Summer 2012 Anime Preview

Here’s the list of anime that’s out in Summer 2012.

Yay for a second season for Moyashimon! One can never have too many cute micro-organisms floating around. =)

TV Series

[Click to enlarge]

Seems like there’s going to be quite a few new shows that I’ll be looking forward to next watching season:

  • Kingdom
    I am honestly hoping that this will turn out to be a nice historical anime with a serious note to it and not end up being some sort of lame joke.
  • Moyashimon Returns
    Moyashimon!!! I can’t believe that it is back… and I am glad that it’s back. The first series was a enjoyable light watch and I can’t wait for more cute germs to invade my screen.
  • Natsuyuki Rendevous
    The premise interest me but at the same time it has me feeling weary. The idea of a woman being haunted by a spirit whilst interesting can go very wrong if not done well. But, seeing as to how this is an adaptation of a Josei manga aimed at an older crowd, I am hoping for this show to fill the gap left behind by Chihayafuru.
  • La storia della Arcana Famiglia
    Damn, that’s a long name and I haven’t a clue what it means.
    Tournaments, Supernatural, Action, Bi-Shounens and an interesting and awesome poster is more than enough to get me interested in the series.
  • Joshuraku
    “Based on the manga by Kumeta Kouji (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)”
    If it is anything like SZS, I can’t wait to watch it and I expect great things from it!

As for the rest of the more action focused series… Nothing is screaming “I’m going to be great!” at me right now.

Movies/OVA List

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Now onto the interesting stuff for the Movies/OVA section…

  • Hyouka
    An OVA for Hyouka? Really? The series isn’t even over and they plan on having an “extra” bit to the show? Can’t believe that my hope for the series is dropping even more. If a show is not going to have a strong plot premise, at the very least it should have the decency to finish of the series and leave it at that. Oh well… We shall see how everything turns out I guess.
  • Toshoukan Sensou
    Another YAY for a comeback show! =) I enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters in the series and I am looking forward to seeing more!
  • Blood-C
    Why not? I’ve gotten through the painful part of watching the actual TV Series, it’d be a waste to drop it now.
  • Fairy Tail Movie
    A movie for Fairy Tail? Hmm… Shouldn’t be too bad since I expect it to be like an arc from the series.

Is your blood pumping after seeing this line-up for this Summer?

Source: Animucharts


A very unimaginative question for you guys:

What will you be watching next season and what won’t you be watching?


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  1. This line up doesn’t really impress me, I see maybe only picking up one show at the moment as alot of them are just harems and eechi nowadays. The Spring season offered alot better shows in terms of plot and content. Might change that view once I see a few of the shows for myself.


  2. i will be watching La storia della Arcana Famiglia because of the name/poster, and sword art online because it is written by the same guy who is writing accel world.


  3. MOYASHIMON!!!! YEAH!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! :)))))

    OMG, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so excited for an anime sequel!

    Uhhh, Ra, you may have noticed my comment on your Moyashimon review, but this is one of my favorite series of all time. Why? I have no idea… The story/plot wasn’t very good, but the microbes and the educational part (on various microbes and their roles in human’s lives) was so damn entertaining for me!

    I bought all the Moyashimon merchandise I could find (and afford)! I lovelovelove those little yeasts and bacteria. They always make me smile. 🙂

    Yup, I am the ultimate Moyashimon fan-girl.

    Other than Moyashimon though, I don’t really see much on the list that interests me… Maybe Natsuyuki Rendezvous? Intuitively, it seems like it would be decent. And of course I’ll watch the Blood-C movie… After suffering through the series last fall, I have some twisted hope that the movie might somehow be able to justify those hours of face-palming.

    Lots of moe and video-game stuff this summer. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all.


  4. Blood-C lol!
    Are we going to see stupid singing again? Stupid-fake father-daughter moment? Fake friendship moment? Parade of white laser beam?
    The former three could possibly no longer present in the movie, but I am expecting the laser.

    Also, how come I saw K-On! up there?


  5. To say the truth, nothing caught my eye… at all.
    I’ll just wait for you guys to review some of the first episodes, and then make my choices 😛


  6. what happened to hanasaku iroha 2 and bakuman 3?


  7. I knew the spring season was going to be tough to follow but this season is way to weak.

    I also find it funny that Dog Days season 1 director is doing Campione!


  8. Yup. Spring was awesome. Only 2-3 seem somewhat appealing.


  9. This line up pains me. Horrible line up.


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