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Review-Roundup: Shinmai Maou no Testament 01, Kantai Collection 01

[C12] Shinmai Maou no Testament - 01.mp4 - 00001Ah, romance… It really DOES come in all shapes and forms, doesn’t it?

This time I review:

Shinmai Maou no Testament 01: Some dude wishes to have cute little sisters. A couple years later he gets those. Turns out his wish has turned into a sexual fetish (or that’s how it feels like) that now finally becomes real! Except his two cute little sisters turn out to be demons! Luckily he’s a man amongst men which means he’s a hero and that means he has the right to force those two girls to fall in love with him!

Kantai Collection 01: Girls play war because how will Japan hunt whales for “research” if weird evil beings occupy the whole fucking ocean…? But it turns out it’s all fun and games with these girls who go out into the ocean impersonating ancient ships. They are real method-actors and so are more than ready to deliver lame one-liners and act all moe-like to please an audience who doesn’t give a shit about history.

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