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Rinne no Lagrange – Review

Despite what this image might tell you, Rinne no Lagrange isn’t a space-opera. Although its intentions to seem like that sometimes are quite misleading as to what this series is about.

Rinne no Lagrange: Intergalactic War In the Backyard Of The Galaxy

So Rinne no Lagrange gets an OVA and a second season. Not very surprising, I think. Everyone who has seen this series will probably agree that this series isn’t really a standalone experience. In fact it’s 12 episodes build-up for what’s coming in the second season. Because to be honest I’m excited to see what will happen in the second season, it seemed like there was a lot of stuff left unsaid in this series. But this series isn’t quite good enough to be recommended, I guess, it could become good enough if the second season is as good as I hope it will be but otherwise… Well, I guess one can only wait and see what happens.

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Rinne no Lagrange – 03 Review

That’s the kind of technobabble I really dislike: Either you’re introducing sf-elements and bear the burden of explaining them properly or you use technobabble of the present. There’s no need to invent “Telepathic Control Waves” for dramatic tension.

Rinne no Lagrange 03 – The Many Places Of A City Where Two Giant Mechas Can Fight

Rinne no Lagrange is currently the series I like best from the new winter-season, I think. Nisemonogatari is good but it’s a sequel and liking a sequel when one likes the first series as well is kind-of-cheating when it comes to choosing favourite series of a season. And speaking of Nisemonogatari: I will review it arc-wise. I simply don’t want to review every episode and just explain how it’s Shaft being Shaft, Shinbo being Shinbo and Ishin being Ishin. But back to Rinne no Lagrange 03: Thankfully the introduction is finished with this episode. It was certainly surprising how this series has spent so much time on this one fight without delving into the fun-slice-of-life-parts at all after the first episode. Next episode apparently seems to be a bit more laid-back but as far as I know this is a 13-episodes-series (correct me if I’m wrong) and it certainly takes its time. Not like that’s bad, this series knows how to spend its time. One thing about this show is still a mystery to me: Am I the only one in thinking that Lan’s habit of randomly using “Woof!” isn’t cute at all but simply weird?

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Rinne no Lagrange – 02 Review

Oh. My. God. That explains everything… It explains why she knows so much about mechas, it explains why she knows so much about aliens and it explains why Madoka drowning ten years ago is such an important event. Clearly all the plot-related stuff happened below the surface of the ocean!

Rinne no Lagrange 02 – Being A Mecha-Pilot Is Only Fun When You’re Not Saving The World

Rinne no Lagrange didn’t have the most interesting first episode. A lot of stuff in that episode was weird and confusing and this episode while being more solid than the previous one showed me that this series wants to be funny while telling you the oh-so-serious story of a intergalactic war. Obviously Madoka isn’t really the stuff serious characters are made of and I have to admit that I have a hard time taking her serious scenes… serious. She just doesn’t seem like the character to get all poetic and melodramatic because of some boys in space playing with their mechas. If only the rest of the cast would be as straight-forward as Madoka… When she noticed that she was the victiom of the forgotten-past-trope she directly asked her sister about it because that’s what normal people would do. But no, the sister can’t be bothered to answer and make this plot lose a revelation-episode in the second half…

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Rinne no Lagrange – 01 Review

So in case you hadn’t noticed after the first three seconds who the main-chara is supposed to be, the story helpfully provided us with the pretentious nobility of the main-character wishing for everyone’s happiness. It also includes the kind of foreshadowing that reminds you shit is about to hit the fan in case you wondered after three seconds whether this is a slice-of-life-series. Yeah, this series cares a lot about possible misconceptions you could have after three seconds.

This was actually one of the series I had some hope for but this episode crushed everything I had built up in terms of optimism. This is a forgettable offering of having yet another douchy girl with godlike talents exploring the depths of love, world-peace and the bliss of obliviousness. Her mecha is (of course) the best thing since sliced bread and someone along the way probably will try to sell us the idea something in this series should matter to us. But it sure ain’t the characters because aside from the main-beef, you get to see a deep-frozen case of shallowness as her sort-of sidekick and a bunch of other characters… you probably won’t remember after the end of the episode because technically they don’t meet the minimal qualifications of being a character. It’s generic in its concept and dull in its execution – to make it short: stay the hell away from this. But of course there’s a long version as well…

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