Daily Lives of High School Boys – First Impression

Don't worry, this is not some Boy Love, Yaoi series. It is just a group of high school adolescenct boys being stupid.

Episode 01

“Daily Lives of High School Boys” is this season’s “Group of High School Boys” Slice-of-Life series. Being an adaptation of a gag manga series, this show definitely wasn’t what I had expected it to be. Instead of the much expected sentimental flare, we were treated to a few good laughs instead.

After last season’s disappointing start to Kimi to Boku, I was definitely weary of this season’s “high school boys” series. Thankfully, things are looking promising for this series and definitely much more entertaining than the first episode of Kimi to Boku.


With a cast like this, it is no shock that the show heavily depended on the voice actor’s ability to deliver the lines in a comedic manner. If you had thought that some of the voice actors had sounded familiar, you would be right.

Suzumura Kenichi who voices Yoshitake is also voice actor of the character Okita-san from “Gintama”.
Sugita Tomokazu who voices Hidenori in this series, is actually the voice of our beloved Sakata Gintoki from “Gintama”.
As for Irino Miyu, who is the voice of Tadakuni, he was actually the voice of the hyper Chizuru from last season’s “Kimi to Boku” (the most entertaining character out of the lot, but that honestly doesn’t say too much of his abilities).

I am not sure if any of you are the type of people to concern yourself who the voice actors of a series are, but I personally find that certain voice actors have the ability to determine whether a show is worth watching or not (though the downfall is usually mostly due to a poor plot. I mean, if a story is good, its good.). In this case, the VA are definitely the ones who have captured my interest in this series.

Although I haven’t read the manga, this episode has made me certain that the manga is most likely a short-story manga. This really seems to be turning into a season of shorts with the appearance of short-story series like “Recorder to Randoseru”, “Kill me Baby” and now this series. But where the first two had failed, this series had manage to succeed. I am not saying that this show is some hidden gem, all I am saying is that the pacing is actually quite nice in this this show. Although the endings do tend to appear quite abruptly, each short story manages to develop a decent buildup before it’s climax.

Since it is a gag series, the question you are probably wondering about (or not) is whether this show is funny? After all, whats the point of having a star cast if the show is as boring as watching my dog’s attempts at chasing his tail? (Which can actually be quite amusing to watch at times.)

"You can do it!"

Well, to answer that question, there were a few moments that had cracked me up, but the episode was a bunch of hits and misses. The best short in the episode was definitely the last story about the river bank scene. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of things, and honestly, the personalities of the characters definitely cracked me up. Then there were those moments where I was simply waiting for the punchline to be delivered only to be disappointed. In short (no pun intended), not every story is worth the watch, but with each segment being so short, it honestly isn’t that bad to sit through.

As for the structure of the jokes… for the most part of it, it is rather straightforward. The first part of the story tries to build up to a punchline/twist that is meant to be delivered towards the end of the short. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch a few laughs here and there before the big punchline, but don’t expect anything profound. Some of the jokes tend to be something that you would’ve spotted a mile away, but then there are those few fun moments that made it feel like it wouldn’t have mattered if the joke were expected simply due to the way the characters had delivered the lines.

Moving onto the characters of the series…, The show has it’s fair share of oddball personalities which ensures us that things will never really get too boring, and if they do, it’ll be over before you know it and they’d have moved onto a new story. The reactions of the characters are definitely the highlight of the series and this is where I refer back to the fact that the choice of voice actors makes a difference. The over the top exaggerated attitude of Sugita Tomokazu is always a delight to listen to, especially when the story is actually decent. However, I am still not sure if I am really loving any of the characters just yet, and this is a worry since the series really banks on the character’s ability to appeal and connect with the audience. After all, jokes are always more interesting when you love the person who’s telling them.

The character designs in this series isn’t the greatest and the animation has this dull tint to it. The background music honestly gets lost and I found myself wishing that there was some sort of “extra” element to help with boosting the mood of the series. Even when the BGM was playing, I felt like it was as good as silence. The biggest problem was probably the animation, just like the jokes, the animation was rather simple and we were constantly shrouded with zooming, panning, and still-frame shots. If you are looking for some creativity in a series, I urge you to look elsewhere. This is definitely not an inspiring series to be watching if you are a budding animator.

Overall, this is a pretty simple comedy series revolving around a bunch of high school boys simply acting like boys. With the way the series is structured, each short will be over before you know it and you’ll be hit with the next one without missing a beat. If you are looking for an on-going plot, I honestly don’t think that this series would be able to deliver one. Each short seems to be unrelated to the previous and it feels more like you are watching a bunch of kids fooling around after school each day (like the title suggests). I am honestly not a huge fan of shorts, but I’m willing to give this series a shot. Hopefully this show will turn out to be a worthy series to watch out for.

