Another – 02 Review

The past has so much to tell – and there’s the fact that it had led to the present. The present was terribly uncertain, a place of fear and of doubt – restless. The future initiates more suspicions, more anxiety, more concerns, it’s dim and the light is nowhere to be found.

Episode 2 – Blueprint


That's ART!

Class 3-3 is having an art class with Mikami-sensei, disturbed by how Mochizuki-kun’s version of a lemon is drawn (a proud Edvard Munch fan), she can’t help but lectured him with the so called ‘objectives of the class’ and told him he can do that in their club (arts).

After the class,  Sakakibara-kun & Mochizuki-kun continued talking about the painting (Munch’s The Scream) and on how the painting can make you feel scared or uneasy, but apparently Mochizuki-kun like it that way since the painting “draws out that emotion”, and something about pretending you can’t see what’s happening around you won’t do you any good, not long when they we’re interrupted with Teshigawara-kun tapping Sakakibara’s shoulders.  Teshigawara said to let him join if their talking about Mikami-sensei, but not knowing anything, sakakibara said their “talking about something darker”, and different thoughts came into Teshigawara’s mind. Unable to stop himself, he suddenly blurted out a taboo word like “cursed class 3” that made the air a little awkward. Teshigawara who’s a little hesitant on telling something about the class (with mochizuki’s disapproval) wasn’t even able to continue when sakakibara left them upon seeing misaki (obviously, misaki is more interesting than some curse classroom) in the library.

At the library, Sakakibara-kun was talking to Misaki about certain things such as the day before in the rain, about her eye patch and some other things he was so interested about, but was interrupted again when the school librarian, Chibiki-san, notice him and made him go back to his class.

Curiously, Sakakibara visited the hospital (Late at night) to ask if there was a girl who just died last time he was there.  The nurse being cooperative told him she’ll call him if she founds out anything. The next day, Sakakibara was questioned again by Akazawa, saying that she was so sure she already saw him before and was annoyed for not being able to remember it.

Another circumstance when Sakakibara-kun can’t help himself but just be enticed with Misaki’s presence and ends up following her in her way home. Losing misaki in his sight, he ends up wandering near a weird shop/museum of dolls called studio M. Sakakibara’s phone rang and it’s the nurse, Mizuno-san telling him about a junior high school girl that had died, and her name was misaki or masaki, which the nurse can’t remember well, then creepily the line got cut off.

Sakakibara entered the store and a sinister lady greeted him asking (extorting) 500 yen for the admission fee.  While looking around, He saw a human sized doll that he claimed to look like misaki. Surprised, Misaki appeared and asked him what he was doing there, after some conversation, misaki suddenly said if she should let him see what’s behind her eye patch and slowly took it off.


Basically, nothing really happened in this episode. We we’re just shown on how much Sakakibara was too engrossed with Misaki that every time (YES! EVERYTIME) misaki is spotted; Sakakibara is like a devoted dog whose out to follow his master and that ain’t nice, no, it’s disturbing.

The lost of senses, undergoing something like hypnotism doesn’t feel right at all, and its way too exaggerated for me. I mean even if you’re interested to an individual, that’s not how a normal person would act like (I think).

There’s a weird atmosphere enveloping Misaki and that odd fixation only made ‘blueprint’ to open up new mysteries left to be unravel in the later parts of the series.

  • Episode 2 is no different, we’re still uncertain if whether Misaki appears to be dead or not, and obviously there are only 2 answers for that; 1) She’s already dead, and therefore she’s but only a ghost that only sakakibara can see or 2) She’s being treated as ‘invisible’ by both students & teachers alike (explain how Chibiki-san sent Sakakibara-kun back to his class and he doesn’t seem to mind Misaki around), but more or less I get the feeling its the latter.
  • The Cliché moments when you’re trying to tell something (supposedly) really “important” but always seem to get interrupted at the most crucial times. Leaving Sakakibara’s actions out for now, Class 3-3 is a cursed room, we get that and it seems like telling it to some other people is bad (or not?) but the idea does sound intriguing, and there’s still that thought of what will really happen in that room/ school (misaki’s constant warnings).
  • Sakakibara is one curious person (check); he went to the hospital late at night just to ask about a girl who just died recently. Sole daughter of some family named misaki/masaki (we can’t really be too sure), makes you think it’s the same person (or not).
  • The reason of Akazawa’s constant questioning of whether Sakakibara stayed there long or not, I mean so what?! that doesn’t make a difference that whoever is in that place will be or might be a victim of whatever will happen in the future.
  • The creepy dolls? Is there some meaning behind it? It seems that those dolls appears way too often (misaki was holding one in the 1st episode & there’s this doll museum), but I have yet to see its significance in the story, and the ‘end of scene’ shots is not appealing at all (reminds me of the ‘cats’ in kimi to boku, which was rather lame and uncalled for). Next to the dolls is the museum itself, does the setting hold a real meaning? It only reminded me of this Korean horror film doll master = D anyone have watched that?

