Isshuukan Friends – 03-07 Reviews

isshuukan-friendsThis show had me running to my kitchen to make myself some tamagoyaki. (o^–^o)v

Batch Review of Isshuukan Friends – Episodes 03 to 07


A few episodes  Many episodes have passed since my review of Isshuukan Friends and a lot has happened in the show.

From starting off as a two man show, our main characters have moved onto greater things – new friends have joined the group, parents have found their way into a storyline, and there is much progress on the front of Kaori’s selective memory.

I’ve been pretty busy recently and haven’t had the time to write many reviews, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for this late review. 🙂


Episode 03 – Friends of Friends

As the title would suggest, the 3rd episode covers the introduction of Kiryuu into the group of friends. As you can probably remember from the first 2 episodes, Kiryuu is Hase’s good friend (and at times it looks as though Kiryuu is his only friend around).
Bottomline, Kaori now has a new buddy to play house with.

This episode was a break from the usual routine of the first 2 episodes with Kiryuu providing a different view on the awkward friendship. We get to see Kaori come out of her shell as she starts to realise that perhaps she herself needed to make the effort when it came to building relationships rather than constantly depending on Hase’s kindness.

I really enjoyed the element of drama that Kiryuu’s character had provided, and it is because of his personality that we get to see Kaori grow.

Kiryuu’s bluntness was really refreshing and I had expected nothing less from his character. I just hope he doesn’t start falling for Kaori because that would be way too much drama for such a lighthearted show.


Episode 04 – Fighting with Friends

During what would have been a typical lunch on a Friday afternoon, Kaori and Hase ended up arguing with one another. Hase having been agitated by Kaori constant discussion of Kiryuu had started a chain of events whereby Kaori loses her diary thus leaving her with no memory of Hase when Monday came around.

Now that Kaori and Kiryuu have gotten to know each other, it is normal for the dynamic of a previously 2 party friendship between Hase and Kaori to shift with new people joining the group and this episode covers just that. Their friendship had definitely taken a beating during the first part of the episode with their argument and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Hase’s jealousy. 

Hase’s character is pretty whimpy to begin with, but at least I thought he was a good natured character who would not have resorted to having such a petty reaction. Guess I was wrong there.

But by the end of the episode, all’s well with Hase having search long and hard for Kaori’s diary and having realised his mistake. I have to give Hase credit for what he had done for Kaori in order to redeem himself in her eyes, so on that front, he had gained a bit more respect in my eyes.


Episode 05 – New Friends

A new friend appears and it’s a girl! This episode introduces us to a new classmate who is somewhat of a stalker. Yamagishi is a forgetful girl who sees Kaori as an older sister and would like to be her (first female) friend. 

Was I the only one who was waiting for Yamagishi to turn out to be a psycho killer or something? (^-^!)

Yamagishi role in the dynamic of the friendship is pretty crucial in this episode. With the introduction of Kaori’s first female friend, we can see a different sort of relationship develop between, after all, as with real life, friendship between a boy and girl usually is pretty different than that between two girls.

But more than that, Yamagishi puts Kaori’s illness in perspective for her and motivates Kaori to come out of her shell. I really loved the scene where Kaori told Yamagishi of her illness and instead of getting the reaction that she had expected, Yamagishi had instead responded by saying that Kaori’s circumstance is better than that of Yamagishi’s forgetfulness, because at least Kaori knows when and what she will be forgetting.

I am a sucker for characters that look for a silver lining even when placed in a bad situation.

Which basically meant that I went from being weary of Yamagishi’s character at the start to finding her somewhat… well… I guess the closest word I can think of is adorable? (Though she reminds me of a dog if I were to be honest.)


