Another – 06 Review

Death is not kind. It’s dark, black as far as you can see, and you’re all alone. But it’s no different when you’re alive, is it? No matter how much relationship you seem to have, you’re all alone, the world that their approaching is already covered by the tide of darkness.

Episode 6 – Face to Face


It was decided that Misaki Mei will be the charm as the “non-existent” with her consent, since she said rather than cooperating with everybody disregarding someone; she would humbly accept the role to be ignored.

Misaki & Sakakibara-kun were still talking when Kirika-san (Misaki’s mother) entered, so they left. They continued talking though while walking; they went to the park and also to a riverside. Since they are now both being ignored by the whole class, they were open to talk whatever they want, Misaki even told Sakakibara about her near death experience when her eyes was being operated.

At the middle of the night, Sakakibara-kun’s father whose in India called, strangely when his father asked how was the feeling of coming back after a year and a half, the line is getting broken & after Sakakibara-kun denying about coming there before and his father saying it was a mistake, the line finally got cut.

Monday, the classes 3 have a practice exam, Sakakibara-kun was daydreaming about things Misaki & him can do freely with the whole class ignoring them. They’ve been hanging out ever since; at school, eating at the rooftop, going home, and some various places.

In their free time, Misaki and Sakakibara visited the art club which surprised the underclassman’s and was overjoyed seeing Misaki who they thought quitted the club, suddenly Mochizuki-kun came in and interrupted them telling they have to do something and made everybody leave the room.

At the library, both of them were looking at the photo album once again, Sakakibara-kun pointed out her mom Ritsuko to misaki and not later Chibiki-san came. Sakakibara-kun asked if he’s okay not ignoring them, but he replied that he doesn’t have any connection to the class and told them that he’s safe; Students and their families (parents, grandparents, siblings) who live in yomiyama are likely the most targeted but anyone who leaves are safe.  Chibiki-san then told them the story of THE Misaki Yomiyama who died at a fire and some other information about the illogical phenomenon happening around them.

At home, Kouichi-kun discovered that her mom might have died because of the calamity during reiko’s term and keep bugging his aunt again, but reiko barely remembers what really happened before.

Next day, their homeroom teacher came very creepily? He seems so frantic pulling something from the bag he’s carrying, knowing that the curse is now unstoppable; he seems very desperate holding a knife in his hands.


Author’s Note: Exam week, I did make the review as earlier as possible so that I’ll not end up cramming, but it’s not like I study though : > LOL but then again it ended up a late yet again, : < the internet is killing me. End.

Continuing from the last episode, Another is moving on in a rather consistent pace, building good relationships among the lead characters as well as those who surround them.

It seems that Sakakibara-Kun realized what’s the merit of being disregarded by the class, YES!, it’s doing whatever you want: going to class naked is POSSIBLE as well. Rather than one, it’s not that sad when two people get ignored, at least you have someone you get to talk with and I think Misaki feel the same way. The weird thing is, does it really help from saving the class? I mean there’s only one “another” person, even if they add another, then it only means they lacked a student, or am I wrong in that part?

The one thing about another, it never runs out of query, every week we are given new mysteries to the already piled mystery we’ve got, and so let’s get down to business and talk about what we have learned so far:

The Charm. They needed someone to fill in the position of the “non-existent” person to save the whole class from getting killed. It was cleared that Misaki wasn’t forced to be the one getting ignored, she didn’t like the idea but she said she can’t play the “ignoring” game so she decided to just accept the position in behalf of everybody in the class.

I know that I’m not dead. Misaki said that she knows she’s not dead which have been running through my mind. Same with how Akazawa-San thought that Kouichi is not the “another” person, didn’t they said that their memories can be altered? Even the person himself doesn’t know he’s the “another”, so it’s baseless to assume what so ever, everything is concealed flawlessly. Leaving us to the question How can you tell whose dead?

How can you tell whose dead? Another convenient act of interrupting on the most crucial parts, ugh. So Misaki’s mother entered at the most critical part of the conversation, and it was cut off. But really, how can you tell whose dead? It was said that “that” person has thoughts and memories but doesn’t realize he’s dead until after the graduation ceremony. When it is revealed, the supposed to be dead person would immediately disappear and all memories would return to normal, so what’s the secret about it? Or is it really just by holding ones hand and telling if it’s hot or not?

