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Destiny is such a funny word and when the word “END” intertwines, everything turns out to be a complete comedy. If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call to make, who would you call and what would you say? The Wheel of Destiny Starts to Revolve Slowly and for people who fears it, gritting your teeth and wishing the storm to just pass by is never good enough.

Episode 4 – Put Flesh


The class officer, Sakuragi-san died with her umbrella flew out of her hand when she fell down the stairs, impaling through the throat, at that very same day her mother died in an accident.

Sakakibara-kun went to the hospital for the check-up with his lungs (almost had a relapse from seeing Sakuragi-san died), which the doctor passed as doing okay but advised not to over exert his self yet. Outside was raining, the hospital nurse, Mizuno-san asked Sakakibara-kun if he’d like to go out for lunch, which he agreed right away.

At the Diner, they’ve been talking about nothing but the strange curse in class 3, Sakakibara-kun slipped Misaki Mei’s name in between and asked Mizuno-san if she knows her, or if his brother (apparently his classmate, Mizuno Takeru was the nurse’s brother) mentioned anything about her, but she replied that their not really in good terms. He then talked about Misaki’s “eccentricity” and the story about 26 years ago that he knows.

After eating, Sakakibara-kun met Ayano-san and talked a little about skipping school, but suddenly, a strong gust of wind passed and the sheet of glass beside them fell, Sakakibara-kun noticed it immediately and saved Ayano-san from getting hit, but she became hysterical about it saying she doesn’t want to die.

Again, Sakakibara visited the studio “The Hollow Eyes of Yomi at Twilight” and as if the shopkeeper was a doll herself, she greeted sakakibara with the same way when it was his first time. Surprised, he stumbled upon Misaki Mei who was also there hanging out and once again talked about the strange things following the class.

At Sakakibara-kun’s home, his aunt just woke up and again Sakakibara-kun bugged her about the class 3 back then, but her aunt brushed it off saying she doesn’t remember and remind kouichi-kun to not forget about following class rules.

Everyone is making a big deal about Sakakibara-kun’s case, if whether the whole thing happened because he broke the rules and/or because he wasn’t warned about the whole thing in advanced. Akazawa decided to not tell him about it and asked Sakakibara-kun to just forget Teshigawara’s promise about telling him the whole story about 26 years ago and as to what’s happening  for the betterment of the whole class.

But since Sakakibara-kun is such a curious person he asked Teshigawara what he meant by “don’t mess with things that doesn’t exist” but even before he was answered, he had a call from the hospital nurse, Mizuno-san saying she wants to check something.  Strangely, she asked if the “Misaki Mei” person does exist when his brother adamantly said there’s no such person in their class. The line got choppy upon Mizuno-san going to the elevator, while still on the phone the elevator got broken and the wiring snapped, the strong vibration got Mizuno-san’s face hit the floor flat finishing up to her bloody end.


It’s the 4th episode: “Put Flesh” and the 2nd to officially died in the series was the hospital nurse, Mizuno-san. First of all I’m very sorry for the very late review; I was busy with school activities (university week) and the chance to finish it early was ruined due to some over timed class program we just had today, tsk.

And so, going back to the review I can’t seem to point out why but I can’t help myself but just *sigh* in this episode once again. Honestly, it’s not really that bad if you put it in a bigger picture (setting aside the per episode and see it as a whole), and mind you but despite the episode ratings I give it’s not really the best horror series out there but it’s still doing good in what it’s trying to become. But then again, maybe because for a one season show, it’s turning out pretty slow (it would be different otherwise), slow that their trying to focus on to bring out a really deep anonymity and neglect the fact that this is not a mystery show where we play detectives but a “horror” genre series where they should try to scare the hell out of us(at least make an effort to), and definitely that part doesn’t work well.

In this week’s episode Sakakibara-kun is working hard to squeeze every little details he can get in each person he encounters, too bad for him life was never easy, everyone seems too scared to even mention the “thing” (whatever the whole mystery is) and the only hopes he had (Teshigawara) was stopped by Akazawa whose concerned of course to the well being of the whole class. Then to Sakakibara-kun’s curiosity (okay, or maybe he’s just too naïve), he dragged the hospital nurse, Mizuno-san along with him not thinking of the consequences he is doing (I’m pretty sure his brother will be blaming him for this), Mizuno-san who wasn’t really aware either on the circumstances, met a horrible death.

