Another Interesting Stumble… Sashimi Anyone?

If you are wondering why I am posting this random stumbled instead of a review… the answer to that is that I’m too tired to write up a review today.  =P

Instead, I thought that this might interest you guys instead.

Warning: The above video contains…graphical imagery.

Alright, so we all know that Japanese people love their sashimi, and whilst I’ve had my fair share of interesting food produce stuffed in my face, I have to say that this video made me feel kinda sick.

I love to eat frog legs cooked in a claypot with a nice sauce to go along with it, but damn this was so disturbing.

We’ve all learned about muscle spasms and what not, but I honestly do not want to have a frog jumping around on my plate and blinking away at me whilst I am busy devouring it’s flesh.

Where I can understand why someone would want to eat frog sashimi, what I can’t understand is why they would like to have it’s head served on a platter whilst it’s still alive. Maybe its just a cultural thing since I am perfectly fine with having a roasted pig’s head staring at me whilst I am busy chomping away at it’s lovely deep fried skin, but having a slimey and “not-the-prettiest-creature-in-my-books” moving on the plate just made my stomach churn.

Or perhaps its that slow and soothing piece of audio that is playing that is making the video all that more harder to watch due to how contradicting it is to the actual content in my mind.

Having grown up in Singapore, I know that I am sanitized to the whole idea of having the produce hanging from the storefronts in it’s entirety. But what I’ve realised after having lived in Australia for the past few years is that the friends that I’ve made are all pretty turned off by the idea of seeing the animal that they are about to consume. They would rather see a dish and forget about the animal.

My point is, this got me wondering about what everyone’s opinion is on food and what’s visually acceptable.

My question to you is:

What’s the worse raw ingredient that you’ve eaten, where do you draw the line, and what’s your opinion on seeing the whole animal before you consume it (dead or alive)?

My answer to the first question is… although I no longer find this dish particular bad since I actually like it, I know that my friends thinks that it’s gross that I enjoy eating Shirako.

For those of you who are wondering what Shirako is, Shirako is essentially fish milt. The guys all feel like running away when I try convincing them to give it a go but… hey, if one is willing to eat fish eggs, I see not much of a difference between the two. =P

I definitely draw the line at eating live frogs though, perhaps it just the way the creature looks, but I think I just don’t have a strong enough stomach to see a live object moving infront of me one moment and on my plate the next.

What about you?

Take care!

P.S: Let me know if you guys enjoy these type of random posts. =) I felt that it might be nice to change things up a bit once in awhile.
P.P.S:I will try to get a review out tomorrow! And look forward to some news about the blog later in the week.

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  1. Posts like these brighten up my day:)
    and i learn something new about japanese culture.


  2. I think my most relevant experience would be with fish. I’ve caught, killed, and filleted fish before, and in all honesty it wasn’t that bad. What was much harder was trying to not think about the worm I used as bait being in the fish I ate. I guess it varies from animal to animal, but that’s my most relevant experience.

    And yeah, these posts are fine from time to time. I mean, doing too many in too short a time frame wouldn’t be good, but they’re a nice way to intersperse the regular posts and add a nice “flavor” (every pun with this post’s topic intended) to the blog.


    • Your fishing experience reminds me of this one video that i had seen….

      Its a man vs wild video where the man has fresh salmon. lol

      Man VS Wild Fresh Salmon Video

      “What was much harder was trying to not think about the worm I used as bait being in the fish I ate.”

      Lesson of that story? Never bait with worms. lol!


  3. Really don’t feel disgusted … just sad.
    I’d eat if it was marinaded at least. Raw meat except for fish just isn’t my thing.
    The “worst” raw ingredient I’ve eaten was … two things actually – pig ears and pig skin – a little flamed to avoid infection or bacteria. Not bad at all 🙂


    • I think that seeing them eating it was not as disturbing as to how the video tries to focus on the shot of the frog moving around the plate… was kinda sadistic. =_=”


      Pigs ears and pig skin… raw?! o_O How was it like? What sort of texture and taste did it have?


      • During the winter we cut a pig specifically grown for this. For the meat and fat to be used for the holidays. The process is a bit brutal, the pig is chased a bit and pinned to the ground, using a long hunting knife a fast incision is made into the heart to let it bleed out. then a long cut is made along the side to remove internal organs .. bla bla bla 🙂
        And during that process the younger ones get to select which cut of the skin they want and add some salt and pepper to it 🙂 It’s often still warm … feels different, but not gross or violent. Natural you can say…


  4. I don’t want to eat animal meat that I think it’s living form is disgusting.
    This limit my meat consumption to fish, chicken, duck, goat, cow, pig, rabbit, shrimp.
    My family members eat other things such as eel, dog, cat, monkey, frog, snake, and SNAILS!
    Oh, I don’t eat cat even though I think the living form is very cute.


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