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Hitsugi no Chaika – 05/06 Review

_C12__Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_06.mp4 - 00001Well, ain’t that a Samaritan way of thinking. He sure must love being on the losing side with such great principles.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Hitsugi no Chaika so far. One thing is definitely that those characters at the center of the story are way too young in my opinion to deliver melancholic tirades about being left without a purpose after a war. And another thing was that the story was keeping its cards too close to its chest refusing to reveal too much about the story thereby making it impossible for any real stakes to appear. Well, that is… until now. And it definitely paid off.

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Review-Roundup: Black Bullet 04, Sidonia no Kishi 04, Hitsugi no Chaika 03-04

_C12__Black_Bullet_-_04.mp4 - 00003Jesus, Rentaro already said that he would kill her before she turned into a monster! No need to be such a dick about it…

There isn’t really always something interesting to say about each episode of each anime I watch but I guess sometimes gathering together various snapshots of animes to talk about some topic or other is a good enough solution, I feel like. This time around I want to talk about how differently these three series deal with the subject of consequences. Well, and I also share some other stuff about them as well… The point is, I didn’t have enough to say about each of those to warrant their own post so they get this one instead.

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