Episode 06 – Mothers of Friends

Hase and Yamagishi is in desperate need for Kaori to tutor them for a makeup test to bring their grades up. As such, Kaori invites the whole group over to her house where they meet her mother. (Thus the title of the episode)

It’s nice that we get to learn a bit more about Kaori and her past in this episode, and although the writers tried to shroud most of it in mystery in order to keep a certain “what happened” element in the series, we (even Hase) could guess what happened back then before the accident. Chances are, some big argument or backstabbing situation had happened which caused Kaori to be depressed and thus run out onto the road. And her illness is her trying to protect herself from such an accident again.

This episode was filled with constant blushing from our characters, even Kiryuu was constantly pink in the face (then again, it seems to be a regular thing in this series for characters to be pink in the face). Me thinks that they blush a bit too much. 😉

But more than that, it’s nice to see Kaori’s mother finally appear as a proper character in this episode being a devise to relay some of Kaori’s past to Hase and even “hint” at Hase’s feelings for Kaori. Hopefully this means that the story will start to place a bit more of a focus on Hase’s feelings for Kaori and vice versa, but I won’t hold my breath.

The highlight of this episode for me would have to have been Hase’s moment where he had said that there were times where he felt that Kaori’s illness was somewhat of a pain for him as he would have to introduce himself each week and worry about the outcome. It’s good to see that even the airhead and optimistic Hase allowed us to see a more serious side to himself, even if it was short lived.


Episode 07 – Friends of “Ah”. Friends of “Whew”

The first part of the episode focuses on showing us how Hase copes with coming to terms with regards to Kaori’s expanding group of friends as she starts to integrate herself into class activities, thus minimizing their “alone” time together. The second half of the episode then continues on by talking about Summer Break and what Hase plans to do to ensure he gets to spend time with Kaori over the school break.

Well, this was a pretty segmented episode which left me somewhat bored up until the last few seconds. The episode starts off with Hase expressing his emotions over no longer being the center of Kaori’s world and thus having to share her with others. When you have 2 leads who simply beating around the bush non-stop (be it deliberate or not due to their awkward personalities) the romantic tension turns from one of anticipation into one of painful torture. It’s quite obvious that our 2 leads have a long way to go before truly expressing their “love/liking” for one another (especially with regards to Kaori) but the series is starting to develop the romantic aspect.

Which leads me to the second part of the episode. I wanted to pull my hair out with how Hase wouldn’t stop whining about Kaori. Argh. The boy should just grow a pair and perhaps stop using Kiryu as a soundboard. I’ve gained much respect for Kiryu’s patience, if I were to have a friend who would whine as much, I would have screamed at her/him a long time ago and told them to suck it up or do something about it (in not as nice a way as Kiryu had put it 😛).

My favorite part of the episode was Yamagishi and her fluffy-ness. I just love the comical element that she brings with her forgetfulness and her bluntness. I love how open she is with everyone and am hoping that perhaps we will get to see some sort of story develop between Yamagishi and Kiryuu especially after the scene in the corridor (since they do have a shared past, forgotten or not).

Ultimately, the main point of the episode is most likely the fact that Kaori is starting to regain her ability to remember her friends and it is all thanks to Hase’s friendship.

isshuukan-friends07Well said my friend. Well said. ^^


I am personally enjoying this episodic series and the pace of the show (excluding episode 07), new things seem to happen in each episode and the plot continues to move forward with something fresh occurring each week. The constant character development means that the audience is constantly learning new things about the focus character in the episode and its nice to see each character struggle in their own way:

  • Kaori as she struggles against her illness and learns how to make friends once more as she battles her fear of rejection.
  • Hase as the truth of him liking Kaori continues to torment him thus leaving him acting really awkward in situations
  • Kiryuu as he attempts (barely) at being more sociable. His bluntness can get on people’s nerves but his heart is in the right place.
  • Yamagishi well… she is too forgetful and cheerful to worry about anything. But I like how she is the invisible glue that brings everyone together (even if she does not realise that her actions leads to them spending more time as a group)

Episode Ratings (on an average): 7/10

-ra out

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