Another – 03 Review

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. It offers solace that there is order & discipline, and saves a lot of time and effort explaining the unexplainable – especially to yourself. It’s easy to turn a blind eye about certain things, it was definitely easier – but sometimes even when you don’t want to get involved, there’s this urging feeling that you feel you should – no, you just have to.

Episode 3 – Bone Work


Continuing Last week’s episode, Misaki revealed what’s under her eye patch. It was an artificial eye, said to be that of the dolls and can see things which “normally” people can’t see.

After going upstairs, they continued the conversation with Sakakibara-kun firing series of questions, and then on the way Misaki finally told him the unspoken story about the Misaki of 26 years ago. Halfway the conversation was cut-off with Sakakibara-kun’s grandmother calling him to come back home.

Next day, Sakakibara, Teshigawara &  Kazami-kun is looking at the board (an exam schedule) talking about the career counseling which will be held after exams (something about which high school they’ll enter) and ended up in them (Teshigawara & Kazami) reminiscing the past and as to how close they were since way back. After that, Sakakibara-kun was asked where he’d go for high school, which he replied that he’ll go back to Tokyo next spring, Akazawa then joined the conversation saying she might consider going to Tokyo too.

It was raining outside; Sakuragi-san asked Sakakibara-kun if he wants to join her going home since he doesn’t have an umbrella and their house is just near. They were talking finely about the school trip in Tokyo which Sakuragi-san enjoyed and had this wish to be able to study there but can’t due to the reason that her family can’t afford it, another strange reaction triggered upon hearing the name ‘misaki’ once again when Sakakibara suddenly mentioned her. Sakuragi-san shouted to not state that name in class 3 in a very frantic manner. Sakakibara didn’t stopped talking though, he continued by asking Teshigawara (who was just passing) if he knows the story about 26 years ago, which Teshigawara brushed off saying if he believes stories like that, then was asked how much he knew.  At home, Sakakibara also asked her Aunt (Reiko) which class her mom was in & if she knows the story about 26 years ago. Unluckily he wasn’t able to squeeze any important information out of her, except for confirming that her mom was definitely on the same class.

Exams day, Sakakibara finished his exam early. Outside, Misaki was there standing, Sakakibara-kun said that the whole name of the girl was “Misaki Fujioka” (what he heard from the nurse) which misaki said was her cousin who she was close with before, He then took the liberty to ask the rest of the story about 26 years ago & as to why it seems like everybody was acting… but before he can even finished speaking misaki blurted out that she doesn’t exist and none of them can see her. Memories that happened after meeting her gushed into Sakakibara-kun’s mind, a teacher hurriedly running passed by and called Sakuragi-san out. As if there was an emergency going on, she grabbed her umbrella and was about to run, but when she saw sakakibara-kun or was it misaki?, strangely she turned around and run through the stairs, she slipped and ended up falling on the sharp point of her umbrella.


Bone Work is apparently more or less just the same as last week; it was you’re ‘another’ heavy dialogued episode focusing in nothing more but the eccentric past that happened 26 years ago and our another episode centered only but to our creepy unidentified main character, Misaki, with a teensy weensy slight difference at the end of the series, which we will all discuss at the later parts of the review.

  • *ehem* Bringing us back to Strange Case #1 – Misaki’s Eyes.

It was said that the reason why misaki is covering her (emerald green) eyes was because “it can see things that should remain unseen” — meaning upon taking off the eye patch it can see something average people can’t see, something supernatural, but the question is, does that really mean anything?

If Misaki doesn’t truly exist (she clearly said she doesn’t exist and no one can see her except sakakibara), it contradicts the reason on why she has to hide it. I mean hello, she doesn’t really need to be afraid ‘to see’ her kind (If she’s really some kind of a ghost).

  • Strange Case #2 – The Doll & the Shop.

As I said for the second time, it’s unclear of what’s really the significance of that creepy shop that they’re all trying to portray. Studio M? Kirika? Why the heck should we care about those things that they should talk about it for a few minutes? But since we don’t have much information, we should leave at that for now. Annnnnd how convenient for the animators for using & abusing the cliché ‘interruption’ tactic every time they want to have a cliff-hanger,  it’s getting pretty overused.

  • Strange Case #3 – The Rest of the Story 26 years ago.

And so, we are told that there’s still so much about 26 years ago that we still don’t know and the part of the story that Sakakibara-kun heard is only when Misaki Fujioka is in her ‘first years’.  So what happened to the other years? It surely is an interesting matter that we could all sit down in a fireplace drinking some hot chocolate in the dark winter night.

