Mushishi Zoku Shou – First Impressions Review


Lets kick start the new beginning of reviews with one of Mushishi Zoku Shou.

I was more than excited to see the show back on air, but the question that would have come to most people mind would be:

“How would the show fair after being off air for so long?”


As all of you would most likely know, Mushishi Zoku Shou is a continuation of Mushishi which first aired in 2005, 9 years ago.

Given the long gap between the seasons, one would worry that a considerable amount of factors could have changed during that time – for instance, voice actors, a change in art direction, or perhaps a new animation company.

But I am glad to see that most things seem to have remained frozen in time.

If you are worried that you would have to see the first season first… Fear not, you need not watch the first series in order to enjoy this second one.


The first episode starts off by introducing the existences of Mushishis and Mushis, making sure that any new viewer would not be left out of the loop. Most introductory episodes would be rather boring or bland for a viewer who already knows what’s going on, but in usual Mushishi style, we are shown alittle bit of everything that makes Mushishi what it is and it’ll leave you with it’s usual warm and fuzzy feeling and a little lesson on life.

(But if you do enjoy this 2nd season, then you would definitely want to watch the first as it is pretty much the same.)


“They existed long before anyone can remember. They are simple and strange in nature, not resembling any other plant or animal in this world. In ancient times, people revered these bizarre creatures and called them “Mushi.”

People once again began to believe in the existence of these “Mushi” when they began affecting their lives in inexplicable ways.

The one who connects the world of “Mushi” to the world of humans — they were called the “Mushi-shi.”

All life exists not to hinder others in this world.
They are simply there to live as they were meant to.”

-Source – My Anime List

mushishi-zoku-shou-4I feel exactly the same way as you do.

My Impression

I still remember having seen this show for the first time 9 years ago as it had left a distinct impression on my mind.

If I had to pick an item to describe this series, I would say it was like a nice cup of tea freshly brewed tea. It calms you and warms you with it’s soothing tones and little bits of slice-of-life moments.

The soft notes of the opening song aims at setting a peaceful and calming mood, whilst the slow story telling style drags you into the world of Mushishi.

The series thus far mostly takes on an episodic style, following a travelling Mushishi called Ginko. This episodic style suits the peaceful and calming essence of the show – there is little tension, little anticipation, little excitement, but you know that a solid and relatively entertaining story would unfold through the next 25 minutes of your life. It doesn’t aim to impress by trying to excel in any aspects, it simply does it by knowing what sort of series it would like to be and simply follows through with it.

Perhaps one could say that its positive aspects is also it’s downfall.

Some may find this series a bore to watch, as ultimately you are left feeling that it’s lacking a strong A-plot. There is pretty much no driving force behind the stories so far. Its like watching the sunset really, its pretty, it’ll entertain you, but you know (or hope) that there will be another one tomorrow which would probably look little different from usual.

I use to watch this series right before I would sleep, simply because it would leave me in such a dazed stupor that I don’t feel too motivated to do anything else.


Who is this series for?

  • Those who enjoyed the first season
  • Those who enjoy a relaxing series shrouded in supernatural elements
  • Those who enjoy episodic style series
  • Those who enjoy a mythical mystery
  • If you like relaxing to a cup of warm tea.

You wouldn’t like this series if:

  • You are looking for comedy, action, or any form of excitement.
  • You didn’t enjoy the first season

Rating: 7.5/10 – I still have a fond impression of the first series and this second season doesn’t divert from the first one by much at all. I’ve previously purchase a couple Mushishi mangas but let me tell you, I much prefer the atmosphere created through watching the animation as oppose to reading it. Artland does a great job in bringing the stories to life, and with a solid script, one can’t really fault it too much.

I’ll definitely continue to watch this series, and I am looking forward to seeing more of Ginko on screen.

Question of the week:

What’s your favourite Mushishi story so far?

Leave some comments below and let me know what you think of this series as I would like to know what everyone feels about the shows out this season.

See you soon and Happy Easter Everyone! XD

-ra out!


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  1. Hello! New reader here, I stumbled across because no one I’m following is watching the new Mushishi series. haha. Great review! I definitely understand the lack of a gripping plot and excitement make it tough to suggest to others, but luckily this series fits everything that makes me uniquely….me. This anime is my favorite anime, and I watch A LOT.
    Anyways, to answer your question, my favorite story is from Season 1. The episode called Sea of Writings (I think) The one about the girl who’s cursed with one of the oldest Mushi and writes stories to rid herself of the curse. I love it because it shows that even amongst other Mushishi, Ginko is still special because of his pacifist nature. Which I love. And I totally ship him and her as well. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading the review!

      I remember that episode that you are talking about, and I really enjoyed it. It just tugs at your heartstrings and Ginko just has this calm collected manner about himself that makes it so fun to watch him help other people with their Mushi problems.


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