Isshuukan Friends (One Week Friends) – First Impression Review


One Week Friends

Isshuukan Friends is a cute series that tells the story of a student named Yūki Hase who actively seeks out the shy class loner Kaori Fujimiya and tries to be her friend.

This series was an unexpectedly entertaining to watch and here’s why…


From the get go, the viewer is told of a hidden reason behind Kaori’s rejection of Hase’s offer of friendship, and by the end of the first episode we learn of the reason why.

Just from the title itself, one can guess what Kaori’s illness is – Kaori suffers from a medical illness that results in her forgetting everyone important to her (with the exception of her family members) at the start of each week (Monday) and the first two episodes covers a cycle of that said memory lost each.

I cannot begin to imagine what that would be like if that were to happen to me, but instead of approaching the subject in a dark and serious manner, the series took what would have been a solem atmosphere and turned it into one that is lighthearted and fun to watch.



High school sophomore Yūki Hase noticed that Kaori Fujimiya, his classmate, was always alone. He tried to start a conversation with her but was turned down: “My memories of friendship can last only a week,” she said. Despite of knowing this shocking truth, Yūki keeps trying to be Kaori’s “new” friend every week.

– source: ANN

Genre/Themes: Comedy, Drama, High School, Friendship, Slice of Life


My Impression

The Characters + Story

The characters themselves are entertaining. Hase takes on the personality of the friendly and mostly optimistic guy who is a bit of an air head, whereas Kaori is the shy class recluse who is actually a really cheerful and cute person behind closed doors.

As the series currently focuses on the budding relationship between Hase and Kaori, it is essential that the characters are able to entertain a crowd as the show basically follows the two characters around as they carry out what would be mostly mundane everyday tasks to us.

But due to their circumstances, a new light is shone upon all those daily activities and we are shown a different take on events that we may usually have taken for granted.

The first two episodes covers a week of their lives each (as I had previously mentioned), and although I am uncertain of whether this format would continue as the show progresses, it’s structured formula is entertaining enough and has me looking forward to seeing what new “adventures” and difficulties these two would go through in the near future.

The show definitely has its moments that would tug on your heartstrings whilst also leaving you with a fond glow as you look back on what’s happened at the end of each week, but it definitely isn’t a series that will have you going “I need more… NOW.”

But for now, I’ll say that it’s a good start and that it’s enough to get me interested in following the show.


The Animation

I believe that I have mentioned many times before how I am a fan of the animation studio Brains Base, and this series just redeemed the studio in my eyes after their series Brothers Conflict.

The animation is the key thing for me when it comes to a Slice of Life genre series as the story themselves usually lack the enthusiasm that an action, drama or mystery series might have, and Brains Base did a good job in executing the animation in this instance.

The art in this series reminds me of Usagi Drop with its pastel tones and character designs, but more than that, it’s nice to see that there is a certain level of liveliness to the characters when it came to how they moved and the “prettiness” of the backdrop in many of the scenes.

The only thing that annoyed me were Hase’s unruly strands of hair as it gave me the itch to clean my screen as they look like scratches. But other than that, the constant blushing and reactions that the characters go through are cute to observe.

isshuukan-friends6“Please teach me how to comb my hair…”

Final Thoughts

Although I do like this series, I do worry that the constant repetition of the main theme each week would start to wear down the viewers.

Hopefully, the show introduces more characters as Kaori learns to cope with her illness through her friendship with Hase.

But for now, the series is a light refreshing watch that tugs at your heartstrings whilst taking a lighthearted approach towards a medical condition that could have been played from a darker angle.

Rating: 7.5/10 – Worth a shot if you like the “lonely girl, friendly guy” theme or simply if you enjoy watching a decent slice-of-life series.

Until the next review..

-ra out!

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