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Psycho Pass: The Movie – Review

Psycho-Pass Movie (2015) CRF=24 10bit [notCommie] (Sub).mkv - 00006By leading a rebel-group to kill everyone at the top of the current regime. Yep, certainly sounds like a great recipe for the creation of a democracy!

There was a point in time where the news of Psycho-Pass getting a movie and a second season gladdened me because well, at that point I hadn’t yet seen the atrocity that is the second season and I have to say: Personally I found this movie to be a bit of a disappointment. I mean, sure, the writing’s just as good as in season 01 of course and the action is somewhat entertaining, too. But neither during that second season nor during that movie did I feel like the creators had an actual plan where they wanted to go with the franchise. Ubukata wrote the second season and Urobuchi wrote this movie and neither writing felt like franchise-storytelling. There’s a difference between writing stand-alone-stuff for this one season or movie and actually taking into consideration the production of multiple sequels. The movie doesn’t have a mythology created by a huge amount of worldbuilding the franchise has done over time. The franchise is still throwing around more ideas than codified references that solidify a certain image of the setting. Of course, the problem isn’t the writing but what has been going on behind the scenes during the production of the movie and the second season…

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