Episode Rating: 7/10 (was tempted to give it a 6.5, but the last short was good and the episode wasn’t all that bad as a whole)


So, did the first episode turn out to be better than what you had thought it’d be? Or was this just another one of the many “rubbish” series that’s out this season?

Like it or hate it? I’d love to hear what you think of the show. =)

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  1. when will they suck each others peni$? just like in kimi to boku?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice review! I think it was pretty funny, and I’m not a easily amused person (the only anime comedies that have made me laugh so far is Sayonara Zetsubou sensei, and a few moments in Hetalia). The part with the skirt was maybe a little bit lame, but I think the rest was decent, especially the last few minutes! I’ll keep watching this. I know it won’t be a favorite of mine, seeing how all my favorites are more serious/dark anime, but it’s nice to pass time, and as long as it atleast makes me smile, then I’ll keep watching.


  3. I lay on my bed and pretend I am a banana

    The ending was hilarious xD In terms of comedy I think this is a better anime than Kimi to Boku, but I like the characters in Kimi to Boku more… maybe because we saw some of their history.. idk


  4. I actually quite liked this a lot more than I expected to…felt like 40% Gintama (may have just been because of the VA’s), 30% Hale+Guu, 20& Nichijou, and 10% Kimi to Boku. And yeah, the last story was probably to best.


  5. Actually, it turned out MUCH better than I thought, I especially found the introduction pretty hilarious.

    Did you know it was directed by Gintama’s director?
    Also, halfway during the show I became suspicious and checked, but, the music is also by the same composer as Gintama’s.
    That and the seiyuu made me think Gintama during the whole episode.
    Which is both good and bad, I hope the show will get an identity of its own because it’d be a shame if it stayed to the point of just being like Gintama but with normal high school boys.

    About seiyuu, the delinquent, whatever his name was, is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, I love his deep serious but comical voice.

    And I love the little sister.

    And my friends, the males, went crazy over the skirt too. An entire class worth of high school boys wore skirts to school.
    Under, some wore strings.
    Yeah. Serious.


    • Skirts are both fashionable acceptable on men, as long as they are at least knee long and labeled “kilts.” 🙂

      Also, I had no idea that Kamagata Eiichi did the music for this! He’s one of my favorite anime composers, but he hasn’t done a whole lot, so it’s nice that he’s doing more.


      • Now you mention it, I had a friend who wore a kilt regulary to school at Uni.

        Still, the kind of skirts my high school friends wore were more like mini skirts, a bit too short. Especially with the kind of underwears they were wearing.
        Not that I mind seeing pretty things ^^

        There were some parts of the anime where I thought it was pretty obvious it was the same composer, but I was surprised to see he did Bakuman’s music too, totally doesn’t sound the same. I’d like for him to do more now, he obviously can adapt his music to the style of anime he’s composing for and that’s a good point in his favor.


    • Huh. Seems someone neglected to read my Winter Compendium 😀 😀 😀 (I essentially said it was Gintama without swords and aliens^^)

      But yeah, the show was about what I thought it’d be–and that’s a good thing!


      • Lol!

        Well.. It took me awhile to actually get into Gintama so I think that in this aspect, this series is already doing well. =P

        Can’t wait to see how the next episode turns out. =)


  6. I was a bit disappointed that the first two segments were the same as in the preview, but the others definitely kept me amused. Some of the jokes they used didn’t quite make sense to me, but overall it was still pretty good.


  7. this last segment was the most hilarious XD


  8. I saw this with some friends, and we ended up in tears from laughing from start to finish.. specially the ending of this ep. I dont know if is easy to make us laugh, but we didnt find it boring or hit and miss. We havent laughed so much since the ep. 15 of Nichijou. Period.


  9. Haha contrary to most i thought the part about the skirts was absolutely hilarious. I certainly didn’t expect that trick… But then again i tend to get tricked a lot by my frens to do stupid things just like the main character *sigh* so I sorta sympathize n find it extra funny. I do agree with the characters designs being rather bland n forgettable which is rather worrying. I guess I’ll b staying on for the jokes n Gintoki’s voice, which although age inappropriate, is a joy to listen to 😛


  10. “Daily lives…” was a good show. I was surprised when it ended after the first season. It kind of reminded me of Nichijo in having random short stories. My favorite character has to be Literary Girl, for someone who remains quiet and nods most of the time, her reactions to scenery and romance are hilarious. I just hope they come out with a season 2.


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