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Tokyo Marble Chocolate Review

Since it is the weekend and I have some free time on my hands, I have decided to review this anime ova. I had seen it some time ago but never actually got down to writting a review.


The anime revolves around the two characters dating and their different mindsets while dating. The first episode tells us the story from the girl’s, Chizuru, point of view while the second episode shows us Yuudai’s point of view of the events that happened over the 2 days that the anime takes place in. The plot is quite simple, Chizuru has a date with Yuudai and was thinking of whether she should break up with Yuudai. Yuudai had decided to by Chizuru a present which ended up being packed wrongly and Chizuru ends up with a mini-donkey instead. The mini-donkey causes some havoc and chaos ensues with broken mobile phones, lost presents, and destroyed handbags as well as leaving a very confused Yuudai to fend for himself. The rest of the plot simply follows the aftermath of the donkey’s destruction and the changing dynamics of the relationship between Yuudai and Chizuru.
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