic moments that are scattered throughout the episode are filled with warmth.

Although I had really enjoyed this arc, I can’t wait to get back into the mellow mood and episodic style of Natsume as Natsume wouldn’t be Natsume otherwise.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

(Feeling like I’m coming down with something… TT^TT and right before my trip to Singapore. Dammit. Argh.)

Misuzu looks like he is carrying a baby Madara. Kinda. Lol.

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  1. wonderful Episode ^_^

    I was really dying from laughing and excitement in the same time (( deadly combination ))

    I died when i saw Hinoe marching with weapon in the end 😀 also these two yokai hahaha

    now i really love the scen when they all fly beside the moon

    Natsume really mature as you say become more confidence in himself
    huge different from the previous season

    ((I can’t wait to get back into the mellow mood and episodic style of Natsume )) i agree my heart can’t handle all this excitement 😀

    this season seem promising ^_^


    • “this season seem promising ^_^”

      Definitely =D I don’t think that any of the other season’s of Natsume had ever started off with making me this excited for what’s to come next. =)


  2. I’ve been reading the manga as well as watching the anime. I love both to bits. The anime follows the manga rather closely though with the Matoba arc being spaced out a bit differently. However what actually happens stays the same if a bit more rushed. I’m actually very very pleased to see the anime following the manga so closely though it worries me because it’s catching up to the manga…

    Matoba is much more um, pervy creeperish? in the anime. In this I keep expecting him to randomly rape Natsume. I blame the voice acting because well, he’s pretty much exactly like he is in the manga but….

    What does displease me is that the hints Matoba drops in the manga are Not dropped in the anime. The Hints about Natsume’s Mother. The manga also flushes out more things and though I understand why they haven’t it annoys me slightly….

    However, all said and done I really do love this anime. I’m past this point in the manga yet I’m waiting with bated breath for the next episode… They just bring the story to life in such a way that I just can’t get enough.


    • “in the anime. In this I keep expecting him to randomly rape Natsume”

      Lol! well.. he does give off that vibe. =P

      “I’m actually very very pleased to see the anime following the manga so closely though it worries me because it’s catching up to the manga…”

      How quickly are they catching up to the manga? Would there be enough material for them to cover this season?


      • We have enough material for this season, and enough to start the next actually. As of right now, there are 4 more arcs left, 6 one-shot chapters, and 2 special chapters.

        New chapter come out every month, so it means 3 more chapters by the time this season end. If they throw in some original episodes like they did with last season it would be even better. From then they can take a longer break to catch up again.

        I have to thanks whoever decided to use the 1 core format for this series.
        If not thing went wrong, I’m starting to hope we could really follow this franchise to it’s actual end.


    • “Matoba is much more um, pervy creeperish? in the anime. In this I keep expecting him to randomly rape Natsume.”

      Haha, I get that same feeling from the manga. So I suppose that aspect of Matoba, er…. carries over…


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