Random Compiled Fate/Zero News

It’s been awhile since I did a random post… and since I had just posted a review of the latest episode of Fate/Zero, I figured that I might as well post some other random interesting things/news on Fate/Zero. =)

This post is basically random stuff related to Fate/Zero that I had stumbled upon on. Most of these stuff are stuff that you may have already seen before if you are an avid fan that track Fate/Zero news. But for others who usually don’t, this post is just to provide some fun reading for you.

Hope you enjoy the post.


These are posters that comes along with the Bluray discs for the first season of Fate/Zero.

Personally, I really like the style of the posters. There are meant to be 14 poster designs in total if I am not wrong, but I am having trouble finding the rest. =) (its 1:20am and I’ve got work tomorrow so I am not going to spend too much time looking for more… feel free to share any you find)

Which Fate/Zero Character Would You Date?

Japan recently (April ’12) did a poll to see which character people would like to date.

No surprise that the winner for the guy’s category is the “main” male lead Kiritsugu. Here’s what one voter had to say “He has adult elegance and sex appeal,”. Well… after the latest episode on his past and with Lancer gone, I am not shocked since the other choices would be weirder.

Characters the ladies chose

  1. Kiritsugu Emiya (38.2%)
  2. Kirei Kotomine (10.7%)
  3. Lancer (9.9%)
  4. Archer (9.2%)
  5. Kariya Matō (8.4%)

As for the guys… Well the winner goes to Saber. Once again no surprise there.

Here’s a reason why guys like her “although her fate is so sad, she is living cheerfully, with strength.” Do you guys like her for that reason as well? I think that’s the reason why I don’t like her. She comes across as being hardheaded and kinda deluded to me. =P

Characters the guys chose

  1. Saber (34.1%)
  2. Irisviel von Einzbern (17.3%)
  3. Rin Tōsaka (10.6%)
  4. Sakura Matō (10.6%)
  5. Maiya Hisau (10/6%)

Who would you choose?

Source: Yaraon

Ufotable Fate/Zero Cafe

Here are some shots from the Fate/Zero Cafe

This Kiri burger is modeled after the one Kiri ate in ep 12.

Assassin’s Au Gratin Beef at the Tokyo branch

Assassin Omelette served at Tokushima Cafe

Archer Golden Cafe is serving this special dessert

And this is a Maiya dish.

Drinks include Saber Blue Nata de Coco with optional gin, Kiritsugu bitter ice coffee jelly, and Maiya tea soda with optional vodka.

Drinks include Tokoimi’s grape juice (can be substituted for wine), Archer Golden Banana Drink, Kirei’s Jasmine drink, and Assassin Tapioca drink

And these are the plates as well as tumbler designs in the cafe. (Such cute chibi art…)

Anime’s Most Unforgivable Characters

So here is the list of who the Japanese think is the most unforgivable anime character after a recent poll.

I shall paste the whole list since I think that it’s interesting to see how other characters/series rank.

1.) Kyubey (Madoka Magica)
2.) Makoto Ito (School Days)
3.) Aunt (Grave of The Fireflies)
4.) Albert Maverick (Tiger & Bunny)
5.) Nadja (Ashita no Nadja)
6.) Muska (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)
7.) Sekai Saionji (School Days)
8.) Mikono (Aquarion EVOL)
9.) Tomohiko Kazami (Another)
10.) Takano Hifumi (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
11.) Athrun Zala (Gundam SEED)
12.) Muruta Azrael (Gundam SEED)
13.) Kurisu Makise’s Father (Steins;Gate)
14.) Rose Marie (Ashita no Nadja)
15.) Takako Sugiura (Another)
16.) Android 17 (Dragon Ball Z)
17.) Kaz Kobayashi (Z Gundam)
18.) Kotonoha Katsura (School Days)
19.) Nina Purpleton (Gundam 0083)
20.) Rin Kokonoe (Kodomo no Jikan)
21.) Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket)
22.) Alexander Tagosaku Oyajide (Magical DoReMi)
23.) Queen Lacets (Science Fiction Saiyuki Starzinger)
24.) Rossi (Romeo’s Blue Sky)
25.) – tie – Dinogeist (Brave Exkaiser)
25.) – tie – Apollonius (Genesis of Aquarion)
25.) – tie – Kirei Kotomine (Fate/zero)
28.) Kazuya Aoi (Freezing)
29.) Katejina Loos (V Gundam)
30.) Ali Al-Saachez (Gundam 00)
31.) Oryo Sonozaki (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
32.) Hibiki Hojo (Suite PreCure)
33.) Job Trunicht (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)
34.) Magneton (Pokémon)
35.) Furude Hanyu (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
36.) Frit Asuno (Gundam AGE)
37.) Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)
38.) – tie –  Chizuru Honda (Bokurano: Ours)
38.) – tie – Nico Robin (One Piece)
40.) Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)
41.) Miss Minchin (Princess Sarah)
42.)  – tie – Riddhe Marcenas (Gundam UC)
42.) – tie – Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Saber makes an appearance in Gundam Stop Motion Throwdown Video

It took 3000 shots and 30 days to produce.

Saber appears around 1:38 into the video.

Bridge Gets Decorated for Festival

Anime studio ufotable’s eighth Tokushima based Machi ★ Asobi anime event is being held May 3-5 to coincide with the collection of public holidays known as Golden Week. The event hosts talks by anime luminaries on the water, and studios decorate the city’s bridges promoting the latest and greatest.” – CR

That’s some hidden decorations… =P

Fate/Zero Dual-sided Eye Masks

Alright… so this is the end of my compiled news post thing.

Hopefully it had entertained you somewhat… it past 2am and I need to sleep… Goodnight folks and let me know if you would like more posts like this. =)



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  1. Oi. Oi.
    Tohsaka Rin and Matou Sakura are just little girls in this anime!
    Japanese otaku are a bunch is sick bastards as always.
    The whole concept of choosing Fate Zero as dating poll is weird to begin with.
    I cant imagine dating any of them. For me, this is an anime of “no good guy” to begin with. These guys are all wrong / bad / evil to some extent.


    • Lol.. Well.. one can always hope that those voting for Rin and Sakura are young boys and girls? =/
      (I am just trying to find an excuse)

      Hmm.. I think I might choose Lancer. Go Lancer! =D Though I might end up killing all the other girls around him… Which means it might be as good as choosing death… hmm… =p


  2. The Japanese have some odd choices on some of these. For the dating options, they must be going by appearance alone because there is small reason to want to date Kiritsugu and Kotomine is the very last person you would want to date. Then again, if it were appearance only, I’d expect Gilgamesh to be at or near the top. Poor Kariya doesn’t get any love </3
    Not much competition for best girl considering Saber and Iri are the only female main characters….

    The most most unforgivable person (probably more accurate to say "villain of my favorite show") category is even stranger. Nausicaa from the eponyous anime, Magneton from Pokemon and Haynuu and Oyro from Higurashi are not even villains. You also made a mistake on #10. It should be Takano Miyo, not Takano Hifumi (that's the villain's innocent grandpa!).


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