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Death Parade – 08-10 Review

[C12] Death Parade - 10.mp4 - 00002A very existential perspective as judging for the arbiters is the same as Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill only to see it roll down the hill again. There’s no point to doing that except the meaning humans would assign to it. Of course, the series is more in favor of the more sentimental opinion that life is meaningful beyond being just some Sisyphean task one simply assigns a meaning to for comfort.  But the series at least makes the effort to turn that into a journey instead to beating the audience senseless with that message.

Death Parade is one of my favorites this season. Yoru no Yatterman is another (which I will review when it’s over… I feel like it’s the kind of series I need to see everything of it before I can talk about it properly) and other than that… Kuroko no Basuke is as entertaining as ever but it’s a hate-it-or-love-it-series (one of the better ones in the ridiculous-anime-sports-genre, though) and Durarara is still as good or as bad as the first season (it’s a series with a very specific style and it does nothing better or worse in the second season). Those are the four series I would recommend from this season (well, from the ones which started in this season, I mean).

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Review-Roundup: Death Parade 07, Aldnoah.Zero 19

[C12] Death Parade - 07.mp4 - 00010I really like where Death Parade is going with its premise. There aren’t a lot of series that introduce a premise in order to immediately question and subvert it.

This time I review:

Death Parade 07: Another downtime-episode where the characters are just hanging around. The characters fill the time with flashbacks, introspective questions and goodnatured foolery.

Aldnoah.Zero 19: Slaine does some shit. Inaho does some shit. This week Slaine does more shit. Surprisingly the real princess does some shit. The fake-princess does some shit, too (in the hope that she will do some shit to Slaine in bed, it seems). But shit hasn’t hit the fan… yet.

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Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 18, Death Parade 06

[HorribleSubs] Aldnoah Zero - 18 [480p].mkv - 00003This series loves to make its battles rely on the notion that the enemy is a total idiot. In this scenario… *sigh* One, apparently the distance between the Deucalion and the enemy-mecha is big enough for straight shots to miss. Two, missing the Deucalion means the Martian knight didn’t understand that the Earth is round. Yeah, it’s a trick that only works because Martians don’t understand that the Earth is round.

This time I review:

Aldnoah.Zero 18: Inaho deals with another pesky Martian knight. So does Inaho. The princess awakens… at the VERY END. Guess something interesting is finally happening.

Death Parade 06: A girl meets her idol. Said idol is a bit of sleazeball. The girl doesn’t mind. Hilarity ensues… supposedly.

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Review-Roundup: Death Parade 05, Rolling Girls 05

[C12] The Rolling Girls - 05.mp4 - 00004Only in Japanese series would a food-fight be something far more complicated than gradeschoolers throwing spaghetti at each other during lunchbreak.

This time I review:

Death Parade 05: The Black-Haired Woman has amnesia (yeah, big suprise, isn’t it?). Turns out she has a background-story, a peculiar one going by the worldbuilding this series has done so far and… since she has amnesia that’s a concern for later episodes. Right now, we are supposed to feel satisfied with getting vague hints and stuff like that.

Rolling Girls 05: Some people want to beat each other up, a few think it’s a bad idea. The main-characters share that opinion and try their best to defuse the situation! Also, some grandpa and his granddaughter are unable to be very honest about their feelings. Cue up cheesy drama-sequences until the series decides these characters can actually be honest about their feelings!

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Review-Roundup: Death Parade 04, Rolling Girls 03/04

[C12] Death Parade - 04.mp4 - 00003A satisfying and ambiguous conclusion to a dark little episodic story.

This time I review:

Death Parade 04: Once again two people play for their fate in the afterlife. And the series continues to not really copy the expectations set up by the first episode in that regard.

Rolling Girls 03/04: Nozomi & gang travel to another Otaku-Eden whose hero is forced to ask herself how much she is prepared to sacrifice in order to satisfy her selfish desires.

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Review-Roundup: Isuca 01, Koufuku Graffiti 03, Death Parade 03

_C12__ISUCA_-_01.mp4 - 00000Maybe someday every anime will understand the difference between sexiness and blatant fanservice. Until then we get shots like some woman showing off her naked body… FOR NO FRIGGING REASON! If you don’t have a story to tell, just do fucking Hentai please. I give zero shits about a thinly veiled hentai that tries to be a fucking average shounen-series.

This time I review:

Isuca 01: Even boobs and nudity can’t save this one from being a piece of shit… Go figure…

Koufuku Graffiti 03: Ryo has a bad day. Kirin tries to change that. She’s successful (to NO ONE’s surprise). The End.

Death Parade 03: A dude and a gal are dead this time around. Turns out they know each other – but their history together is a little bit more complicated than the two expected.

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Review-Roundup: Koufuku Graffiti 02, Death Parade 02, Aldnoah.Zero 14

[C12] Koufuku Graffiti - 02.mp4 - 00000Seriously, it’s frigging mustard, they’re talking about! One of the sandwiches has mustard on it! How old are they? Ten? Mustard isn’t a bullet that will kill those girls. On the other hand, Diabetes might considering how they are fawning over sweet stuff…

This time I review:

Koufuku Grafitti 02: Turns out just visiting on the weekends hasn’t led to Kirin marrying Ryou and moving in with her. Therefore she’s depressed when she finds out that she doesn’t know EVERYTHING about Ryou. That’s how familial relationships work after all. Also, foodgasm is a thing in this series, I believe.

Death Parade 02: Remember the first episode? Yeah, but let’s face it, what we needed was an extensive walkthrough of that episode’s narrative, right? Maybe this episode will reveal who had killed the butler in retaliation for kill… Oh, wait, wrong series, I must have fallen asleep while someone has been trying to explain the obvious to me…

Aldnoah.Zero 14: After months of the Vers-Empire dominating the war, the Earth-resistance has finally remembered it has a space-station with a whole battalion of mechas ready to start a fight with the Martians. Also, Inaho still kicks ass and Slaine has to deal with the jealousy of his beloved princess’ sister.

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Review-Roundup: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 01, Koufuku Grafitti 01, Death Parade 01

[C12] Assassination Classroom - 01.mp4 - 00003I don’t think that’s an “exception proves the rule”-type situation. I would like to think that being a killer (or even wanting to be one) disqualifies you from being described as a “perfectly normal student”.

This time I review:

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 01: An alien tries to destroy the world… but it also wants to teach a class full of society’s worst children. The goal: To be killed by those children. Will those kids get a good education before someone figures out how to kill the alien? Will that great education even matter if the alien survives and destroys the whole planet Earth (or most of it anyway)? If you’ve ever wondered if wanting to kill your teacher while also wanting to be a good student are the same thing… they are! Well, I guess, that’s only the case in this series really…

Koufuku Grafitti 01: Some girl loves to cook to become a good wife (I mean, why else would she learn to cook after all…?). Her granma dead, the parents working overseas and she’s left with an aunt who got better things to do: Turns out that’s a real bummer and her self-cooked food doesn’t taste good anymore. That’s when a little girl enters her life (who’s as old as her but seems more like a grade-schooler) and her appetite teaches the main-girl that the most important ingredient of good food is… family… and I guess, we’re gonna see that message repeated another thousand times since this is just the first episode.

Death Parade 01: Two people die, they go into a bar, play a game, turns out they are both assholes, one wins, one loses and that’s it!

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