Misaki is a very misleading character and as a person whose good at prioritizations, I tend to exclude the idea If she exist or not (LOL.), good thing she’s not seen much in this week’s episode, but then again without Misaki, there’s nothing much to really talk about.

And Again, Let’s go back to what we have learned this week

  • Let’s be clear, the Curse doesn’t happen every year. If it did, every month someone dies, not only within the class premises but anyone related to the class itself. Advice to students: Don’t get near them.
  • I didn’t know you can hire NPC’s to a shop; Grandma has a replay button hidden somewhere. She said the same things as she did when she first met Sakakibara-kun, as if it was their first meeting, and the “I have no other customers” notion is getting bothersome as if their trying to input in our minds that Misaki doesn’t really exist.
  • Aunt Reiko is going nuts; she’s getting mad on a bird.
  • The reason why the curse was lifted was because of Sakakibara? Was it because he’s talking to Misaki? most likely. What are the rules all about? If the third rule was to uphold the class rules, what’s number 1,2,4 and the others after that? and In order to protect the class, the story mustn’t spread? As much as I want to hear about the whole story, it’s being passed around so many times that it’s getting over used. Misaki Mei doesn’t exist? Let’s just find that out after a few episodes = )

A surprising fact about the animation; how you can see the efforts they put on the most important scenes. Example is how the glass got broken, I think that was beautiful & the ending where Mizuno-san died was extra good as well, especially the sound effects once again. Unexpectedly, Mizuno-san died, (not that I haven’t seen it coming, it was just too early) comparing it to the manga, the animation did what they can to make the scene better.

Speaking about the manga, I have been following the by chapters of every episode in reference of their difference. Let’s then talk about Kouichi Sakakibara.

Comparing the Sakakibara from the manga, as he was the same Kouichi in the animation who’s brave (brave enough to face the abnormalities on what’s around him) and a very curious person (who seems to like to know everything) the Kouichi in the manga is also capable of being really serious on the most serious conversations & be funny when the time needs it. Sakakibara in the manga looks more intelligent, not only because his character design is much mature than in the animation, but because of his inner monologues that was really eager to finding out things and portrayed as not naïve and believed that there’s always something wrong about certain things.

Over all, it was still a solid episode. Something did happened, it’s just that either I was disappointed or I expected too much which I learned by now to never expect anything.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

The one who made the dolls & lives upstairs? The owner of Studio M – the “Kirika” person?

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  1. Too bad the nurse died too soon.
    Her relationship with Kouichi is really suspicious.
    I would like to see them getting into bed once.


    • Wow, that was disappointing to see the nurse die…even though she wasn’t involve with that school nor it’s background history. So cliche, how typical. The moment she founds out more information about the incident…BAM!! They killed her off!! That really pissed me off…especially the elevator scene. She had a look of absolute fear…despite the fact that she was nurse. I honestly don’t like the approach of this show killing off the inoccent. Basically, no one is safe!! -_- It wouldn’t even surprise me if Kouichi’s annoying bird ends up dead.


      • tsubaki.seishuu

        @KY A

        -Lol, your blood pressure. I did anticipate the nurse getting killed though, but as I said, It was earlier than I expected, it was nice of her being around though coz she’s doing a good job supporting the main character. too bad it’s the dead end flag for her = )

        eventually, one per month dies, so we don’t really know who might, perhaps reiko-san can be next, but does the bird counts? : )


    • tsubaki.seishuu


      -the extra sessions in the hospital room didn’t happen X ) too bad.


  2. Although I did like the nurse’s character, I have a feeling that Sakakibara and the nurse’s brother will be getting together at some point. He seems to know a lot about the curse and I think that Sakakibara may take it upon himself to seek him out.


    • tsubaki.seishuu

      hmm, at the “getting together thing”, i’ve been thinking even if their not really close (the siblings) he’d be blaming sakakibara-kun for dragging her sister into this, but I don’t think they’d be good pals in the future… instead he’ll hate him for sure.

      Besides, the chances of most of them (in the class) seeing sakakibara-kun as the reason why the curse is happening in that year is high.


  3. Nobody in the class will befriend him.
    They hate him for approaching Mei,
    whom should be be treated as ‘doesn’t exist’
    in order to prevent the curse?

    I wonder how will the story went when the protagonist has lost his only informant.


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