Another – 05 Review

The Engrave Horror in the Class would never Fade Away. In order to save themselves from death, they try to kill another instead. Human   beings are selfish by nature, they don’t really live to impress other persons, they live to satisfy themselves.

Episode 5 – Build Limbs


Sanae Mizuno-san died in an accident and so everyone is talking about it. At the art class, Mochizuki-kun is worried about Mikami-sensei who seem sick, Sakakibara-kun then asked If everything was related but Mochizuki-kun didn’t answer him.

Sakakibara-kun then went to the library to do some research. He saw an album with her mom, Ritsuko-san in it, the librarian, Chibiki-san then approached him and asked him various question about it, a little later Akazawa came and asked him to go to the faculty room as asked by their teacher and apologized to him in advance about something that might happen afterwards.

At the Faculty room, Sakakibara-kun was asked questions by the detectives about Mizuno-san’s elevator accident (since he was talking to her on the phone just before the accident) which was claimed to be the fault of how old the building was. When he was finished being asked, Sakakibara-kun went back to the classroom but surprisingly no one was there.

After School, he went back home with Mochizuki-kun and Takabayashi-san, he was of course curious where they went but Mochizuki-kun only said that they had a meeting and Akazawa-san especially didn’t include Sakakibara-kun in it. Takabayashi-san who was against Akazawa-san’s way of handling things said to Sakakibara-kun to ask him anything and he’d tell him everything he knows, but upon Sakakibara-kun raising the first question “does Misaki Mei exist?” Takabayashi-san who has a heart problem suddenly had a heart attack.

Sadly, Takabayashi-san died and everyone is mourning about it, but more importantly Sakakibara-kun felt something is strange for everybody keeps on ignoring him. To confirm his suspicions, while his teacher was having a class he went out the room and it seems like he was disregarded by everyone, and therefore he conclude that everyone is treating him like he wasn’t there or simply state that ‘he doesn’t exist’.

Sakakibara-kun went to the studio once again; He went to talk Misaki Mei who was expected to be seen there.  He told her everything that happened; Takabayashi-san that died and how everyone is treating him as the same she was treated (do not exist), not really well but then again he was relieved that the girl “Misaki Mei” does exist and after that many of his questions in mind was one by one answered.


Author’s Note: Gomen *bows* I can’t believe myself for procrastinating that I forgot I still haven’t finished the review until today. I’ve been busy these past few weeks since it’s already exams days again and I have no choice but to do those extra labors handed over by our professors. End.

Build limbs was a very satisfying episode and I’m glad the story didn’t go to the plot where everything is laid out to the very ends of the series, like wise it gave us an idea of what “Another” truly is.

So it’s not just about whether Misaki Mei does exist or not, it’s not just about bunch of students upholding class rules, it’s not just about the 26 years old story that everybody is so afraid to talk about & most especially not just about people dying relentlessly every month, cloaked in such ambiguity lies an interesting plot & a well written mystery that everybody should start looking forward to.

It’s the 5th episode and ‘Another’ is finally trying to get down to business. Because of what happened (Mizuno-san dying) they finally decided to cut of ties with Sakakibara-kun & treat him like he doesn’t exist (serves him right for sticking his nose to something he shouldn’t, but hey, this applies to the notion “curiosity kills the cat” – being curious isn’t always good, but then again it’s the class’ fault too for not warning him).

This week not only are we given answers, but they opened up new mystery as well. Let’s start talking about what we learned again this week:

  • Anybody can die as long as the situation calls it. There’s no escaping death, Takabayashi-san died because he tried to tell things to Sakakibara-kun even if there’s already someone who died earlier (Mizuno-san) or it can be that the countdown of death only applies to students of the class? Now be warned, learn your lesson and don’t speak of things you shouldn’t really talk with people.
  • Teachers can’t be trusted. The class aside, the teachers has conspired with the students to secure their safety. Akazawa is such a total bi*ch, It’s her own fault to begin with that she didn’t explain to him beforehand about not talking to the supposedly “non-existent” and now that everything is all messed up, she ended up deciding to just pretend Sakakibara-kun doesn’t exist, well, screw her.

