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Sankarea – 06 Review

Sankarea 06 – Zombie Girlfriends Aren’t All Fun and Games

Alright, I’m back in action with this latest episode of Sankarea! In this review, I’m skipping the summary/synopsis and I’m just going to give the highlights of what I loved most… And then…

The all important issue: fan-service.

Read on to see what I have to say about the increased amount of boobs, cleavage, pants-less-ness, and nakedness in sankarea!

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Sankarea – 05 Review

Episode 05 – Putting it All in Context

 So, this review is a week behind due to my exams. However, I had so much to say about this and the most recent episode, it was only reasonable to split it up into two separate reviews. There’s no summary here, just some of my thoughts about the best aspects of the episode – namely the subtly demonstrated dichotomy between living/dead that makes this series such an awesome watch.

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Sankarea – 04 Review

Sankarea 04 – Just a “Normal” Girl

In light of the fact that I’ve got at least 349,771 final exams to take in the next 7 days, I’m going to do something a little different for this week’s review. I’m going to focus on only one teeny-tiny little scene and compare the animated version to the manga.

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Sankarea – 03 Review

Sankarea 03 – Zombie Girls Rule

Ah yes, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. And there’s plenty of blood and guts to go around.

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Sankarea – 02 Review

Sankarea – Episode 02

Once again, Sankarea manages to deliver some high quality entertainment. This episode was a little slower and darker than last week’s, since the primary focus was on showing a little more of Rea’s difficult past.

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Sankarea – 01 Review

Sankarea – Episode 01

This was the most entertaining anime first-episode I have seen in ages! I didn’t have very high hopes for this series, but I was more than glad to be proven wrong. I’m not sure how the rest of the season will pan out, but this was a great episode and it’s definitely worth watching.

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