I’m not real. What does Misaki mean by that? That she’s just like one of her mom’s doll. It doesn’t seem like she’s suffering from domestic violence or some sort, but o well, you can’t really judge a book by its cover.

The broken Line. Sakakibara-kun’s father called, and upon him asking how it feels to be back, the line suddenly got broken, after Sakakibara-kun denying and telling it was his first time there, his father immediately gave in agreeing at his statement, something like his memories was altered or some sort.

The homeroom teacher. Chibiki-san felt guilty from leading the (26 years ago) class into devastation by playing along with them in the whole ‘misaki act’. He remained at the school but as a librarian since he’s too scared of dying.

Safe Position. From the class to their families (two degrees), Homeroom teachers & Assistant within Yomiyama are likely those that are in grave danger, anyone who’s far, or people connected but leaves town is safe as well.

Misaki, The boy in the past. Deep in my mind, I always thought that Misaki was a girl (too girly name) but I never exclude the possibility that he was a boy too. Misaki together with the whole family died in a fire but really, Misaki is not involved in this phenomenon, the class was just unlucky and played a nasty joke that invited a “non-living” inside the room.

It’s not a curse. A curse is defined as: evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to imprecation or as retribution. Chibiki-san also said that it doesn’t have a malice: expressed or implied intent to harm, but doesn’t killing an act of malice? And if it’s not a curse and is but only a natural calamity then why does it occur every year?

Reiko doesn’t remember some things, should we safely assume it was also because of memory alterations since she was partly a student in class 3 before.

Certainly no one died at this episode but it doesn’t mean I didn’t get to enjoy it, as many mysteries come and go, I like the pacing and how it has become. The extra comedy was really unexpected and made me smile a bit, after all the seriousness in the whole half, we have finally seen Sakakibara-kun’s rather “playful” side as he tries to daydream him and Misaki dancing, plus it gives us some thoughts that Sakakibara-kun is finally taking the interest in her to a new level.

Episode Rating: 7.6/10

Feel Free to download the Opening and Ending song

 Another_-_Kyoumo_Densesn.mp3 | Another_-_Anamnesis.mp3

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  1. Reiko was the assistant homeroom teacher in 1996. My theory to why she doesn’t remember is not only because of how the calamity works but because she is indeed the dead person. The grandfather lamented “Poor Ritsuko! Poor Reiko!” He’s also made comments regarding too many deaths, too many funerals. Reiko completely shuts down regarding what happened around her time which leads me to believe she is not purposely evading Koichi but is the dead one. They also assigned her to be the assistant homeroom teacher again which makes her the extra person.


    • Reiko was the assistant homeroom teacher in 1996

      -oh no, you got it all mix up : ) the assistant teacher was mikami-sensei the person who ignored kouichi in the hallway on episode 5

      My theory to why she doesn’t remember is not only because of how the calamity works but because she is indeed the dead person.

      -I am not sure what is happenin’ to reiko but, I thought the “another” person is a student in the current class, so I don’t think reiko is it, (or so I think). If I were to guess, kouichi is more of a suspect than any other students, but then again, we might be getting misled again by the author.

      The grandfather lamented “Poor Ritsuko! Poor Reiko!” He’s also made comments regarding too many deaths, too many funerals.

      -Maybe the grandfather said that because his daughters both attended class 3 (in their years) and also suffered the things Sakakibara-kun is experiencing now (deaths), and since every year people dies at their place, there really would be many funerals attended.


    • (O_O) either you’re psychic…or you’ve known the ending of the anime all along. :)))


  2. Didn’t the librarian say that the phenomenon / calamity can’t hit people outside the town?
    Rather than getting brainwashed, I would say that Dad’s phone call got cut off over there at India, after the static noise. The one who continued the conversation is a ghost instead. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope that at least one of the main cast is ‘another’, since this is halfway already.
    It won’t be fun if ‘another’ is just some random student in class who gets very few screen time up until now.


    • Rather than getting brainwashed, I would say that Dad’s phone call got cut off over there at India, after the static noise. The one who continued the conversation is a ghost instead.

      -LOL. yeah, i have the in mind too, i mean the “can’t hit people outside the town” that’s why maybe because their on phone it still have contacts/link

      Anyway, I hope that at least one of the main cast is ‘another’, since this is halfway already.

      -If its speculation, sakakibara-kun is most likely the suspect, but the author seem to like trolling very much, so yes, we can’t really be too sure n.n


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