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Towa no Quon – 03 Review

Isn’t that exciting? If they don’t wake her up soon enough she will die of dreaming too long!

Towa no Quon 3: The Uncanny Q-Men And The Networked Brain

What happened so far: The first movie showed us a bunch of social misfits and do-gooders living in a giant garden together to bring about world peace fighting against a team of cyborgs led by a pompous asshole who always introduces himself saying “I’m an evil villain… Get Insania, you lazy bastards whose names I never remembered!”. Just as a reminder the poor guys running a giant entertainment park are the good guys and nobody knows that they are actually the Uncanny Q-Men – because the bad guys still fumble with adding one and one together. But what the first movie was really about was a mute girl starting to talk again because she hated talking but she still loved singing. So she starts singing and then talking… Mission accomplished, everyone thinks and the first movie ends. In the second movie people die and the Robocops actually try to do something besides catching Insania but again they are behind the action as the Q-Men stumble upon this sweet-smelling but whiny kid who talks to flowers. And the flowers tell him that they need love, human love. But as I laughed about this idiocy I realized that the kids at the Q-Men’s entertainment-park (which is also an orphanage) also laugh about him. Feeling satisfied with my wise insight I went on watching the stupid kid making an ass out of himself and getting targeted by the Robocop’s who also finally realize that this kid is a gardener – and the gardener is always the murderer. The Q-Men also arrive and stuff happens which leads to the death of the kid but not before he tells us once again that plants need love, human love. Before I started to question myself whether I really need to hug a tree in a park to help the environment I watched the third movie which has another kid with strange powers doing shit but I kinda forgot about him during the movie – because the movie did so as well. Yeah, the final twist was a head-scratching moment of “And there’s the kid from the first five minutes of this movie, remember him…?” and like the protagonists I think he was just a bystander who happened to become a plot-device. It’s not his fault! Seriously stop blaming him, I mean, it’s not even clear what exactly his power was supposed to be…

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Towa no Quon – 02 Review

No wonder that brat became so depressive, he walks through the streets and constantly has to listen to flowers asking him to kill them. That begs only for one question: What the hell is wrong with ‘Mother Nature’?

The second movie of Towa no Quon has come out and tries one more time to tell you that you should cherish your environment and be against cybernetic implants! As the Q-Men and the Robocops assemble to solve a mysterious series of murders and suicides things take a turn for the worse as drugs and the search for love come into play. Also, you may not believe it but this movie will convince you that flowers are really dangerous. Because they need love and you (yes, you!) probably don’t give them enough of it (shame on you!). And they will have their revenge, perhaps not in this movie but somewhere somehow they will get it, believe me…

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Towa no Quon – 01 Review

“On the surface this appears to be just a box playing a tune but it actually expresses my whole character and just listening to the generic tune it makes will enable you to know me better than I know myself.”

Towa no Quon is a new movie-series done by BONES and the presence of a good production-staff behind it got my hopes up for this one. But in the end I wouldn’t have thought it all came down to a fight between X-Men and Robocop(s)…

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