School trips are moved from 9th grade to 8th grade? Obviously coz their trying to avoid something that keeps happening during those times. But the strangest thing is, if they knew that class is dangerous why do they still keep admitting students there? They could just burn the class and use it as some storage room or something to avoid casualties, it’s not like the thing is new to them, and they are aware already on what’s happening but why do everyone keeps a blind eye about it?

Everybody seems avoiding the topic. Sakakibara-kun’s Aunt (Reiko) telling him “there are right time to find out about everything”. Sakuragi-San, who seem to not even like talking about it. Mikami-Sensei saying “Let’s try to keep it quiet as possible, for now” & the most odd of all is what Teshigawara said that he’ll tell him everything about the story next month. And the stupid Sakakibara didn’t even asked what’s the difference of telling it now, tomorrow to next month? You’re trying to hide from me that there will be a bizarre killing spree gonna happened this month, How dare you!

  • Moving on to Strange Case #4 – The “Misaki doesn’t exist” case.

Should we believe her statement? Even if she said it like that, I still feel uncertain if whether she really ‘exist’ or not, surely there are some cases where we could assume she doesn’t really exist, but like how Kazami informed the others about the dangers Sakakibara-kun Is in, Did he or Did he not see Misaki at the rooftop? From the reaction, it seems he did, the same reaction Akazawa had when Sakakibara is running upon seeing Misaki going home & what Sakuragi-san has in her scared little face when she was trying to run to mommy & daddy.

To formally close the discussion, we learned that Misaki not Masaki (the one who died recently) was our Misaki’s cousin (Misaki Fujioka) who she was closed with. A family of misaki’s? What could be the relation of Misaki (from 26 years ago) to the misaki mei now?

Lastly was the intense climax we were shown with, Sakuragi died in a very stupid way; gruesome, and cool = D. Sakuragi-San rushed out of classroom, something happened at home maybe? And seeing Misaki? Or Sakuragi? She felt more anxious and at the stairs lost her footing and slipped. If there is something I should be thankful to Blood-C, it must be that Mizushima-sensei didn’t toned down the censorship and it made me said “YES!” something finally happened. I was about to lose hope that the episode would be something flat again, I was thankful for the idea of taking out those doll shots in the later parts of the series, but still talking all the way through the series is very dull after all and at last, a ray of light flashed and this might be the start of ‘another’ good episode next week (I surely hope so)

Episode Rating: 6.8/10

There wasn’t really interesting about the episode except for some parts they’re trying to reveal & the climax we were exposed to. Over all, it was a mix feeling of dull to duller kind of thing with a one big stop at the end, I just hope next week I’d be driving full speed ahead = )

Strange Case #4.1The Case of the answered test paper = D

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  1. Why do I get the feeling that Sakuragi will show-up in the next episode and the entire class will say that she is there and everything is fine?


  2. Great review! 🙂

    My favorite part of Another so far is the background music. It really makes the show. I mean, honestly, I think that the BGM in Another is as good as the BGM in most Hollywood horror movies.

    And… I’m not generally a blood and gore kind of person, but Sakuragi’s death was AWESOME!!!! Her facial expression when she realized she was going to be impaled was perfect! I watched that, like, at least 15 times. Then I made each of my roommates watch it. Hahaha! 🙂


    • I know right? I could say the same thing = )

      Lols, don’t worry girl, you’re not alone.. poor her, but we’re enjoying through everyone’s miseries : DDD but woah. 15 times? XD LOL.


  3. seems like I was’nt the only one who enjoy that last part of episode
    nice review as always…pinpoint some case is the best part.

    keep up the good work.

    *part 2*


  4. we learned that Misaki (the one who died 26 years ago) was our Misaki’s cousin (Misaki Fujioka)

    No, you got it wrong. Misaki Fujioka is the girl that died the day that Sakakibara met Misaki Mei in the hospital for the first time. We still don’t know the full name of the Misaki who died 26 years ago.

    I think that Mei does exist but there is an agreement between the whole school to ignore her. All the clues point towards her existence. As you said, both Akazawa and Kazami seemed to notice her. Sakuragi also had a weird reaction.
    And I don’t think that ghosts need an eyepatch!


    • Thank you for pointing out that misunderstanding = )
      I missed that part =___= or was it because I was so sleepy yesterday that
      I over looked that fact.

      But anyways, I feel the same way that everyone is just treating her as an “invincible” creature or something.. must be to get away from bad luck =D since the misaki family tree seem like cursed.


  5. I know some people with fake eyeballs because they lost the originals from accident. Aren’t they just decorative? You can’t possibly see anything with them, they are not even connected to brain, lol. Misaki must be only trolling / scaring Kouichi.


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