Sword Art Online – 02 Review

Sinon Crotch

SAO II 02 – All About Crotches

I didn’t have very high expectations for SAO 2 following the vomit-worthy ALO arc of the first season. Even considering that, this episode didn’t impress me. I want to enjoy this series, but it’s probably going to take a while until the bad taste of SAO 1 leaves my mouth.


In the world of GGO, Sinon and her gang are going about their daily business of killing and robbing other players. A group of players that are fed up to here with the PK’ers antics have hired a body guard named Behemoth. His big ass machine gun throws Sinon and company for a loop – luckily though, Sinon is a main character and therefore can never lose a fight (even though she can lose a leg). Finally, the scene switches to ALO (aka Happy-Land) where it appears that Kirito deigns to inform Asuna about his detective mission into GGO.

GGO Scenery

Do any of these screenshots look familiar?


There’s not a whole lot to say about this episode. It was essentially just an introduction to Sinon’s character with some GGO world-building thrown in. A lot of this episode was just recycled footage from the last episode, or still shots being shown over and over. What’s up with that?

Sinon seems like a bad ass fighter-chick right now… But I know that as soon as she meets Kirito, she will turn into a Kirito-worshipping moe-blob who will need to be rescued a few times. How do I know this? Well, because she’s a character in SAO and she’s female.

Sinon Objectification

At least we can rest assured that women are still objects in SAO II.

If there is any continuity with first season of SAO, it’s a given that Sinon will turn out as lame as Asuna did. There was a lot of focus in this episode on Sinon’s physical beauty, with the crotch/body shots and the guys in her group hitting on her. In the world of SAO, being pretty is a characterization. It means that you are a good person that cares for others more than you do for yourself, and that even though you may act tough, you are a soft and sweet little girl underneath (and will fall in love with Kirito). It also means that you are “strong” – as in, you have certain abilities or skills within the game that will be useful to Kirito at some point. Of course, that’s okay in SAO because Kirito is the epitome of all that is good and right in the universe, so loving and supporting him means that you are also good and right.

Am I the only person who has a problem with this?

Serious Sinon

Sinon make take the game too seriously, but she does have a point.

If it weren’t for the fact that I know SAO will turn Sinon’s character into nothing more than a sniveling turd, I would be interested in her. In GGO she’s teamed up with a group that robs and kills other players. Wait, weren’t those kinds of people bad guys in SAO 1? Clearly, since she is pretty, Sinon isn’t a bad guy – so what is her motivation for PK’ing in GGO?

Sinon takes GGO very seriously. When she is about to shoot a member of the group they are attempting to rob, she says, “Compared to that time.” What time? Was she also stuck in Aincrad? Or has she had to kill people in real life? She treats the game as if her life is actually on the line, leading me to believe that she has had experiences with guns and death outside of GGO (she treats the game almost like she’s suffering from PTSD!). For now at least, Sinon is a welcome relief from the vapid good guys found in SAO 1.


Happy-Land, aka ALO, where teenagers are insufferably nice to each other.

I wish the overall plot (Kirito solving the Death Gun mystery) had been featured more in this episode. However, I appreciated the effort spent to elucidate the rules of GGO. I liked how the series used an action-packed sequence to illustrate things; that’s a waaaay better approach than an info-dump. Also, from colors, lighting, and the background music, it’s clear to the viewer that GGO isn’t a happy fantasy world like ALO, or even Aincrad. GGO is serious shit. It’s full of grown-up, ugly, and scary men who take great pleasure in killing each other. All of this is in stark contrast to the nearly-cartoony world of ALO, where Kirito and his harem spend their time. The difference in the two worlds is pretty extreme, but I suppose it’s a good way to emphasize the daunting nature of the task that lies before Kirito.

Sinon Face Close Up

This is what the episode spent the majority of its time on: close-ups of Sinon’s eyeball.

The battle scene in GGO took up the majority of the episode. It was reasonably well done, but there were an awful lot of still frames and close-ups of the characters’ faces. It seemed like a solid 5 out of 20 minutes of this episode was just close-ups of Sinon’s eyes – and most of the time, it seemed like the exact same drawing as was used in Episode 01.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with this episode, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. I think the series still has potential. For an introduction to Sinon’s character and the world of GGO, it served its purpose well enough. I’m ready to get on with this plot though. Hopefully next week?

How many of you readers out there are following SAO II? Are you enjoying the series even though the ALO arc in SAO I was so disappointing?

Episode Rating: 6.0/10.0

Cute Lizard

Help! I’m too cute to be stuck in GGO!

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  1. MonsterrBoots

    I think the same, about ALO arc being trash. I was so hyped through SAO arc. GGO as you say, may still be good. I liked the episode, though it was overwhelmed by funservice… Except for the ending. SAO series again started to be promising for me and then they show ALO in the last scene with Sillica being in the bind of tentacles… =_= God, just get over it and take this trash out of my face and get on with GGO!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know why I’m still following this anime, but I felt that is agreed with you on so much considering the first season of SAO. Gun Gale Online has so far done little to capture my attention, but it made Alfheim Online look so gay by comparison. The Kirito x Asuna pairing has me incredibly bored and uninterested, and I’m just hoping that you’re wrong about Sinon falling for Kirito, because adding yet ANOTHER girl to Kirito’s harem would definitely be the last straw.
    Haha where the romance department is in SAO, I’m not interested.
    I believe the only thing that I like so far, is Sinon’s attitude. She obviously has a backstory, and I’m intrigued enough to want to know what it is, exactly.
    I’d add more, but my thoughts were so similar to yours, I’d reach the point of redundancy :p


    • “adding yet ANOTHER girl to Kirito’s harem would definitely be the last straw”

      Wouldn’t it be? I also really hope I’m wrong about that! So far though, all of the girls in the series have ended up falling for Kirito, so it seems overly-hopeful that Sinon would be an exception. But… Sinon has so much potential as a character, and she’s already a lot more developed than Asuna ever was, so maybe we’ll get lucky.

      “I don’t know why I’m still following this anime”

      That’s pretty much how I feel. It’s hard say exactly what I find compelling about SAO, and why I’m still watching it. For me, I think it’s just because I enjoyed the Aincrad arc of SAO 1…. Or at least the first half of it. I can’t help but watch it, just in case it gets good again, you know?

      How about you? Did you enjoy the beginning of SAO 1? Was it the ALO arc that turned you off to the series, or did you start to dislike it before then?


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