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Zankyou no Terror – 07 Review

[C12] Zankyou no Terror - 07.mp4 - 00004Actually, why ARE Nine and Twelve called terrorists in the first place…?! Time was when you needed a cause to become a terrorist.

I really don’t have the patience anymore to put up with this series’ bullshit. After seven (of 11 or so) episodes I’m still not sure what the story is supposed to be. Sure, I can guess. There are a couple hints –  but there’s nothing definite. And if a series does SO little to explain its story, I really don’t feel like doing the work for it. Even if my experience with various tropes would help me to fill in the blanks for this series flawed storytelling, I really wouldn’t think that this would be an excuse for what this series is doing. And yet here we are: 7th episode – and still there’s no significant story-beat to put all this nonsense in order. One thing I suspect is happening here after reading this interview of the series’ director Watanabe is that this series wants to be like an US-action-TV-show – except that it’s in Japan and that it has anime-elements like its reliance on teenager-protagonists for example. But due to the fact that Watanabe (or one of the other writers) don’t really understand what makes the shows tick that inspired this series, Zankyou no Terror has become the shallow affair that it is.

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Review-Roundup: Magimoji Rurumo 01, Zankyou no Terror 01, Persona 4: Golden 01

[C12] Majimoji Rurumo - 01.mp4 - 00003Instead of regretting that he has been a misogynistic pervert his entire life so far, he’s lamenting the fact that DESPITE that no girl has ever liked him. Yep… Magimoji Rurumo sure knows how to sell tragedies.

So far, I think I plan to blog Aldnoah.Zero, Zankyou no Terror and Akame ga Kill!. Persona 4: Golden may also be interesting but only if it can prove its existence with plot-twists and whatnot. But here are my first impressions for the following three series:

Magimoji Rurumo: A despicable pervert is stuck in a life of devoid of girls (and rightly so), but one day a witch appears before him since he had incidentally summoned her via some ritual. Then he stops her from saving his life while sacrificing her own because within minutes he had started to like her for some nonsense-reason. Then, a year or so later, she comes back and he has now a whole ticket-book with which he can order the girl to do magic. But then the talking cat informs him that when he used up all of those, he will die (… definitely, I mean, it’s kinda similar to the previous situation). But she doesn’t know that he will die this time around as well once more… And… It’s a fucking mess, guys!

Zankyou no Terror: Two weirdos with too much freetime do terrorist-stuff (without killing anyone) and a timid girl who’s also a bully-victim with serious anxiety-issues gets (more or less) dragged into their affairs. Also! A soundtrack by Yoko Kanno! (Yay!)

Persona 4: Golden: It’s Persona 4, but Yu is better at kicking ass and he has now an amnesiac tsundere-girl to take care of. Of course, this deserves a 1-cour-long anime series!

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