Saranaufogus’ Top 15 Anime List

I could give you guys a generic Top 15 anime that I think people might consider to be amazing, but what’s the point in that?

So as such, here is a list of my top 15 anime based on how much I enjoyed the series.

I believe that whilst I may recognize some series as being great, it does not directly translate to me liking it.

How I am breaking it down:

  • It is so hard to decide on just 15 anime so I have decided to make sure I consider what I like for the more popular genres.
  • Entertainment/Impression value (Like I said before, a show may be good but might not leave me wanting more)

Note to self:

Maybe split into top 15 before 2006/7 and top 5 between 2006/7 – 2011?


-Ghost hunt?


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