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Mysterious Girlfriend X – 01-03 Review

I still consider it a plothole that Tsubaki went for the drool. Who the hell would do that?! Nobody sees drool and thinks ‘I wonder what it tastes like…’. Seriously we all have drool enough of our own, nobody need to go around trying to taste other people’s drool – especially not those lying around on tables and whatnot.

Mysterious Girlfriend X: Drool Can Replace A Lot Of Things In A Relationship

One thing I’m secretly glad about is that the drool is either sweet, causes Tsubaki or Urabe to bleed from their nose or make them dream about strange scenarios. Because think about it: It could be far creepier. Imagine a story where Tsubaki starts talking like some kind of Wine-expert who describes Urabe’s drool with very specific and lengthy metaphors. Every time the series has yet another sunset-coloured scene of Tsubaki doing the drool-routine with Urabe it conjures poetic imagery of what happened that day while the audience is thinking “Who expected that tasting another person’s drool would turn this kid into Shakespeare…”. And then the series would extend it to other persons and their problems, Tsubaki would know the amount of money his sister owes the bank – by tasting her drool. He would learn the answers to the Maths-test – by tasting the teacher’s drool. He would have weird Freudian dreams about himself – by tasting his own drool. And all that accompanied by poetic lengthy monologues of how the drool tasted in each case. Well, that would be my take on the premise at least. Of course that won’t happen in this series because Tsubaki doesn’t have any guts and Urabe has enough guts for the two of them.

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