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Antique Bakery Review

Antique Bakery

Ahhh, this is one anime that leaves you confuse and unable to understand just how you feel about this anime.

Whilst this is not a great anime, it is never boring. Perhaps this can be seen as a peaceful anime (but not up to the level of Mushishi) with moments of comedy and some hints romance during the start of the anime inside.
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Antique Bakery – 01

Antique Bakery on ANN

To satisfy our thirst for BoyLove and Yaoi goodness, this season presents us with a new BL series! After the first season of Junjo ended i was left with a void in my life (and yes, I am being melodramatic here). I am glad to say that Antique Bakery does a relatively good job of filling up that void. Read the rest of this entry