This week’s episode is nothing special and is very general (common horror quirks), while the story is building so much mystery already, I just hope that all of them will be answered (until the end of the series) and will be executed well exceeding everybody’s expectations. Now what makes me wanna talk is still about the excellent BGM’s & Sound Effects that I’m liking and more or less wanting to hear more in the future. Just like how good pacing can bring out the most in the story, good musics creates an alive & believable atmosphere, making the story much greater I guess = )

Episode Rating: 5.5/10

 Did anyone of you notice that the elevator at the hospital doesn’t have a 4th floor?

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  1. Because ‘4’ means ‘shi’ (as in death) :D. Good review!


  2. The hospital has no 4th floor because in Japanese one of the ways to say 4 is “Shi” which is also how you say “death”. It’d be quite unfortunate to have a floor named death in an hospital.
    Well, that’s what I assume at least, since sometimes in the West buildings don’t have a 13th floor because it’s (un)lucky it doesn’t seem too far fetched to imagine it’s the same in Japan.

    Anyway! Looking back at the episode, in the end, nothing happened, it was just creepy. And damn is the librarian creepy, but his name makes me laugh and his voice makes me smile. Go figure.
    I’m quite interested in the art club boy.

    And I have no idea is Misaki is alive or not, if she’s alive, she’s being ignored, if she’s dead, well, maybe everyone’s dead too.
    But I think she might be “alive”, because of the dolls, I think they’re representing Misaki’s being, she exists, but she’s dead at the same time because others don’t see her as alive.
    I think.


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      nothing happened, it was just creepy

      and that’s not good, only trying to scare the viewers won’t work if nothing will happen.

      I think she might be “alive”, because of the dolls, I think they’re representing Misaki’s being

      I still can’t see the significance of the dolls just yet so I can’t say much to them, but I did try and deduced on how misaki is being treated currently, and strongly it might be either of the two. Let’s just hope that whatever the answer is, they’lll deliver it good.


  3. Personally, I find his solid interest in Misaki hilarious – it really bought me. He does see all the strange behaviour from classmates, from Misaki, rumor’s, curses etc. yet he doesn’t mind it at all. He was even told he might be asossiated with death and he still was unshaken. I find it impressive from storytelling point as it implies that he either has abridged sense of reality or that he has some screw in his head broken and isn’t afraid of the terror that might appear. That and also the fact that he sticks to Misaki no matter what, even after suspecting her to be a ghost. I think that this might be his strongest point which might help him survive. And even if he dies, he probably wouldn’t have many regrets. Damn, I feel that he really might be death-driven.

    In some other series they portray protagonists as anxious and scared in order to make the audience thrilled, but at some point it becomes so weary, distracting and irritating that I wish them to actually experience what they are so afraid of in the worst possible way. Sadistic, I know, but not in Sakakibara’s case: he might be stronger than that.


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      Apparently, our protagonist has won the title “mr. horror lover” or as the nurse, Mizuno-san often called him, and I see just where that lack of anxiousness comes from. But though I say that, It still doesn’t explain he’s extremely odd behavior on how he acts towards Misaki. I still think It’s just plain creepy = )


  4. I didn’t realize until I read your review, but nothing did actually happen. I think I was too focused on how creepy everything was that I didn’t notice nothing was gained by anyone except for affirmation that the girl is dead or something along those line. In terms of being a horror anime, I think its setting the mood well, those dolls were disturbing, and so was that lemon.
    What I did like was that even after starting to realize she was dead, the main character kept following her, which either shows he has balls, or is too curious for his own good. Last season we had some wimpy, scared characters in action series (guilty crown, future diary) so it was nice to see someone that wasn’t debilitated from the start of a series. Granted the other main characters developed over time, but I enjoyed the fact that this series is focusing tone and setting, and hopefully plot next episode.


    • nothing did actually happen. I think I was too focused on how creepy everything was that I didn’t notice nothing was gained by anyone

      and that’s what the plot is trying to do, its too focused on the word “horror” that they’re throwing in one mystery to the next & already forgot to give the episode a solid ‘story’.

      What I did like was that even after starting to realize she was dead, the main character kept following her,

      Actually, we’re still unsure as to whether Misaki is already dead or not (she might or might not be), but sakakibara’s supposed to be ‘brave’ character might lie to how much he like Horrors & the likes.


  5. i read the manga and its pretty good, i still wanna know the secret behind misaki and those dolls and i really want it to exceed my expectations too, i’ve never watched a horror anime so i’m really interested to see how this goes, thanks for the review 🙂


  6. Has anyone read the book this anime was based on?


  7. Well… we must smack the author if the dolls turn out to be mere haunted house decoration in the end; after using them so many times like that. 😉
    Yeah, considering it only has 12 episode, stacking too many questions on top of each other is no good. I don’t want to see all of them suddenly answered in one episode, just like that damn trolling anime Blood-C. It’s not amusing >_>


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      honestly, I’m not really against that, cliche yes, but as long as every other episodes are solid & the ending would make my jaw drop = D then it’s still good right?

      what makes blood- c crappy is not only the plot, everything is, from pacing- characters – story, there’s too many plot holes than any of us can accept. It’s draggy and therefore boring.


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