Kouchi has finally joined the pact. It’s been confirmed that Misaki Mei does exist only that she’s being treated by the class as someone who doesn’t. That is to say, I knew my instincts never fail to amuse me. Anyways, since It’s already a given that he won’t be associating with the class, Mei has finally told him things that he should know:

  • Studio M stands for Studio “Misaki”, (referring to the studio upstairs) her own home, meaning she’s Kirika-san’s child. Mei must not be considered as “customer” since most of the displayed dolls is made by her mother and the shop keeper (the eerie old grandma) knew her for years that she can walk in and out whenever she feels like it.
  • The reason why Teshigawara-kun told Sakakibara-kun that he’ll tell the rest of the story on the next month was to confirm that they’re all safe from the curse of class 3, which changed upon Sakuragi-san dying on that month. As Kouichi tried to wrap up the doubt, for the last time, Misaki Mei does exits. For the real reason why she was treated like that was connected to the story 26 years ago. Complicated and unbelieving as it is, the trigger to the curse is when the number of students in the class increases by one.
  • The title “Another” also refers as the ‘extra’ person that suddenly pops out from who knows where. Since their memories are altered all together, they wouldn’t really know who the so called extra person is, even the extra person himself. 26 years ago, because of pretending that the Misaki girl never died, they actually invited a dead person in, and everyone connected to the class finally starts dying every month on the following year.

In Response, The Classes after that tried various things to escape the calamity, but only one method worked (discovered 10 years ago), and that is by excluding another student as “non-existent” to make up for the extra person and return the class to the correct number.

Memory alterations? Extra Persons? This is turning out to be one hella of a fiction, but it doesn’t mean it’s not interesting, actually I do like where this series is heading and I commend how they try to come up with such phenomenon. It’s fun to see that while this is not definitely the best horror series,  it’s still trying to make a name for itself.

Episode Rating: 7.4/10

Who’s the “Extra Person?”, Who is Dead?


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  1. Every one seems to know what is going on besides poor Koichi. I still think Misaki is holding out on some information. There is obviously much more to this story and I cannot wait to find out what it is. It’s like an onion, keep peeling layers off!


    • Yeah, must be… her whole identity itself is still a mystery, like what happened to her eyes and such = D and were not even half way yet, so yes, expect more I guess.


  2. Misaki word :
    “…plus that extra student is someone dead, its different from what we’d call ghost .
    it seems to have physical body,there’s no way to tell it apart from the rest of us.
    the dead person has a soul and memories, and they dont realized they’re dead.”
    -who are they ?- “the people who connected to the class who have died over the years.”

    so actually we have culprit here either its a ghost? or not. but he/she taking a form as one of classmates I guess.(and live many years O.O)
    too bad the class picture from 26 years ago is kinda blur, so I cant compare their faces with the classmates folks that making appearance at 1st episode (it shows 1 by 1 faces closely).

    but well, its not fun like that haha…
    hope this show getting better : D

    P.s : its misaki who write on that table I guess “who is dead ?”. she was curious too. hope she not died later on show >.< sakakibara could died and I dont care though.


    • so actually we have culprit here either its a ghost? or not. but he/she taking a form as one of classmates I guess.

      Its not a ghost, it’s more like a zombie (since it’s dead) that has brains =D LOL. apparently, he/she (whatever it is) has its own body to move & haunts the class like a curse.

      P.s : its misaki who write on that table I guess “who is dead ?”. she was curious too. hope she not died later on show >.< sakakibara could died and I dont care though.

      yeah it is her. and you can't just kill off the main characters XD


  3. My only complain is, the curse of the dead is too miraculous.
    To alter the memory of the whole student body.
    Even the teachers and headmaster.
    Even the class roster and school register.
    Okay, human can change these last two. But for invisible hand to meddle with paper and ink is a bit too much.
    They should be able to find out who’s this ‘extra student’ by paying a visit to every class 3’s students’ home.
    But if this ‘extra student’ also got a mirage house and parent, it’s really is a sorcery.


    • I agree, it seems exaggerated to some extent, but its somehow new & how they used the plot is not the bad……. so far.

      They should be able to find out who’s this ‘extra student’ by paying a visit to every class 3′s students’ home. But if this ‘extra student’ also got a mirage house and parent, it’s really is a sorcery.

      It’s deceiving everyone and altering their memories, most likely its the same with their families, since no one can really remember what’s what anymore, but just the fact that one of them is supposed to be dead and non- existent any longer.


    • So, the family is fooled too, into thinking that their son/daughter is still alive.
      And this son/daughter hasn’t grown up, after some years.

      it can be that they don’t really have a son/ daughter to begin with = )


  4. @YanKeeKun

    It wasnt Misaki who wrote on the desk it was A fat guy. you can see it at the end of the episode 4


  5. NOTE:

    It wasnt Misaki who wrote on the desk it was A fat guy. you can see it at the end of the episode 4


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