Disclaimer: The below story of our lives is not to be taken in a pompous manner. We merely like to do things with a hint of light hearted comedy.

4 score and 7 years ago….

No, wait. Wrong story.

5 years ago, Saranaufogus had an itch. Over time, the itch grew and grew and finally transformed into a burning desire to rant and rave about the various anime series she had watched. Thus, Otakuness Anime Reviews was born.

Little did she know that the blog would turn into the raging force it is today. With over 500 posts, more views than many cities have people, and some of the most brilliant writers to be found on this great green earth, Otakuness has truly grown into a force to reckon with.

About The Authors:


Our fearless leader, the hostess with the mostess, “Ra” has written prolifically about every sort of anime under the sun. A winning combination of humor, insight, and warmth make her reviews nothing short of a pleasure to read. Lest her generous demeanor fool you, rest assured that Saranaufogus doesn’t shy away from pointing out a series shortcomings and her disarming approach will certainly get you thinking!

Update: We regret to inform you that due to a slight miscalculation, Ra has been abducted by extraterrestrials during her recent vacation to Singapore. In a press conference last month, M0rg0th assured worried fans, “It was a simple mistake that could have happened to anyone. We have ample numbers of qualified staff currently searching for her.” The staff at Otakuness apologizes for any inconveniences or broken hearts that her absence may have caused and we encourage you all to pray for her safe return to Earth and the Blogosphere.


Known to his fans by various terms of endearment such as, “Cynic”, “Nit-Picker”, and “Hater”, M0rg0th’s reviews are sure to inspire controversy and roars of laughter. Having watched more anime series than seems humanly possible, his astute reviews will most certainly open your eyes to myriad details and quirks of an astounding variety of anime series. To read M0rg0th’s full bio, click here.


Harboring strong opinions and an unhealthy obsession with cicada noises and hydrangeas in anime, Kelfio’s ramblings are sure to entertain and possibly provoke. She is the newest addition to the Otakuness team, and she is absolutely *not* responsible for hacking into the site and secretly rewriting this page. To read Kelfio’s full bio, click here.

Stay tuned for exciting changes coming soon to Otakuness!

We welcome your comments and feedback. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy your visit to Otakuness Anime Reviews!

If you:

  • Would like to be part of the blog and review? Just pop Ra an email or fill in the form below and she will respond to you ASAP. It is always good to get a different point of view on things.
    (Please note that we might not always be accepting new reviewers as it depends on the conditions of the blog, but feel free to still drop an email =) )
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  1. USD for the one with the swing out table. ,


  2. I lay on my bed and pretend I am a banana

    Out of curiosity are you accepting people to write anime reviews that are not ongoing?


  3. Nice blog, loving it! 😀 Would you be interested in doing a link swap, I’ve just started out so it would be nice to expand a bit 🙂


  4. Hey Saranaufogus, loving the reviews man. I used to post mine on Tumblr and it was crude and harsh – I swapped to WordPress because of this blog and was wondering if we could do an exchange of links 😀

    P.S. Your blog theme is amazingly beautiful, sorry I stole it for mine D:


  5. Hey guys…nice blog…
    I’ve started my own site in wich I’m doing reviews…if you want to exchange links that would be great 🙂
    I’m waiting for your reply 😀


  6. Its not my first time to go to see this web page,
    i am browsing this web page dailly and take nice facts from here all
    the time.


  7. Hey I Nominated you for The WakuWafu Award you can find the details at https://croitzdcat.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/the-wakuwafu-award/


  8. Heya, I’ve nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award! 😀 You can find the details here https://fiddletwix.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/creative-blogger-quadra-kill/


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