Hello Once More…


Hello Everyone!

It’s been a couple of years since I last post in this blog and I’ve missed it (and you readers most of all).

My Reason

I figure that I may as well start this post by giving you all an explanation for having suddenly fallen off the radar and I hope that you will forgive me for my sudden disappearance.

To cut a long story short (as we all know that time is precious and you would rather be watching anime instead 😉), I had became overwhelmed by the amount of series I had committed myself to reviewing and had suddenly lost my passion/motivation for it. I had found myself spending a couple of hours each day reviewing series and it had started to feel like a second job that was naturally taking a toll on me (as I do freelancing on the side for some extra cash, so by that logic it started to feel like a 3rd job?).

As we all know, it’s hard to pick something back up once you’ve stopped (even if I’ve continued to watch anime during this “missing” period).

I had found myself playing with the idea of reviewing shows once more over the last couple of years, but couldn’t seem to find any series that could motivate me into writing.

My Decision

But with this season’s line-up of many familiar series coming back for a new season, I figured that I should shake off whatever uneasiness I had felt before and start writing again since there’s just so many things that I would like to catch up on telling you guys about. =)

It’s been some time but I hope you would still continue to read the reviews that I will be writing in these coming weeks/months and hopefully years.

I may no longer follow the episodic reviewing style that I had once done before but who knows?

All I know is that I shall start by finding back the love that I once had for these reviews.

As for my co-writers, what happened to them?

M0rg0th is still lurking around in the shadows (I know you are there so stop hiding M0rg0th 😉)

So here is a “SHOUTOUT!” to invite him back into reviewing series with me.

Care to join the blog once more?

As for the lovely Kelfio, she is busy with the things going on in life, but she knows that she is always welcome back here anytime she is able to blog.

And so it begins…

I hope that you will look forward to seeing changes around this blog and to the reviews are to come.

Take care everyone, and I look forward to getting to know all of you again.

-ra out
(And I just realised that this is the 400th post on this blog. =) So here’s another reason for me to start afresh…)


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  1. Welcome back! I remember following your blog back when I started Anime Aura. I’ve been away from blogging for a while too. A lot has changed over these years!

    Good to see some good bloggers coming back!

    I remember wanting to guest post on your blog back in the day!


  2. Welcome back! did miss your reviews as I followed and read what you watched a lot.

    Best of luck on picking this up again and reading your new work. TBH, it isn’t easy so hats off!


    • Thanks Darryl!

      I hope that you will continue to read (and comment on) the reviews that m0rg0th and I will be writing in the near future.

      I am sure we will be posting a few soon since it’s easter holidays! =)


  3. I’m not lurking… but let’s just say that I wasn’t entirely surprised to find this shoutout here upon revisiting this blog 😉 . I’m not against getting back into reviewing… I mean, who knows what life will throw at me in the future… or life throws the future at me like in Terminator… or maybe the past, I mean, dinosaurs are cool, right? Anyway, I have a short holiday this week on account of Jesus and the Easter Bunny. So I can get into reviewing right away! Hooray for convenient timing! (Something I would immediately complain about, were this fiction)


    • Haha, I am glad that you weren’t entirely surprise. And love reading your reviews so I am glad you are back on the blog reviewing too! We never know what life will hit us with but hey if you do get a chance to see dinosaurs, dont forget your camera so you can write a review about it. 😉

      “Hooray for convenient timing! (Something I would immediately complain about, were this fiction)”



  4. Okay, okay, okay. I might, maybe, possibly, sort of, be able to take a break from all this SCIENCE every now and then to do a review or two. 😀


  5. *BRB currently crying* (Welcome back, finally!)

    So…does that mean the domain version of Otakuness is no more for now?


    • It’s been a long time hasn’t it? heh, glad to see that you are still around. XD

      Yeap, took it down and decided to get back onto wordpress for now! Back to the simple life for now. ^^


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